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Friday, January 14, 2005
Worms 4 Announced for PC
7:51 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

UK publishers Codemasters has announced that they have received the PAL publishing rights to the latest installment in the popular Worms franchise, Worms 4: Mayhem. The latest installment comes in time for the 10th anniversary celebration of Worms, a game that started out in 2D form on computer desktops around the world. The addictive turn-based gameplay, the wacky weapons, and the great worm voices made each installment more popular than the last. Recently, Worms entered a new dimension with Worms 3D, released for the Mac, PC, and consoles.

Worms 4: Mayhem continues in the 3D vein, and intends to improve on the previous model with more open arenas, and some unique weapons options.

And for the first time in any Worms game, you can let your imagination run riot and create your own weapons! Using a genius device, called Weapons Factory, you’ll be able to create your own weapon and enjoy the freedom to annihilate your opponents in your own unique way. You want to make Exploding Chickens or Toilet Bombs? You got it.

The worms’ armoury of brilliantly conceived classic weapons return and is built on with even more devilish devices. Plus, prepare to cause chaos and humiliate your enemy with a host of new weapons that create new strategies and gameplay possibilities including the Poison Arrow, Sentry Gun, Tail Nail and the Bovine Blitz, which unleashes a bombing raid of cows.

Although Worms 4 has not been announced for the Macintosh, Feral Interactive brought Worms 3D to the Mac faithful. Hopefully someone will step up to the challenge, and when they do, IMG will be there with the report.

Codemasters: Worms 4: Mayhem!
Worms 4: Mayhem Press Release

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Archives  News  Worms 4 Announced for PC