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Thursday, January 13, 2005

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The Sims 2 Interview
8:25 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Online gaming site Fragland has posted a short interview with The Sims 2 creator and Maxis Senior Producer Tim LeTourneau. The interview covers some more unconventional aspects of the game, focusing on the possibility of adding sports to the game.

From the interview:

Fragland: Is it not possible to add sports in an add-on pack?

Tim: It is, except we have to figure out what the gameplay is. Itís not that simple as: letís get the Sims to play soccer. Sure, we can get them playing soccer, but we have to figure out what the added-value would be to the player. Why would a gamer play this, would it be fun gameplay. Questions like that are our guide in creating more possibilities in the Sims :)

Check out this, and other burning Sims topics (Fragland: Can your Sims get drunk or high ?) in Fragland's full interview. IMG will continue to bring you the latest information on The Sims 2 as it nears it Macintosh release date.

Fragland.net - Specials - Interview with Tim LeTourneau
The Sims 2
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