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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

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MWSF: Mac Doom 3 Demos
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Aspyr has posted to the IMG forums that they will be demoing Doom 3 for the Mac today and tomorrow at the Macworld expo.

Here's the scoop on the demos as well as their tournaments in progress:

We just wanted to invite any IMGers out here to stop by Wednesday @ 1:00 pm and Thursday at 3:30, where Glenda Adams will be showing off Doom 3 for the first time ever on a HUGE plasma display in the game theater. It's quite a sight to behold.

We also have a tournament every day with great prizes. Tomorrow's (1/12) will be a Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons 16 player tournament. Get here early to sign up. We're at booth 2510.

Also if you're looking to purchase a game or 4, we're giving out a Macworld special demo disc with every game.

Anyone in the San Francisco area who wants a first hand look at how the game runs should be sure to check it out.

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