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Monday, January 10, 2005

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Sims 2 Hacks as 'Viruses'
7:46 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

An interesting thing is happening in the world of The Sims 2, due to be released later this year for the Macintosh from publisher Aspyr Media. It seems that hacks developed by coders to make the game easier are spreading much like viruses throughout the Sims 2 communities.

Online security site SecurityFocus has posted an article about the unexpected spread of the hacks. Here is a description of how the hacks are spreading through the community:

It was the modders themselves who figured out what was going on. The Sims 2 lets users build their own virtual houses from the ground up, then populate them with carpeting, furniture, wallpaper and appliances picked from the game's built-in catalog. If they build something they're proud of, the user can export a house to a file that can be shared with other players, primarily though EA's own Sims 2 website.

What nobody had realized was that hacked objects or behaviors would be transferred with the house, and would supersede the game's original functionality for anyone who installed it. So if you download a house with a magic espresso machine in the kitchen, all of your espresso machines in all of your Sims houses and neighborhoods will become magic. If the house came from a game that has the "No Jealousy" patch installed, your game will henceforth be free of the green-eyed monster as well.

If you then export one of your houses and share it, anyone who installs it will also be gifted with special java and open relationships. And so on. As a user downloads and uploads more houses, the hacks accumulate in the game like spyware.

Read more about the hacks at SecurityFocus' website, and stay tuned to IMG for further information on The Sims 2 as it nears its Macintosh release.

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