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Friday, January 7, 2005

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Deep Space Nine: Convergence Demo
8:28 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Dust off those Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen discs, because a new demo for the upcoming Convergence modification has been released for Mac, Windows and Linux. Like the original title, this initial Convergence download lets you walk through the first map using any of the game's three main characters.

Convergence will ultimately be a player-created mod with 12-14 levels and should be ready later this year. The site contains a vast array of screenshots, as well as the following news about this demo:

This demo contains each of the characters' first level of play for Convergence. Although much of the areas they explore overlap, there are unique areas to discover and play for each character, and they all have unique mission objectives. Some interesting things: Kira now has an ES suit to go with Worf and Sisko, and they are all wearing these suits on SRIII instead of their Federation-issue uniforms. There are beam-down areas you can locate and use to request supplies,, more interactive dialogue, and you can hail various members of the Defiant crew throughout the mission. There are all-new cinematic sequences, as well as very intense action sequences. The demo has a much more standard self-extracting executable and setup program, and will install all of the needed files for you, as well as compile the custom Audio/Dialogue files required to make things work properly with the new maps.
Head over the the Convergence site now for information on the demo or to start the 20MB download.

BeyondUnreal: Star Trek Deep Space Nine - The Fallen Convergeance Demo
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