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Monday, January 3, 2005
UT2004 Mod 'Carball' Hits New Update
12:20 PM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

The makers of the UT2004 mod CarBall have recently updated the popular mod to version 2.3. The mod turns the first-person shooter into a soccer match with cars. The objective isn't to kill the other players, although that is still possible, but to get the ball into the opposing team's goal.

Version 2.3 includes the following changes:

-Removed the ability to spectate the other team in first person and see their items.
-Added all new vehicle skins and updated old ones
-Added the ability to switch between automatic and manual item switching. Manual switches between
open and blank spots while automatic only switches between full items.
-Your skin, vehicle, horn, and weapon switching preferences are now saved so you don't have to pick them
every time you join a server.
-New Vehicle and Ball teleporters.
-Fix to where you don't get stuck on your nose after a quickflip.
-Fixed the scoring detection so all goals are given to the right player.
-Added new map CB-Junkyard
-Fixed all the old maps and updated them.
-Added the ability for the ballspawn to randomly spawn within a given area
-Homer Scoreboard added (Scoreboard for carball)
-The ability to drop items
Head over to the website and get more information on this UT2004 mod, and stay with IMG for all the latest UT2004 mod news.

CarBall :: Got Ball?
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Archives  News  UT2004 Mod 'Carball' Hits New Update