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Monday, October 2, 2000

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WaterRace Feature Complete, GM Soon
9:50 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Pierre-Olivier Latour has given IMG a status udpate on French Touch's upcoming boat racing game, WaterRace. The game has gone through immense changes in development since it was last seen at MacWorld NewYork. Among other things, French Touch has improved the level of AI, added a new collision system, and added some great music,composed of many different styles.

Currently they are tweaking and play-balancing the gameplay. Here's the official word from Latour:

WaterRace is now feature complete: we've got everything up and running: physic engine, collision system, audio engine, 3D engine, AI, networking, and all the ships and levels!

We're now in the process of polishing everything, tweaking the difficulty
and gameplay and also translating the game into French, English and German.
We expect WaterRace to be GM very soon.

IMG recently received an updated beta and we'll be posting new screenshots of WaterRace later this afternoon. Don't forget to come back to check them out!

WaterRace web site
French Touch
French Touch

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Archives  News  WaterRace Feature Complete, GM Soon