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Monday, October 2, 2000
Q3A for OS X Released, Site Updated
8:24 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Omni Group has finally updated their web site, noting the release of the OS X version of Quake 3: Arena. This is just the application, of course; you'll still need the full Mac version to get it running. Omni has reported the game running up to 20% faster under OS X, though your milage may vary.

Accompanying the beta documentation is a quick list of Frequently Asked Questions. There are some great answers if you're having trouble getting Q3A to work properly or test out your FPS. Here are a couple of relevant Q's:

I thought this port was supposed to be 20% faster than under Mac OS 9! So why is it so dog slow?

Good question! Perhaps your video card isn't supported for OpenGL hardware acceleration under Mac OS X? Send us mail with more details about your configuration (processor and video card) and about exactly what is slow (low number of frames per second, or lots of lag in net games, or what?) and let's see if we can figure out why it's slow for you. (And hey, that 20% number wasn't meant to be a promise, it was just the results we were seeing in our tests. I'm sure we'll see a bunch of more authoritative benchmarks from third parties soon.)

Enough about performance already! Quake3 says it can't find its levels. What do I do?

Press "Find...", and tell it where your top-level Quake3 folder is (not your baseq3 folder, but the folder which contains it).

My screen turns orange or yellow, but nothing else happens! What's wrong?

If you pull up the system console (you'll find the Console application in Applications:Utilities), you'll see more information that might help us determine what's going wrong. The most common problems are configuration problem such as trying to use a partial install, or data files which haven't been upgraded with the v1.17 patch, or a bad "q3config.cfg" configuration file which sets some option that isn't correct for this version.

Be sure to check out the web page for much more info on the port. Grab the binary from Macgamefiles if you haven't already. Also check out our quick Q&A with OmniGroup posted earlier today, just in case you missed it.

Quake 3 1.17 for Mac OS X Beta
Q3A OmniGroup Q&A with IMG
OmniGroup Q3A Page

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