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Friday, September 29, 2000
MacCentral on Oni Delay
11:06 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

After ECTS in London, several sources reported that Oni, Bungie's anime-inspired hand-to-hand combat game, will be delayed until next year; more recent reports have suggested that the game is due the second week of January for Mac, PC and PlayStation 2. MacCentral's gaming guru Peter Cohen has spoken to Bungie about this situation. Matt Soell confirms that Oni will indeed be delayed, although he emphasizes that the game will not be delayed more than a couple of months. A source from Gathering of Developers, the actual publishers of this title, confirms with Cohen that the title is due in January. Here's a clip from the article:

"Right now we're on Beta 2," said Soell. "The focus right now is on testing and tweaking the levels; this
build will get us roughly halfway through that process. When all the levels have been tweaked we'll
concentrate on engine bugs, optimization, basically banging out the last batch of dents in the sleek muscle
machine that is Oni."

News reports put forth following ECTS in London earlier this month indicated that Oni's would be
delayed until March of 2001, but Soell disputes the suggestion.

"The Oni team is really hammering on the game right now, and while I can imagine that the schedule
might slip a little -- nothing ever goes as planned -- I can't see it slipping another half-year. Too much
furious all-night work is happening ... I don't know how long that process will take but I really doubt it'll
be six more months," said Soell.

It seems this tale has still not been entirely told, however. Recently the list of titles set to ship for PlayStation 2 after the October launch of this next-generation console in Europe and the US was released. On the US list, Oni was featured among the titles scheduled for a December release. In any case it seems clear that Oni's US release will indeed be delayed from the once-projected target of October; read the rest of the report for more details.

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