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Thursday, September 28, 2000
More 3dfx Q&A
4:50 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Playmakers, a regular feature at MacCentral, features an interview with Stephane Huaulme, 3dfx's Lead Macintosh Software Engineer. He talks about her history with 3dfx, the driver development process, and what is planned in future revisions of the Voodoo drivers. Huaulme also mentions an interesting bit of history at 3dfx:

SH: There have almost always been drivers for the Mac at 3dfx, even if, at times, they were the result of underground work from an engineer in his spare time and could not be commercialized as such. And that, in my opinion is the highest form of dedication.
It is interesting that the Voodoo 4 is mention several times in the article but it's status is never addressed directly. We went straight to Brian Speece for more information:
There will be no pre-order campaign for the V4 product. No big reason - I
don't think we did one for the WinPC V4's either. We kind of reserve
pre-order promotions for the latest greatest.

There really wasn't any hold-up in the Mac V4 products. The board is
different than that used in the WinPC V4. So you can't run them both off the
production line at the same time. The Mac V4 boards are being produced now and, as I say, the product should be available by the first half of October. I've got the first off the line right here on my desk in front of me.
So there you have it folks. The Voodoo 4, which is targeted at casual gamers and graphics professional, will be priced at $179.

MacCentral's Interview With Stephane Huaulme

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