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Thursday, September 28, 2000
New Rune, 4x4 Evo Shots
11:43 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Gamecenter has posted a massive 'Uber Preview' of the "Sleeper Hits" of Fall 2000, spotlighting the games they feel are destined to succeed. While only two of the ten games mentioned are guaranteed to come to the Mac OS, they soften the blow by offering five new screen shots with each mini-preview.

The previews of interest to Mac gamers focus on the third-person melee combat game Rune and the off-road SUV driving title 4x4 Evolution. Both games are due later this Fall, and both deliver eye candy by the bucketful.

Here is their take on 4x4 Evolution:

It's easy to be amazed by 4x4 Evolution's graphics. The landscapes are rendered in stunning detail, from the dust that kicks up behind trucks to the glorious trees that dot the landscape. Vehicles are rendered with meticulous care and lots of polygons, so you can see everything down to the wheel struts. Even better, the game isn't confined to the track like so many other racing games are, which means you're free to deviate from the proven path and blaze your own trail.

And since Terminal Reality is making it possible for the PC, Mac, and Dreamcast versions of 4x4 Evolution to network, we can finally figure out once and for all which platform has the best drivers. Let the smack talk commence.

If you haven't taken the test beta of that game for a spin yet, we highly recommend it. Make sure you check out the Rune screen shots in the Gamecenter feature as well -- another game that is sure to dazzle even jaded Mac gamers.

4x4 Evo Public Test 2 (21 MB)
Gamecenter Feature on Ten 'Sleeper' Games
4x4 Evolution Mini-Preview at Gamecenter
Rune Mini-Preview at Gamecenter

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