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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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The Sims 2 Moves To The Mac (updated)
6:00 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

After months of speculation, Texas-based game publishers Aspyr Media have officially announced that they've licensed the award-winning god game The Sims 2, and are bringing it to a Mac-Near-You.

The sequel to Will Wright's record-breaking game, which developers Maxis have had in the works since 2001, pushes way beyond the limitations of the original title. Players are charged with stewarding their Sims from birth until old age, chaperoning entire generations of electronic avatars through their lives' daily routines.

The highly-anticipated sequel features an entirely new 3D graphics engine, new roles, new materials, new interactions, scores of new animations, plus the addition of entire lifespans, progeny, and genetics to the Sims gameplay. The new addition to the Sims franchise provides players the tools to customize the content of the game to their liking, from designing and creating their own buildings and furnishing options, to genetically altering the likeness of their electronic alter egos. The game even allows players to create their own movies -

The Sims 2 also opens up endless new creative possibilities. Make your own Sim films with the new movie-making feature. Create the cast, set the stage, take control of the camera and capture your own screenplay in action. Zoom in close with the new camera to see every last detail. Generate unique Sims with the new "Create-A-Sim" packed with a vast selection of facial features, hairstyles, and outfits.
The Mac port of The Sims 2 is being handled by Aspyr Studios, the publishing company's internal development team. Preliminary system requirements for the new title call for a 1GHz G4 (or better), running OS X 10.3.4 with 256MB of RAM. A 32MB VRAM-equipped graphics card - ATI Radeon 8500 or Nvidia GeForce2 MX or better. The game, which is currently listed as being in early development, is expected to be released in May of next year.

Press Release: Aspyr Media Publishing The Sims 2 For Mac
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Archives  News  The Sims 2 Moves To The Mac (updated)