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Thursday, September 28, 2000

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Terminus Patched Again
10:00 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

The faithful team at Vicarious Visions has released another update to their massive space RPG Terminus, right on time. As their previous released have squashed the major bugs, this patch fixes just small quirks, perhaps indicating an end to the constant barrage of patches. Vicarious Visions lists these changes on their download page:

Changes in version 1.81

  • COMMON: Fixed bug when binding aux keys to multiple gadgets of same type
  • COMMON: Added self destruct timer to spy probes to prevent probe buildup
  • COMMON: Prevent players without careers from entering player storage on network disconnect
  • COMMON: Removed Sim2 from frame rate counter -- not used

  • WINDOWS: Added support for diagonal hat directions in joystick code
  • MAC: Force hide cursor after each screen mode change
As one can see these changes are far from the sweeping gameplay changes or major bug fixes some companies force upon gamers well after a game's release. These little fixes show a good deal of care by the people at Vicarious Visions.

Download Terminus 1.8.1 (992k)
Vicarious Visions

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