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Thursday, October 7, 2004
Modded Xboxes Running Mac OS X
6:00 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

A group of Mac-friendly Xbox modders have successfully managed to install Mac OS X onto an Xbox. They managed this through a complicated procedure of installing first Xebian Linux, then compiling a version of Pear PC for this version of Linux and then finally a copy of Mac OS X via Pear PC. Mac OS X will then run in emulation via Pear PC albeit at a large performance hit, thanks in part to the limited specifications of the Xbox.

Since the Xbox is essentially a regular PC with a proprietary operating system, it is easy to modify the system to become a simple PC. It has been possible to install variants of Windows and Linux for some time now, yet no-one has ever attempted installing any Mac operating systems.

Xbox owners looking to carry out this modification should be aware that the process is long and requires a degree of technical knowledge. Installation of OS X alone takes up to 10 hours, and most likely nullifies the unit's warranty. The link below includes detailed information about how to mod your own Xbox.

Mac OS X Installation on an Xbox

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