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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

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Pirates Of The XXI Century Q&A
7:43 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Further to IMG's news article yesterday on the upcoming first person shooter Pirates Of The XXI Century, gaming website GenGamers has posted an interview with DIOsoft employee and game developer Michael Zinchenko.

Featuring a blockbuster story set in a tropical setting, Pirates Of The XXI Century allows gamers the choice of playing either as pirate, a triad member, or a US Navy Seal in the eternal struggle between the law and modern-day pirates. The first person shooter will feature action in the air, on the ground, and both above and under water. The game will feature dynamic water reflections and the latest in pixel and vertex shading thanks the the developers' proprietary gaming engine:

Now talk about the graphics, please. Which engine are you using?
Game engine Monstrator is an in-house development of DIOsoft Company, it works in harmony with both open and enclosed space. Our engine uses all the abilities of the latest video cards. For example, to reach the best image quality, it uses the per-pixel lighting, our own unique methods of water realization and mixing of the textures on the territory. All of these realized, using last version of vertex and pixel shaders.
The new title, which is being created with help from advisors from the special divisions of the Soviet army and Navy, is expected to be released for Mac, Linux and PC before the end of next year. Click on the link below to access the developer's website, but be advised that the "Game" and "News" links on the game's website don't display under Apple's current version of Safari.

Pirates Of The XXI Century Q&A
Pirates of the XXI Century

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