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Wednesday, September 27, 2000

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Summoner Updates
8:43 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

As Volition's anticipated 3D RPG Summoner heads towards release next month for the Playstation 2, it is receiving much attention from the gaming press. Though it will first appear on the PS2, the game should also be out this Winter for the Mac and PC; these versions will contain a multiplayer mode not found in the Playstation 2 release.

In a new interview with the game's project lead Anoop Shekar, Daily Radar has learned the PC version has quite a bit of work left (they remark it is only 40% done), but will still be out very early next year. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

DR: How is Summoner unique in the fantasy role-playing genre?

AS: The first thing that is pretty unique is that the world is completely 3D and we have dynamic sound that is relative to your view from any angle. Secondly, the Oriental and European feel definitely gives it a new flavor. It's a different style of RPG.

Check out the rest of the interview for a bit more on the game. Another interview with a Volition member is now up at PS2 IGN. They talk in-depth with Jason Scott, a writer for the game. It's interesting how much background story Volition is working into the game; this should make it a compelling experience for fans of games such as the Final Fantasy series. IGN should be posting more of these 'looks' at the story behind Summoner later this week.

In other Summoner news, GameSpot will be unveiling a new character from the game each week day until it is released next month. The main character Joseph is already featured, so take a look.

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