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Wednesday, September 27, 2000
Strike Force 1.50 for UT Released
8:31 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Strike Force, the team-based tactical total conversion for Unreal Tournament, has been updated to version 1.50. The 11 MB patch contains various bug fixes including:

  • Bot playerstarts. We had some problems with players spawning (starting) on the wrong team. This portion of the code was totally written over to fix the problem.

  • Weapon tweaks. We have gone in and tweaked the weapons to work better. We took suggestions from the beta team and the public. So you will notice ROF and accuracy changes as well as damage changes on most weapons.

  • Sniper Zoom Removed the highest zoom factor. Only 9x and 6x left.

  • UTAdmins caused some accessed Nones in Server log. Fixed this.

  • Lag issue Reworked some parts of the "details" for wall hits, gun smoke, etc to decrease the lag on servers. Also had a bug that caused 1.40 servers to get a huge log to fast without dumping the file. A lot of work has been done to decrease lag and we will continue to work on this portion of gameplay.

  • Shotgun sound Remade for a louder "boom" and better pump action sound.
  • SF Garbage Collector During rounds in SF all guns and dead bodies are collected by the engi ne.
  • To download the 11 MB patch, head to Please note that you'll need to have Strike Force 1.40 installed in order to run this patch, which is also available at MGF.

    Download Strike Force 1.50 (11 MB)
    Strike Force

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