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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Universal Computing: A Reality?
11:20 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

An article has been posted at Wired.com which contains information on a possible breakthrough piece of software emulation. Transistive Corporation claims to have developed a "universal emulator" that enables any hardware to run software designed for any platform. The article details a press release from the company. In this press release, the corporation claims that there is very little performance sacrifice, with as much as 80% of original performance being conserved.

Transitive Corporation, the leading provider of software that enables transportability of applications across multiple processor and operating system pairs, today launched its QuickTransit™ product line, a family of products that allows software applications compiled for one processor and operating system to run on another processor and operating system without any source code or binary changes.
The Wired article details a demonstration of the Linux version of Quake 3 Arena running on an Apple Powerbook. Apparently this is possible due to 3D Acceleration being part of the software.
In demonstrations to press and analysts, the company has shown a graphically demanding game -- a Linux version of Quake III -- running on an Apple PowerBook.

"One of the key breakthroughs is performance," Wiederhold said. "You can't tell the difference between a translated application and a native application."

Transistive Corporation claims to have signed up six PC manufacturers to distribute the software, all unnamed. The first will go public later this year, Transitive said.

The ramifications of a near perfect software emulator hitting the market are wide. If the software turns out to be as revolutionary as claimed, then it is certain that we have entered a whole new era of personal computing.

To find out more, read the full Wired article and Transistive Corporation press release at the links below.

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