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Monday, September 13, 2004

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UT2004 v3323 Mac Patch Coming Soon
7:41 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

With a number of modifications for Unreal Tournament 2004 beginning to require newer versions of the game than is currently available for the Mac, we decided to contact Ryan Gordon to see what the status of the Mac client is currently. Epic has just released a v3323 update for the game that makes a large number of fixes and changes to the title, and according to Gordon, Mac users can expect to see a Mac version in "a few days, tops."

For more information on what's new in the patch, check out the listing at 3D Gamers:

- speed hack detection improvements (less problems for people with just bad connections)
- increased default ConnectionTimeout to 30 seconds
- fixed cases where non-replicated emitters were being spawned server side (performance improvement)
- Fix for server travel crash bug.
- fixed destroyed vehicles disappearing so much on saturated connections
- Properly handle the FailCode command coming from the server. This was what would cause a client to appear "locked solid" when 2 clients were trying to join the last slot.
- "Only Official Maps" toggle in server browser now becomes disabled when mods are loaded.
- Fixed the server browser Filters description overlap.
- Fixed Classic Translocator Setting in net games.
- The "Press F10 to" Connection Message makes it's return.
- Fixed vehicles looking flipped over on clients when they aren't
- Servers recover if connection to master server fails during receive
- Fixed HandleStream crash on server with some user Assault levels on connections with packet loss
- Server performance improvement (don't copy structs in NEQ replication comparisons)

- fix for processhitwall crash
- fixed script assignment bug (assignment of deleted actors resulted in no change from the current value).
- loading time speedup.

Stay tuned to IMG for any news from MacSoft about the Mac version of the v3323 patch being released.

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Archives  News  UT2004 v3323 Mac Patch Coming Soon