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Tuesday, September 26, 2000
Legend on Mac Unreal 2
4:30 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

We recently spoke to Legend Entertainment's Mike Verdu about their upcoming sequel in production, Unreal 2. Legend gained fame in the game industry for their Unreal-based RPG Wheel of Time, which was critically acclaimed but unfortunately did not make it to the Mac OS. Legend was contracted by Epic to produce a sequel for the original Unreal, and expectations are high to say the least.

Earlier this Epic demonstrated several enhancements to the Unreal engine which were quite spectacular: skeletal animation, large outdoor terrains and characters with over 3700 polygons (vs the 800 or so used now) were just some of the ehancements mentioned. We were curious to discover if Legend plans on using these new technologies; obviously we also asked if they have any firm plans for a Mac OS version of Unreal 2, considering that Legend's previous Unreal-based game did not come to the Mac OS.

Here are Verdu's answers to our questions:

1. Yes, the new Unreal tech that was in the Epic demo will most certainly be
in Unreal II - that and more, actually.

2. Still can't talk more about Unreal II Mac plans yet. I know that there is
great enthusiasm in the Mac community for the Unreal and UT ports. I can
also say that I am hoping that we'll be able to get a partner (like Westlake)
to do a Mac conversion of Unreal II. The final decision will be made with
the involvement of Epic and Infogrames - and we're still a long way off with
U2, so concrete plans probably won't be made until early next year at the

Considering the large number of Unreal-based titles already on or coming soon to the Mac OS (Deus Ex, Deep Space Nine: The Fallen, Rune) a Mac version of Unreal 2 seems a virtual certainty -- but it is a pity that so little is known about the game itself at this point. Hopefully more details about the plot and design will be released soon.

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