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Tuesday, September 26, 2000
Unreal Fortress Articles
12:21 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Two new articles have been recently posted to the Web discussing the upcoming Unreal Fortress modification for Unreal Tournament. This mod is highly anticipated, as it will bring the classic gameplay of Team Fortress to UT players. In case you're wondering, Team Fortress was originally a QuakeWorld mod with character classes and an amazingly devoted following.

MapFortress has looked at one of the upcoming maps for Unreal Fortress and given it a quick review. They say it is, "quite possibly one of the most picturesque maps ever made," which seems like fairly high praise. If you're looking for more information on the mod itself, check out a new interview at UKFortress. Here's a clip talking about which previous versions of the mod influenced their work:

While working on UnF, which of the TF versions (i.e. QWTF, TFC, TF1.5, Q3F) has been most inspirational to your work? Are any of the UnF team big fans of any one of them?

Azm0, the founder and leader of the project, is an old-school QWTF player who played for some of the top clans. Many other guys on the team, including myself, are or have been TFC players. Most of us have tried Q3F as well, and Azm0 is a friend of some of the guys who have worked on that. So, we've really been influenced by all of them in one way or another. We've also been influenced in some fashion (even if minor) by a number of other team FPS games, like Tribes, Counter-Strike, Rogue Spear, etc. We've never consciously tried to emulate any game, to be honest. We just came up with what we thought would be fun.

There is no public release date for this Mod, but it is expected soon. If you think the hype over this UT mod is a little crazy, you might be right -- coverage of this unreleased project has appeared in several print magazines as well.

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