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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

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Will Wright Talks Sims 2
8:19 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement that the PC version of Maxis's The Sims 2 has gone gold, PC gaming website Gamespy has posted a three-page interview with the game's legendary designer, Will Wright.

While the questions posed in the post don't delve too deeply into the philosophy, the procedures, or the design ethic behind the game creators' modus operandi for creating the sequel, the interview does offer us a rare view of the game from the normally private Will Wright -

The sims in The Sims 2 are a whole lot deeper than their counterparts from the original game. Aside from needs and wants, they have memories, fears, etc. What kinds of things can players expect as they interact?

Will Wright: You will notice that they have much more awareness, not just of their momentary situation, but also of relationships and time. If you give your sim a traumatic childhood they will grow with phobias and could become socially dysfunctional. The psychological failure side of the game has been vastly expanded.

Will even answers the question of what was learnt by the oft-mocked, multiple expansion packs of the original title:
You once mentioned that the plethora of expansion packs for the original Sims game helped your team determine the feature set for The Sims 2. What, specifically, did you learn from the expansions?

Will Wright: When you're dealing with contemporary (virtual) life there are almost no limits to what you could put in the game, the trick is to find the things that actually make the game more fun. Some of the things we discovered that players really enjoyed from the expansions include:

  • Indirect agent control (townies in Hot Date / pets in Unleashed)
  • Embedded mini-games (souvenirs in Vacation, magic in Makin' Magic)
  • New locations to visit (most expansions)
  • With the PC version of the game expected to ship out to retailers for a September 17 release date, many Mac gamers have expressed curiosity over the game's Mac release date. While Maxis' General Manager Neil Young has assured Mac fans that a Mac version of the popular simulation game is in the works, the identity of the publisher and an official release date of the Mac version are still unknown.

    Never fear, however, as the crack(pot) reporters here at IMG will relentlessly search for the answer to this and all your Mac gaming questions in their never-ending quest for the truth. Click on the link below to read the interview for yourselves.

    Gamespy: Will Wright Talks The Sims 2
    The Sims 2
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