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Friday, August 20, 2004

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Carmack Looks To The Future
7:51 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

John Carmack, one of the world most famous game creators that is responsible for classics such as the Doom and Quake franchises recently spoke at QuakeCon about the recently released DOOM 3. The internet magazine GameSpy has now posted a summary of his keynote where he speaks of the limitations and the future of the DOOM 3 engine, as well as giving hints for the future of id Software.

From the article:

Carmack, filmed while sitting in front of a telescope and a myriad of electronics, kicked off his talk by speaking about where DOOM 3 stands today. He pointed out that cutting-edge game developers frequently have to try to predict where the consumer hardware technology will be at four or more years in advance -- after all, DOOM 3 took four years to create. Most of the early decisions he made turned out to be the right ones, so overall DOOM 3 is hitting the market with the right technology at the right time.
If you want to read more, follow the link provided below.

DOOM 3 was released for PC a short while back, and while the Mac version still isn't out, we know for sure that it's coming. Keep your eyes peeled to our news page for more info on the Mac version of DOOM 3.

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GameSpy: John Carmack: The Technology of DOOM 3 and What's Next
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Archives  News  Carmack Looks To The Future