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Thursday, August 19, 2004

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Cliff Bleszinski Interview Reveals New Epic Franchise
9:04 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

PC gaming website Game Informer have posted a somewhat casual interview with one of the original developers of the Unreal franchise of first person shooters, Cliff Bleszinksi.

The one page interview delves into game development issues the gaming public aren't normally aware of, such as the friendly competition between rival developers Epic Games and id Software, the reasons for switching PC publishers, and the challenges of developing games for the next generation of PC and console platforms.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit, however, is the hint that Cliff and the Epic team are working on a completely new franchise, separate from the Unreal projects -

GI: Where do you think you would like to take Unreal that would be very different than it is right now?

Bleszinski: From my position Iím pretty busy working on a new franchise right now. And the amount of time I spend on Unreal is only a certain chunk of my day. You know, the guy whoís spearheading a lot of that stuff now is Steve Polge...

GI: So speaking of your new franchise, anything you can tease our readers with?

Bleszinski: Um, itís not Unreal. Ö Weíre not really ready to announce much about it, but itísÖ I like co-op.

GI: Co-op?

Bleszinski: Thatís all Iím saying.

GI: Is it even in the first person shooter genre?

Bleszinski: Probably not. Thatís all you get.

Interesting news indeed. Stay tuned to IMG as further news on this new franchise gets revealed, and have a gander at the interview by using the link below. And of course, if you haven't gotten your own copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 yet, then head on over to the IMG Store to get your hands on your own copy of the popular multiplayer shooter for $39.95 USD; $37.95 USD for MacGames CD/IMG Pro Subscribers.

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Archives  News  Cliff Bleszinski Interview Reveals New Epic Franchise