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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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Shadowgate Trailer Unveils The Evil Within
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Zojoi has released a new trailer for the upcoming Shadowgate. The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the reimagined version of the original game gives players the chance to venture into the dark halls of Castle Shadowgate in an attempt to defeat the Warlock Lord within.

The story behind the evil that plagues the living castle is introduced in this new cinematic trailer. Told through gorgeous hand-painted sequences from the game, the trailer unveils the malevolent Talimar the Black, his fall from grace, and the power he seeks buried deep within the bowels of Castle Shadowgate.

In Shadowgate, intrepid gamers step inside the dark halls of Castle Shadowgate as "The Seed of Prophecy," the only one who could hope to defeat the traitorous Warlock Lord that dwells within. Designed with compelling cut-scenes that greatly expand the original Shadowgate universe, gamers navigate from room to room via the classic first-person perspective, using their wits to survive dangerous traps, devious puzzles, and ruthless enemies. If successful, they can assemble the Staff of Ages, a powerful relic capable of keeping this ancient enemy from destroying the living castle and the world of Tyragon itself.
Shadowgate not only features a stunning level of detailed, hand-painted rooms but also tons of new, mind-bending puzzles from the makers of the original game. While there are more objects and new characters to interact with, there are also plenty of throwbacks to the original version, so veterans and newcomers alike will relish their journey through Castle Shadowgate… if they survive.

Shadowgate Features Include:

  • All-new and updated puzzles seamlessly expand on the original game
  • Multiple difficulty levels enable players to play on Master, the renowned difficulty of the original, or scale back the brutality with Apprentice (Easy) or Journeyman (Medium)
  • Players can take advantage of a bevy of objects, spells, an all-new mapping system and on-screen commands to aid them in their quest
  • Tons of hand-painted illustrated rooms feature both new and familiar locations
  • Gorgeous visuals complete with new environmental effects and unique animations offer an immersive experience
  • Bonus Retro Mode enables players to experience the game like it’s 1989! Choose Hiroyuki Masuno’s original NES score, turn the graphics into 8-bit, and more
  • Customize the experience with the classic or auto-hide control layout, tailored key binds for actions and objects, and/or lock commands for ease of use
  • Updated storytelling features dramatic cut-scenes, plus all the same great storytelling you'd expect from a Shadowgate adventure
  • A digitally-orchestrated, dynamic soundtrack and sound effects change based on gameplay
  • 50 in-game and Steam-based achievements to find and unlock
For more information follow the links below.

Shadowgate Trailer

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Hunted Cow Wargame Sale Under Way
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Mac Game Store is currently offering a 25% discount on the wargame titles of Hunted Cow Studios Ltd. The sale covers the Ancient Battle, Civil War, and Tank Battle series and is only available for a limited time.

Hunted Cow titles on sale:

Ancient Battle: Alexander
Ancient Battle: Rome
Civil War: 1862
Civil War: 1863
Civil War: 1864
Tank Battle: East Front
Tank Battle: North Africa
Check out the link below for more.

MGS: Hunted Cow Wargame Sale
Mac Game Store

Get Electronic Arts Titles For 75% Off At Mac Game Store
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Mac Game Store is showcasing the many game offerings of Electronic Arts this week. For a limited time shoppers can collect tltles like Dragon Age 2, SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition, The Sims 3, and Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 at discounts of up to 75% off.

A large list of Electronic Arts titles are on sale now. Click over to the link below to learn more, and be sure to check out Mac Game Store's other specials as well.

MGS: Electronic Arts Sale
Electronic Arts

Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Beta Testers Wanted
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Spiderweb Software is looking for Mac owners willing to devote some time and energy to testing the upcoming RPG, Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. The rewrite of Avernum 2 will include a new engine and new graphics. As in the original, the game follows the adventures of a group of soldiers hoping to repel forces of the Empire attacking their home.

We need beta testers for Avernum 2: Crystal Souls for the Mac.
Tester Expectations:
  • You will need a Macintosh desktop and laptop machine running OS X 10.6 or later.
  • The ability to follow detailed directions.
  • Download frequent updates.
  • Plenty of time to test between now and the release.
  • You will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and get it back to us fairly quickly. People who don't get the NDA in promptly won't be able to test.
Important note:
We get lots of tester applications. Lots and lots of them. Sorting through the flood takes a lot of time. Due to the large number of applications we will receive, we will not respond to every application. Please do not E-mail us asking if you were accepted. We will only E-mail those who have been accepted. Many apologies, and good luck!

General Requirements:

  • You must have a reliable internet account, capable of E-mail and of downloading large files. Updates can be over 100 MB and need to be downloaded reliably.
  • You must be able to write and converse coherently in English.
  • You must be able to actually spend time on testing, and, even if you don't find bugs, you need to be able to frequently give us reports on your progress in the game.
Follow the link below to learn more.

Avernum 2 Beta Tester Application
Spiderweb Software
Avernum 2: Crystal Souls

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