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Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Cities In Motion 2: Players Choice Vehicle Pack Released
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Paradox Interactive has announced the release of the Players Choice Vehicle Pack, a new add-on for Cities in Motion 2, the transit-planning strategy game from Colossal Order. The addition includes five new fan requested vehicles: the Tatra 4M Tram, Capitol S Metro Train, Maurice Ikaros Bus, Arnauld GL Bus, and Nova SA Bus.

Based on player wishes, these five all-new vehicles bring a new twist to your game! The Tatra 4m tram and Capitol S metro trains are novelties on tracks, and the three new articulated buses offer a pleasant way for the citizens to get around.

Tatra 4m tram carries plenty of passengers and is fairly fast. The Capitol S metro train excels in low maintenance costs. Maurice Ikaros bus also has very modest maintance costs, but in addition has a good engine that gives it plenty of speed. It's companions, Arnauld GL and Nova SA, are also articulated and carry a lot of passengers. Where the Nova SA consumes lot of fuel, the GL is more efficient and also carries more passengers.

These five fan favourites are sure to take your mass transit fleets to new lengths!

The Players Choice Vehicle Pack is available now for $4.99. Learn more at the link below.

CiM 2: Players Choice Vehicle Pack
Buy CiM 2: Players Choice Vehicle Pack

Storm2D Side-Scrolling Shooter In Development
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

An IMG reader recently contacted us about Storm2D, an upcoming free 2D side-scrolling action shooter inspired by titles like Soldat and Liero. Currently in early development the game is nevertheless available for free download to those interested in jumping into the action now.


Storm2D is a fast-paced, 2d multiplayer action game inspired by Soldat, and Liero. The game is currently in Alpha and a lot of features are still to be implemented.

Development of Storm started in late 2011 as a Soldat clone. Since then it has undergone many changes in graphics, networking, scripting, physics and game design. Storm will always be free to play, but a paid version will be available in the future that will unlock extra features.

Current features

  • Destructible polygon terrain
  • Play on classic Soldat maps
  • Multiplayer online
  • Mod support allowing customisable weapons, character classes and gamemodes
  • Soldat style event scripting system
  • Auto-update system
Features intended before beta
  • Vehicles
  • Single player campaign
  • Additional game modes (Conquest, HQ Defence)
  • Missions
  • Minigames
Click over to the links below for more information.

Storm2D Gameplay Trailer
GamingOnLinux: Storm2D Details

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Splee & Glob: Monster Defense Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Application Systems Group has announced work on Splee & Glob: Monster Defense, a real time strategy action game for Mac and Windows PCs. Players must defend a "bizarre monster-filled world" against A.I. driven robots. The developers promise Splee & Glob will be suitable for die-hard genre fans as well as casual gamers looking for a frustration free experience.

In Splee & Glob, the player defends a bizarre monster-filled world against A.I.-driven robots through third person combat and clever tower-building. While introducing new challenges through non-linearity, the game avoids players being overwhelmed in online play. Thus, it is suitable for die-hard genre fans and at the same time provides a frustration-free experience for casual gamers.

In a strange world inhabited by creatures which you might call monsters, there was peace, but it could not last. One day a crazed robot army arrived with the sole objective to exploit the planet's precious resources. It's now up to the nerdy engineer Splee and her hunky pal Glb to stop the invaders. In Splee & Glb: Monster Defense, up to two players take control of the unlikely couple to fend off invaders through strategic tower-building, crowd control and dynamic third-person combat.
Head over to the pages below for more.

Kickstarter: Splee & Glob
Splee & Glob: Monster Defense

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Fighters And Barbarians Invade Pillars Of Eternity
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Obsidian Entertainment has released a new informational update for Pillars of Eternity, the upcoming Kickstarter funded fantasy RPG. The post includes the final class update which features details about Fighters and Barbarians, two of the character classes available to players.

While fighters rely on disciplined adherence to proven combat techniques to weather difficult battles, barbarians charge furiously into melee and wreak enormous damage to everyone around them. Barbarians are relatively inaccurate, but every melee attack they make gives them an opportunity to strike out at bystanders. Barbarians have the highest Health and Stamina of all classes, which they need given their low Deflection -- a defense that suffers additional penalties when the barbarian frenzies. A barbarian's Frenzy is one of his most valuable tools, allowing him to dramatically increase his damage output and Stamina for a short period of time. However, in addition to suffering penalties to Deflection, the barbarian's Stamina and Health meters are obscured for the duration. It's not uncommon for barbarians to suddenly drop unconscious -- or dead -- when their frenzies come to an end. Many of the barbarians' higher-level powers shine when they are surrounded by a throng of enemies, outnumbered and often badly-wounded. Even so, they are designed to burn brightly and expire brilliantly in the unfortunate event that a battle drags on. Due to the nature of their abilities, barbarians are a higher-maintenance class than fighters.


  • Carnage - When barbarians hit with melee attacks, they automatically make reduced-damage attacks at all additional enemies within a short distance of the target.
  • Wild Sprint (Active) - The barbarian gains a large movement bonus that lasts a few seconds. While active, it allows the barbarian to ignore the stop effect from Engagement as well as the hit reaction from an Engagement Hit. Additionally, his Deflection is reduced during the sprint. 3/rest.
  • Blooded - When a barbarian falls below 50% Stamina, he gains a bonus to damage for as long as his Stamina is below 50%.
  • Thick-Skinned - Allows the barbarian to take only 1 Health damage per 8 Stamina damage received, instead of the normal 1 per 4 ratio.
  • Brute Force - When finesse fails, barbarians rely on brute force. On any attack that normally targets Deflection, the barbarian will automatically target the enemy's Fortitude if it is the lower defense.
  • One Stands Alone - When barbarians are Engaged by two or more enemies, they gains a bonus to melee damage. They cannot be Flanked unless they are Engaged by more than three enemies.
  • Vengeful Defeat - When barbarians are reduced to 0 Stamina and have melee weapons equipped, they immediately make instant Carnage attacks at every enemy around them. 1/encounter.
  • Heart of Fury (Active) - In a blur of movement, the barbarian performs a melee attack with each equipped weapon at every enemy within 2m. Each attack does increased damage and Carnage applies. 1/rest.
Read the full article at the link below.

Pillars Of Eternity Fighters & Barbarians
Pillars Of Eternity Hero Edition
Pre-Order Pillars Of Eternity Hero Edition

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Mount & Blade: Warband Rides Onto Macs6:00 AM
Second Chance Heroes Launches July 46:00 AM
Wargame: Red Dragon Lands At MGS6:00 AM
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