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Friday, May 2, 2014

Soldak Entertainment To Unearth A Zombie Apocalypse
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Soldak Entertainment's Steven Peeler recently posted a new blog about the company's next title, its fifth contribution to the world of gaming. Set in the world of Din's Curse and Depths of Peril the as yet unnamed game will focus on the fight for survival after a zombie apocalypse has brought down civilization. Featuring an isometric viewpoint, the new zombie themed experience will include elements fans of previous titles have come to expect from Soldak.

Your job is to ensure you and your followers survive the zombie apocalypse. While zombies are the most immediate threat, it's not the only one. Critical supplies like food are extremely limited and must be provided or people will starve. Your followers can be infected. Having someone turn inside of your stronghold is bad. Other groups are struggling to survive also. When they run low on supplies, will they trade or attack? Other groups, monsters, and zombies can all attack your stronghold. And finally you have to make sure your followers don't cause problems or kill each other.

While not usually life threatening, you must deal with your followers. Their moods, personalities, actions, and skills will affect everyone else in your stronghold. Someone that is upset might drag down everyone's mood or might even start a rebellion. People with opposite personalities might get into fights and cause a schism within your stronghold. Someone saving another follower from a zombie might make them a friend though. Having followers with key skills will be important. You might need someone with the blacksmith skill to repair weapons. Having a butcher might increase how much food you can scavenger from a killed animal.

This is a game of survival. When a follower dies, they are dead. The world supply chain is gone. Food is a critical resource that must be obtained. Vendors are rare and have limited supplies. There isn't a town blacksmith that can repair all of your weapons or a town vendor to buy an infinite amount of food from. Survival isn't easy.
Read more at the page below.

Soldak Blog: Game 5
Soldak Entertainment

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Planetary Annihilation Unleashed At MGS
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Uber Entertainment's Planetary Annihilation is now available for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The sci-fi strategy game gives players the chance to wage war on a planetary scale with multiple players and thousands of units.

Colonize solar systems, smash entire worlds, and obliterate your foes in epic battles with multiple players and thousands of units. Planetary Annihilation takes real-time strategy to a planetary scale.

Control rumbling, powerful tanks of war, massive bomber jets, and an assortment of bots, orbital starships, and battleships. Use entire planets as bases and then send your war machine to other celestial bodies. Play with up to 10 players in epic free-for-alls or battle against AI. Strap rockets to asteroids and send them tearing into your opponents' planets, turning them into craters. In Planetary Annihilation, don't just win - annihilate!

*Planetary Annihilation is in its gamma phase of development. In other words, it's not "finished" in the traditional sense. We're still in the process of shaping the entire experience. Over the next few months and weeks and days, we'll update regularly and push out new mechanics, features and optimizations.


  • Gamma Features Include:
  • A New User Experience - Seamlessly find or create the epic free-for-alls and team deathmatches that you want intuitively with brand new UI.
  • Picture-In-Picture - Fight across celestial bodies while watching another simultaneously. This is a next-generation experience.
  • Advanced Command and Control - With simple drag and drop commands, easily mine entire planets of their resources and attack your foes’ strongholds.
  • Orchestral Soundtrack - Hear the stunning score of Planetary Annihilation as played by a pounding orchestra. Over an hour’s worth of music!
  • Smash Planets - Colonize asteroids, bolt rockets to them, and then launch them into your opponents' planets. Laugh as you watch bases turn to craters, courtesy overwhelming force.
  • Control A Machine Of War - Annihilate with naval, air, ground or take the fight into orbit. Control rumbling, powerful tanks of war, massive bomber jets, and an assortment of subs, bots, orbital units, and battleships.
  • The Solar System is Your Playground - Matches take place on an interplanetary scale. Use entire planets as bases and send swarms of units to moons and asteroids.
  • Streaming Video - ChronoCam allows you to view in-match recordings to see when a battle turned. Also, you can view entire matches after they end.
  • Multiplayer - Play with up to 10 friends in epic free-for-all and team-based matches. Control hundreds and, possibly, thousands of units in devastating attacks across land, air, water ... and orbit.
  • Streaming Economy - Planetary Annihilation's economy moves as fast as you do. Build metal extractors and energy plants on the fly, recouping costs spent on domination in real-time.
  • Solo Play - Battle against multiple AI!
  • Upcoming Features Include:
  • Even Bigger Multiplayer - Up to 40-person battles with hundreds to thousands of units.
  • Galactic War - Join up with friends and fight in a scalable
  • galactic war with your friends, your clan, by yourself over the 'net or even a LAN machine. Take over the galaxy!
  • Replays - Watch your previous battles and receive links to them that you can share freely with your friends.
  • Friends List And Instant Messaging - Find friends, make new ones, and message them before and after battle.
  • Profile Pages - Check out your latest game replays, personalize your profile, and see your stats.
  • DRM Free - Play connected to the UberNet servers, your own private server, or offline. It’s your choice. Early Access online connectivity is required to play.
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • 2 GHz Dual Core Intel Mac
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 GB HD Space
  • 512 MB VRAM
  • Steam and a Steam Account required to play
Planetary Annihilation is available now for $49.99 (USD).

Planetary Annihilation
Planetary Annihilation Trailer
Buy Planetary Annihilation

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Set Out On A Quest For Infamy June 26
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Phoenix Online Studios and Infamous Quest have announced a June 26 release for the upcoming adventure/RPG hybrid Quest for Infamy. The game features a humorous story with a blend of turn-based combat and puzzle solving adventure elements. Players choose from three unique classes and set forth to explore a world filled with fantasy adventures.

Why Be Famous, When You Can Be Infamous? Blending turn-based combat and spell-casting with puzzle solving and adventure, Quest For Infamy invites players to choose from three character classes – the Brigand, the Rogue, or the Sorcerer, each with unique storylines and adventures – in one of the largest retro role-playing experiences ever.

Adventurers can explore a world of hand-drawn wonder as they wind their way through trap-infested dungeons, battle slavering beasts with swords or custom-made spells, and lie, cheat or steal their way to infamy. Being bad has never felt so good!

Click over to the links below for more.

Quest For Infamy
Quest For Infamy Details
Quest For Infamy Demo
Buy Quest For Infamy

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New Visuals From Pillars Of Eternity
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Obsidian Entertainment has released a new informational update for Pillars of Eternity, the upcoming Kickstarter funded fantasy RPG. The post includes details about creating characters and areas for the game as well as some new artwork to examine.

It's not all dungeons and darkness in Pillars of Eternity. Sean Dunny finished up the beautiful beachy area of Anslog's Compass. Wave effects and details are courtesy of John Lewis. Named for a rocky stretch of land which theoretically resembles a sundial, this lagoon provides decent fishing for both brave Dyrwoodans and a local contingent of xaurips. More than one ship has met its end upon the nearby reef, and debris occasionally washes ashore from the wreckage.
Check out the full update at the site linked below.

Pillars Of Eternity Alpha Art
Pillars Of Eternity Hero Edition
Pre-Order Pillars Of Eternity Hero Edition

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