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Monday, September 30, 2013

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Tropico 4: Gold Edition Dash For Growth DLC Debuts Oct 10
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive has announced that the Dash for Growth DLC pack for Tropico 4: Gold Edition, containing the Junta, Plantador, and Quick Dry Cement DLCs, will be released for the Mac on October 10th.

Since launching in July this year, Tropico 4: Gold Edition has been a sun-kissed success on the Mac and this first DLC release is highly anticipated.

Each of the DLCs in the Dash for Growth pack contain a brand new mission as well as a themed building, character trait and avatar outfit. In Junta, players militarize Tropico to crush a rebel insurgency, while in Plantador they turn an untouched island into an agribusiness powerhouse. Finally, in Quick Dry Cement, players use cement factories to create a lucrative construction empire under distinctly tricky conditions.

The Dash for Growth DLC pack will retail in North America for $10.99, 7.49 (inc. VAT) in the UK, and 9.99 (inc. VAT) throughout Europe.

Learn more at the links below.

Tropico 4: Dash for Growth DLC
Feral Interactive
Tropico 4: Gold Edition
Buy Tropico 4: Gold Edition

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Mac Vs PC In Insurgency Beta
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

New World Interactive recently reminded gamers that Mac OS X users can square off head-to-head against Windows users in the Beta of the squad-based, competitive shooter Insurgency. In the beta players engage in close quarters combat in an urban environment.

"OS X has become a significant part of our development process," says Jeremy Blum, developmental lead at New World Interactive. "In the past as a mod, Insurgency was a PC-only experience, but since then we have made a significant effort to provide the Insurgency experience to other gaming communities. Mac is first on the list, with support already provided, and Linux is next."

INSURGENCY is leading an indie revival of the tactical shooter genre. In the recently launched Beta, players take to the urban streets for intense close-quarters combat, where a team's survival depends upon securing crucial strongholds in 32-player adversarial combat or in six-player cooperative play.

The new Beta showcases a robust feature set packed with hours of intense tactical shooter goodness. Features include:

  • Cross-platform compatibility between Mac and PC players
  • 20 Weapons - five of which are new: the M249, RPK, UMP45, M1A1 carbine, and the M4A1
  • 8 Fully Updated Maps - including Siege, Uprising, Market, District, Heights, Ministry, Contact and Buhriz.
  • Customizable player classes
  • Weight-based equipment and gear system
  • Team-reinforcing objectives
  • Simplified HUD and UI
  • Scripting system and SDK to support mods
INSURGENCY's game modes create a distinctive experience from other first-person-shooters. The title offers four multiplayer game modes (of up to 32 players), and two co-operative game modes with bot support (for up to six players). Capturing objectives prolongs the entire team's opportunity to achieve victory, while matches often become an epic tug of war as both teams struggle to gain control of all objectives. With full cross-platform play implemented in the Beta, PC and Mac players can now engage each other in competitive campaigns.

INSURGENCY is a tactical, team-based first-person shooter for up to 32-plus players designed for Windows(R)PC, Mac OS X, (and later on Linux), using Valve's Source Engine and distributed through the Steam platform. If the name INSURGENCY sounds familiar, that's because it's based on the popular total conversion for Half-Life 2 - Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat - that saw more than a million free downloads and was awarded the ModDB "Player's Choice Mod of the Year" in 2007.

For more information follow the links below.


EVE Online: Rubicon Arriving November 19
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

CCP Games has annouced EVE Online's 20th free expansion, EVE Online: Rubicon, will be released November 19th, 2013. Among other things the new additions will include ship rebalancing, personal deployable structures, and support for guerrila style warfare. The expansion is the first step in CCP's plans to give players more control over the EVE universe.

Welcome to EVE Online: Rubicon
    The pilots of EVE have grown bold, defying the Empires that once created them. Is it dissent? Subversion? Or is it the beginning of a new age, where the immortal elite of a universe take their first steps toward truly claiming the heavens as their own?
    Break Free from the Empires
      Control Hi-Sec Customs Offices - The power to tax the flow of resources harvested from planets in high security space has been wrested from the Empires and is now under Capsuleer control.

      Deploy Mobile Structures - Reduce your reliance on Empire facilities. Transport and deploy temporary, player-owned, mobile structures to support your industrial operations and wartime efforts.

    Reach Beyond Their Grasp
      Sisters of EVE Faction Ships - Branching out their efforts to aid the immortal pilots, the Sisters of EVE have added shipbuilding to their portfolio, introducing a line of new ships designed to support extended, discreet travel in hostile areas of deep space.

      Ship Re-balancing - Evolving ships to keep them competitive in a progressing universe is an ongoing process. Interceptor, Interdictor, and Marauder class hulls head back to the shipyards for re-engineering, among other balancing changes.

    Control Your Destiny
      Guerilla-style Warfare Support - Tactics to chip away at the behemoths have surfaced, allowing small fleets of mercenaries, saboteurs and troublemakers to become cause for concern for even the most reinforced of alliance strongholds.

      Interbus Ship Identification System - A long and treacherous path lies ahead, and Interbus is here to help pilots, new and seasoned, plan the ships and skills they will need with an intuitive guide and a redesign of the EVE certificate system.

Rubicon - towards the future of EVE Online
    As we take the next steps on our journey with EVE Online, we will continue to create an amazing, demanding game experience that challenges intelligent people to master what the universe offers. But now we are also questioning old truths and the rules that govern the New Eden universe, and we are doing it in line with the vision we presented at Fanfest 2013 in Reykjavik. That vision is about giving players, in the form of their immortal capsuleer representations, more power over this universe than ever before. This journey starts with EVE Online: Rubicon, and will unfold over the next several expansions to EVE Online.
Check out the site below for more information about Rubicon.

CCP Games
EVE Online
EVE Online: Rubicon

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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Gaming Nexus has posted a new review of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. The first person horror title, developed by The Chinese Room for Frictional Games, is not a direct sequel to Frictional's original game, but does exist in the same universe. It takes place on New Year's Day 1899 in London and follows the experiences of Oswald Mandus, a man struggling to save his children.

From the review:

Much like the first game, A Machine for Pigs is more about the exploration than story beats. Although the level designs are incredibly linear, there are enough diverging paths to give you a better understanding of who Oswald Mandus is and what happened to his estate. We begin to unravel the family secrets, giving us both context and an emotional attachment to our befuddled hero.

The world of Amnesia is full of interactive pieces, from drawers you can open to chairs you can move. You don't just press the action button to open a door, A Machine for Pigs requires the player to hold down the button and manually open the door with a mouse stroke or analog flick. Gamers who rush through the many rooms in order to see the end not only miss the point of this series, but they'll be completely oblivious to huge chunks of the story.

The story is genuinely interesting. I was captivated the whole way through and couldn't wait to see how it ended. Even though the final act drags, I was fully invested in Oswald's journey right up until the very end. A lot of this has to do with the writing, which does an excellent job of putting us in the shoes of Mr. Mandus. The big reveal is adequately creepy and A Machine for Pigs is one story you won't soon forget.

Head over to the site below for the full review.

Gaming Nexus: A Machine For Pigs Review
Frictional Games
Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
Buy Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

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