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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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SimCity Mac Coming August 29
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Electronic Arts has announced that SimCity for Mac will finally be released on August 29. Development of the latest incarnation of the popular city building sim is being led by Maxis. SimCity Mac will feature "the same deep, rich gameplay that will define the PC experience as players on both platforms compete or collaborate to create a new world, together."

SimCity™ will be available for Mac exclusively as a digital release on August 29, 2013. SimCity is cross-platform compatible, so all players, whether on Mac or PC, will be able to play SimCity together in the online connected world and will be able to jump back and forth into their cities regardless of the platform.

Those players who have previously purchased digital and boxed copies of SimCity for PC will receive an automatic entitlement for SimCity for Mac via Origin™.

SimCity for Mac and PC allows players to create and destroy the cities of their imaginations, and has been rated PEGI 7+ by the ESRB for both PC and Mac.
Read more at the link below.

Electronic Arts
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Timelines: Assault On America Available This September
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Strategy First and 4 Flash Entertainment have announced a September 2013 release for a new WWII real time strategy title which asks the question ‘What if The AXIS POWERS INVADED THE U.S.A.?’ Timelines: Assault On America takes place during a two fron Axis invasion of the United States culminating in a battle for Washington D.C.

“We are excited about TimeLines: Assualt On America. World War II is the most documented historical conflict inspiring numerous creative works. We have often wondered how world history would have been altered if one key moment was changed. “ says Strategy First Director Emanuel Wall

TimeLines: Assault On America is a real time strategy game that takes place in an alternative WW II setting. A key moment in history is changed causing untold widespread devastating consequences.

Having successfully completed the assassination of Adolph Hitler through ‘Operation Wolf’s Head’ , the U.S. faces a retaliatory two front Axis invasion.

The brave soldiers of the U.S. armed forces must defend the land of the free from the Fascists who wish to take over the country. Failure to protect President Roosevelt and Washington D.C. against the Fascists will mean a world where freedom is lost forever.

TimeLines : Assault On America FEATURES:

  • 12 missions culminating in the battle for Washington D.C.
  • 4 player co-op multiplayer: choose between 9 playable countries USA, UK, France, Russia, Japan, German, Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia
  • Multiplayer modes include, Player versus Player and Player vs A.I.
  • Cross Platform multiplayer PC/Mac/LINUX
  • 20 unit types per nation upgradeable for all infantry and vehicles (200 usable upgrades)Tanks, Trucks, Commander Vehicles, stationary guns, and much more
  • Defensive tactics include minefield planting, stationary turrets, and anti-tank assault
  • Airstrike capabilities for offensive special attacks
  • Learning AI that adjusts to the player’s skill level
  • Delayed orders allowing for multiple commands to be followed in unison
  • Elevated terrains allowing for multiple strategic tactics

About: Strategy First Inc.
Strategy First Inc. is a worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC & Social Networks. Founded in 1989, the Company is well known for publishing FlatOut, Space Empires, Ghost Master, Vegas Make It Big, Disciples, Jagged Alliance, Dangerous Waters, and hundreds of games. Winning numerous awards. follow us on Twitter: @strategy_first

About 4 Flash Entertainment.
4 Flash Entertainment is a Hungarian based development studio. The team has over 18 years industry experience. We are dedicate to making great games on as many platforms as possible.

For more information about the game click over to the link below.

Strategy First
Timelines: Assault On America Teaser Trailer
TimeLines: Assault On America
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Mac Game Store Gets Well Balanced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Plug In Digital's Well Balanced is now available for download and purchase at Mac Game Store. The puzzle title challenges players to calculate the correct weight to apply to stabilize balances. The game features up to 60 levels of brain training fun and a level editor to create your own challenges.

Well Balanced is a puzzle game of new kind for fans of brain teasers like Sudoku.
The player has to calculate the weight to apply in order to stabilize the balances.
Well Balanced offers up to 60 levels to improve your calculation capacities and your physical comprehension.

During the training, the player unlocks tons of rewards. The more the calculation is correct, the higher will be the score.


  • Hours and hours of brain training
  • Excellent for the brain activity
  • Simple, Point & Click gameplays, tutorial optional
  • Level editor to create your own difficulty degree
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • 1.2 GHz Intel Mac
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 150 MB VRAM
Well Balanced is available now for $9.90 (USD),

Well Balanced
Buy Well Balanced

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Crossing Over: GOG & Eador Genesis
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Inside Mac Games has posted the latest article in Justin Ancheta's continuing series. In this latest installment he offers an overview of recent changes to the GOG service and its impact on Mac gamers, as well as a look at Eador: Genesis, a little known Russian turned based strategy game set in a fantasy world.

Here's an excerpt:

So the general idea is that you are a "hero", or perhaps a child of destiny, brought into the tutelage of an elder wizard and thrust into this world. From there, you have to raise an army, build cities, advance your civilization, and conquer the shard (and everyone else's shards), while at the same time trying to prevent other rival Lords from doing the same to you. Combat takes place within a tactical hex-based system that's almost a throwback to the Heroes of Might and Magic series; terrain and positioning are key elements to winning difficult fights. Much like your own hero unit, your regular units level up and gain new abilities as you progress, with progression often coming through sidequests where you can battle all manner of monters, to acquire better items, more experience, and more resources to build your cities. Tied into the development of your army is the advancement of your cities, with city building taking on a flavour that resembles both Disciples: Sacred Lands and the Heroes of Might and Magic games. Magical research is key as well.

Taken together, the game provides a staggering amount of depth and breadth in gameplay; in addition to the 80 spells and 70 units available to the player, the shards themselves are huge, with randomly generated provinces populating them. It's difficult to say if anyone's actually verified Snowbird Studio's claim that the game provides 120+ hours of gameplay, but it's not too hard to see that it's a reasonable claim to make. I myself can definitely attest to the game having that pesky "one more turn" appeal, that can quickly escalate to an alarming level of addiction.

Head over to the link below for the full article.

Crossing Over: A GOG Update And Eador - Genesis

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