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Friday, June 21, 2013

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Tropico 4: Gold Edition Coming To Macs July 25
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive has announced that strategy game Tropico 4: Gold Edition will be released for the Mac on Thursday, July 25th. Developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media for Windows and Xbox 360, Tropico 4: Gold Edition is the latest installment of the Tropico series to be launched on the Mac by Feral Interactive and follows Tropico 3: Gold Edition.

"Tropico 4: Gold Edition is an alluring proposition," said David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive. "Running a country is as challenging and addictive as ever, but the inclusion of the Modern Times expansion pack ups the ante with arrival of new technologies, such as the Internet, which gives your citizens all sorts of ideas about freedom and the use of information."

"Feral Interactive's proven track-record of successful launches on Mac will give us an optimal start for Tropico 4 Gold," commented Anika Thun, Head of Marketing at Kalypso Media. "El Presidente, benevolent ruler of Tropico, is delighted to be building his realm on Mac and sends his greetings to his future minions."

Tropico 4: Gold Edition is a witty combination of city builder and political simulator that continues the colorful career of 'El Presidente', the charismatic ruler of the Caribbean paradise of Tropico. As El Presidente, players will transform Tropico from insignificant banana republic to serious world power over the course of a 20-mission campaign that sees them grapple with picky first-world tourists, demanding political factions, unforeseen natural disasters and even a missile crisis!

With a nation in the palm of their hand, players must decide whether to rule as a benevolent leader, despicable despot, left-wing idealist or champion of the free market. Whatever they choose, they will wield their influence over every aspect of Tropico's economy, infrastructure, politics and even its place on the world stage. All the while ensuring that a constant stream of revenue finds its way into a certain offshore bank account.

Tropico 4: Gold Edition includes the Modern Times expansion pack, which powers Tropico into the 21st century with an entirely separate 12-mission campaign that challenges El Presidente to protect his nation from unseen and sinister forces including online propaganda and a New World Order. Modern Times features 30 new buildings including a diamond cathedral, the mysterious "Babel Tower" and even a space program.

Tropico 4: Gold Edition for the Mac will retail in North America for US $34.99, £24.99 (inc. VAT) in the UK and €29.99 (inc. VAT) throughout Europe. When released, it will be available online for direct download from a variety of digital partner sites worldwide.

Minimum system requirements call for a 2.0GHz Intel Mac with at least 4GB RAM, 256MB or better graphics card, and Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later. The game does not support the following graphics cards: ATI X1xxx series, ATIHD2xxx series, Intel GMA series, NVIDIA 7xxx series and NVIDIA 8xxx series. These system requirements are provisional and subject to change before release.

For more information follow the links below.

Feral Interactive
Tropico 4: Gold Edition
Buy Tropico 4: Gold Edition

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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Removed From Sale
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 7 comments

Trent Oster, president of Beamdog and Overhaul Games, recently announced that Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has been removed from sale on its Beamdog site and the Apple App Store. Although details are few the removal stems from a contractual issue with one of the Beamdog's publishing partners. Those who have already purchased the game will still be able to download it as needed, but it will not be for sale to new customers. An upcoming patch of the game will be delayed, and Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition will be put on hold until the dispute it resolved.

Dear Friends of Baldur's Gate,

We recently removed Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition from sale on Beamdog and the Apple App Store. We've taken this step at our publishing partner's request as we attempt to resolve a number of contractual issues.

Unfortunately, until this matter is resolved, we are unable to release the latest Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition patch or Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for Android.

This also prevents the launch of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. I sincerely apologize to the series' fans and promise we are working diligently to remedy the situation.

Trent Oster
President, Beamdog & Overhaul Games

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have already purchased Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition from Beamdog or the Apple App Store. Will I still be able to download and play my game?

Yes. If you have already purchased Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition from Beamdog or the Apple App Store, you can still download and play your game.

Why is all of this happening? What caused this issue?

We are unable to discuss details of the complex legal matters surrounding this issue at this time. Please be aware that we are extremely unhappy with the situation and are doing our best to work past it. We have put a lot of hard work into this series, and are eager for fans to see it.

When will Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition be available again?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer the game for sale until all issues with our publishing partner have been resolved. We do not have a specific date for when the game will be available again.

What is in the next Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition patch?

The next Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition patch features:

    An updated user interface that allows for high-resolution scaling and transparency.
    A new renderer featuring enormous performance improvements, and compatibility enhancements for Intel graphics chipsets.
    A new font system for sharper, clearer text.
    Full German language support, including new German VO for the expanded content.
    Subtitles in movies.
    Over 135 gameplay fixes and enhancements.
We are unable to release this patch until all issues with our publishing partner have been resolved.

What's the status of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition?

We have been developing Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition for some time now, but until all issues with our publishing partner are resolved we cannot officially announce or offer this game for sale. This has resulted in significant amounts of wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the development team.

UPDATE From Kotaku:
I can't offer much information as we are trying to work through the issues. We pulled the game in response to a request from Atari's legal representation. The issue affects our rights to both games. Atari continues to sell the game through their channels.

From our end, without the hope of revenue to cover salaries, we have to stop work on all Baldur's Gate products, including the patch. Instead, we need to look for new projects to move our team onto.

Read more at the site below.

Kotaku: Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition On Hold
Overhaul Games
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

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Druid Kingdom Begins Construction
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Druid Kingdom from NevoSoft is now available. Developed by the creators of the My Kingdom for the Princess series, the game combines elements of resource management, time management, simulation, and strategy with a a fairy tale plot spanning four settings.

The creators of the ground breaking My Kingdom for the Princess series, bring you Druid Kingdom, a new popular resource management game with a fantastic new plot. Continue honing your skills in this unique genre that combines time management, simulator, and strategy, in four astonishing and colorful fairytale settings!

This game will send you on a magical trip accompanied by new characters: Jack, the young king of the Seven Hills, and his beautiful companion Etain. Your quest for the Staff of the High Druid leads you on an incredible journey through the mysterious lands of the Druids, the sands of Babylon, the alchemists' country, and the rocks of Alamut. You will fight against evil desert genies, rebuild the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, save the alchemists' country from destructive dragons, and learn Etain's secret.


  • A game mechanic that combining the specifics of time management, simulator, and strategy
  • A whimsical and engaging plot line
  • Four fairy-tale settings
  • Superb graphics and sound
Druid Kingdom is available for $6.99 (USD).

Druid Kingdom
Pre-Order Druid Kingdom

The Top 100 Mac Games
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 11 comments

Mac Gamer HQ has announced work on a list of the top 100 games currently available for Macs. The list already includes such titles as Anomaly 2, Batman: Arkham City, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Diablo III, and Empire: Total War.

“How can I know what games are actually available for Mac?”

We decided it was time to give you a definitive answer once and for all: We give you our  Top 100 list (work in progress, read the whole article to see how you can help us to reach 100 games!). These are the Top games for Mac currently available, based on overall reviews and scores:

Click over to the site below to read the full list.

Mac Gamer HQ: Top 100 Mac Games
Mac Gamer HQ

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