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Friday, April 19, 2013

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Total War Sale Under Way
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive recently announced the beginning of a 50% off sale for Rome: Total War Gold Edition and Empire: Total Ware Gold Edition. The sale is only available for a limited time, so act now if you're interested in either of the Total War real time strategy titles.

Rome: Total War - Gold Edition

Two world dominating games in one! Uniting multi-award winning Rome: Total War and its official expansion pack, Barbarian invasion, you must guide historyís greatest armies to their victories in a game of epic real-time warfare, empire building, politics and treachery.

Play as one of three great Roman families, whose thirst for power will stop at nothing. This the world of Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and a thousand others. This is a world of soldiers, gladiators, tyrants, monsters and fools. Itís a rich, exciting world, awaiting a conqueror Ė you! You must use military genius to build an empire that stretches across Europe and Africa. Finally march on Rome to seize control of the greatest empire in the world. Then in Barbarian invasion either defend it or lead a Barbarian horde and bring the once mighty empire to its knees.

Empire: Total War - Gold Edition

Command the seas, conquer the land, build an Empire.

An epic game of real-time tactics which combines turn-based empire building with massive 3D real-time battles on land and at sea. Charged with the fortunes of a nation, you must use diplomacy, trade and military force to establish it as the dominant power of the 18th Century.

Decide the strategy behind the development and expansion of your empire. Expand your borders through conquest or diplomatic cunning. Conquer overseas territories to establish colonies and profitable trade networks. Take command of the battlefield and patrol the open seas to defeat your enemies and shape the contours of history.

Check out the links below for more information.

Total War Sale
Feral Interactive
Rome: Total War Gold Edition
Empire: Total War Gold Edition
Buy Rome: Total War Gold Edition
Buy Empire: Total War Gold Edition

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Machines At War 3 Rolls Out
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Isotope 244 has announced the release of Machines at War 3, the sequel to Land Air Sea Warfare. The real time strategy title features a single player campaign centering on uncovering what happened to a missing reasearch team, as well as multiplayer action and random map modes. Machines at War 3 offers 21 campaign missions, 130 different type of units for waging war, and the chance to engage in massive 5,000 unit battles.

Fire in the Hole

You investigate a secluded military lab and find something horribly wrong! All of the scientists are missing and the facility is ransacked. Years of research and top secret classified experiments are no where to be found.

The missing scientists, known as the Omicron Initiative, are responsible for developing new technologies. The only clue to their disappearance is a mysterious text message reading "we were forced to do it". The team's disappearance threatens the secrecy of it's research, which could potentially put your country into a chaotic panic. Now there's only one person who can rescue the Omicron Initiative and protect its secret technology from falling into the wrong hands.

In 21 missions you'll race across the world to find out who, or what, is responsible for the team's disappearance. You'll command over 130 different types of units ranging from infantry and ships to giant mega units.

After honing your skills in the campaign, fire up a random map and experience insane 5,000 unit battles! Test your meddle in online multiplayer or play offline against AI opponents. Many adjustable options ensure every game is unique. Want to play with only ground units? Make the victory condition the death of a specific unit? The options are limitless!

It's time to arm up and get in the war!

Knockout Features

  • Build over 130 types of units and technologies
  • Rescue the Omicron Initiative in 21 missions
  • Command massive 5,000 unit battles
  • Play unlimited random map skirmishes
  • Conquer four friends in online multiplayer combat
  • Dominate with seven awesome mega units
  • Deploy a full arsenal of infantry, aircraft, naval, and ground forces
  • Enjoy rich environments with ambient objects and weather
Fully translated to German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and English.

Combat Continues

Once you've solved the mystery of the Omicron Initiative the combat keeps coming. Machines at War 3 includes both online multiplayer and single player skirmishes. In these matches almost every aspect is tweakable. For example you can change not only the victory conditions but which units are available over the course of the match. You can wage war against three of your friends to see who will reign supreme or battle the game's AI.

With an unprecedented 130 types of units in your arsenal Machines at War 3 truly delivers. To easily find each type they are split into engineering, buildings, and defense categories. Units are further divided by tiers, meaning the longer a battle rages, the stronger your army grows; what starts off as basic infantry quickly escalates into huge mega units destroying anything that dares step in their crosshairs.

130 Supreme Units

Basic units make up the first tier, though they're still fully capable of attacking, defending and building. As they start slaughtering foes the second tier unlocks with new upgrades to research. Imagine having the power of knowing what units your opponent is building and giving you the chance to build powerful defenses to swat them away like flies. Unlocking the third tier grants you all units in the game, including ICBMs, satellite systems, and mega units. But beware, you'll need control of a special resource node to build those monstrous mega units. If control is lost, production stops, adding yet another element of strategy to Machines at War 3.

An in-depth tutorial helps the game remain accessible no matter your skill level as it walks new players through the basics in boot camp. Once you've graduated you'll have no problem schooling some veterans on the battlefield.


  • OS X 10.2 or later
  • 240 MB storage space
  • 1 GB memory
Machines At War 3 is available now for $19.99. Check out the links below for more information including a trailer and demo.

Machines At War 3 Video
Machines At War 3 Mac Demo
Isotope 244
Machines At War 3
Buy Machines At War 3

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Frayed Knights 2: The Khan of Wrath Officially Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Rampant Games has officially announced the title of its upcoming RPG sequel, Frayed Knights 2: The Khan of Wrath, along with a list of answers to frequently asked questions. Unlike its predecessor, Frayed Knights: The Skull of Símakh-Daon, FK 2 will be making its way to Macs thanks to Rampant's shift to the Unity engine. Frayed Knights is a turn-based fantasy RPG which couples elements of old school classics with a zany sense of humor.

Q: Will the game be available on the Mac this time? How about Linux?

A: Yes and yes. Part of the switch to the new engine (using Unity) was to make sure we have solid, mature multi-platform support this time around. We were hit by some unpleasant surprises last time, and want to make sure that doesnít happen again. To that end, weíre shooting for releasing all versions of the game simultaneously (or as close to simultaneously as we can swing it).

Q: What if I never played the first game?

A: As much as Iíd LOVE for you to play the first game, too, it will be far from necessary to enjoy the Khan of Wrath. New players should be able to pick up with the sequel without even needing to know the first game existed. You know how The Skull of Símakh-Daon referred back to previous adventures of the Frayed Knights prior to the beginning of the game? Itíll be just like that. All important information will be repeated, so nobody should feel lost.

Q: So whenís the Khan of Wrath going to be released?

A: Alas, itís not happening this year. But we hope to be in serious testing by the end of the year. I was really pushing for that, but real life conspired to kick me about six months behind schedule. Itís the trouble that comes with being a part-time indie.

Learn more at the links below.

Frayed Knights 2 Title, FAQ
Frayed Knights 2: The Khan Of Wrath

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Leviathan: Warships Pre-Order Available, Trailer Unveiled
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Paradox Interactive has announced it is now taking pre-orders for the upcoming tactical action game, Leviathan: Warships, and has released a "jazzy trailer" to celebrate. The game, which challenges players to assemble customized fleets of warships and weaponry, will feature cross-platform gameplay across all supported platforms, allowing battles to be fought from nearly any computer, tablet, or location. The game includes a full co-op campaign and several player-vs.-player maps ready to put fleets to the test.

In Leviathan: Warships, players will choose from a wide array of ship and weapon types to build a personalized fleet and fight battles in a unique blend of action and turn-based gameplay. Captains can take their time to plot out their turn, assigning moves and attacks to their ships, and then witness the chaos of battle as each fleet engages their maneuvers in simultaneous action sequences. With Leviathan: Warships, Paradox puts the sea in the cloud, allowing players to start a session from their tablet and continue their cloud-saved skirmish from their computer, challenging foes on any available device.

Leviathan: Warships is a strategic action game where players can build and customize their own fleet of warships to play with or against their friends. Play together in the co-op campaign missions against the growing Marauder threat or fight through special Challenge Missions with your friends. If you rather want to test your admiral capabilities, you can fight against your friends or foes in multiplayer skirmishes across 14 different maps. The fleet editor features multiple ship and weapon types which can be combined in almost any possible way, allowing players to try out a vast amount of strategic possibilities.


  • Turn-based gameplay enables you to take your time to plan your moves
  • Build and Customize your own personal warships, featuring up to 11 ship and 16 weapon types
  • 3 different factions: Commonwealth, Marauders and Elites
  • Cross-platform play across PC, Mac, iPad and Android devices
  • Five Challenge missions that can be played with up to 3 other players
  • Co-op campaign spanning 9 missions which can be played with up to 3 other players
  • Face your friends and foes in multiplayer skirmishes across 14 maps
  • Cloud saving ensures the possibility for you to continue your sessions from any computer, tablet or location
  • Save replays of your battles and use them to improve your tactical skills for the future
View the trailer and learn more at the links below.

Leviathan: Warships Trailer
Leviathan: Warships
Buy Leviathan: Warships

Infinite Space 3: Sea Of Stars Concept Art, Mac Stretch Goal
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Digital Eel has revealed some new concept art and stretch goals for its Kickstarter campaign to fund Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars, a sequel to Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space. One of the stretch goals is a simultaneous release of Mac and Windows versions of the game, rather than the current plan of a delayed release for the OS X version. IS3:SoS will continue the unique sci-fi roguelike style of the originals with the addition of a 3D universe and a variety of new material and gameplay options.

We are already 75% funded and not even halfway through the 30-day campaign. Good job, guys! To entice you further, we're announcing our first three Stretch Goals and showing some of the early art submissions today. We have several artists who have their own diverse styles, and we're excited to redefine the look and feel of Infinite Space with their help.

Stretch Goal #1: $40,000 - Space-o-Tron

At this funding level, we will implement an exciting in-game feature known as the Space-o-Tron. It's a digital encyclopedia that combines a game manual with all kinds of cool background information and stories about the intelligent species of Infinite Space. Just where (and when?) did that cuneiform-inscribed brick come from and what does it have to do with the existence of green stars? Only one way to find out - the Space-o-Tron. Call it the dungeon master's guide to the Purple Void.

Stretch Goal #2: $50,000 - Mac & Linux ports

Yes, we already said we're going to do OS X once the game is done. But if we get the funding, we'll be able to do OS X and Linux at the same time as the Windows version and release simultaneously on all three platforms! Naturally, we'll make sure every customer will have access to all three versions without paying for them separately.

Stretch Goal #3: $60,000 - Enhanced Combat Simulator

Remember Ripcord's Combat School in Weird Worlds? It's definitely going to make a comeback, but we also have a plan to enhance it and make it practically its own game mode. The enhanced simulator will include pre-defined combat scenarios of varying complexity and challenge, and a scenario editor that will allow you to customize every aspect of the clashing fleets down to the equipment onboard individual ships. Your custom battles can then be saved to disk and shared with your friends.

The Kickstarter campaign for Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars will be successful if it reaches a target of $30,000.

Infinite Space 3 Concept Art & Stretch Goals
Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars Kickstarter
Digital Eel

Mac Games News for Thursday, April 18, 2013

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