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Monday, January 7, 2013

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Explore The World Of Kairo At Mac Game Store
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Richard Perrin's Kairo is now available for purchase from Mac Game Store. The 3D exploration and puzzle solving game allows players to enter the lost world of Kairo where they will explore abandoned monuments, revive ancient machinery, and eventually uncover the true purpose of Kairo.

Enter the lost world of Kairo. Explore vast abandoned monuments. Bring strange and ancient machinery back to life. Slowly uncover the true purpose of Kairo and fulfil a great destiny.

Kairo is an atmospheric 3D exploration and puzzle solving game. Developed by Richard Perrin the creator of the white chamber with music by Wounds (Bartosz Szturgiewicz).


  • Exploration - Travel through a strange world full of abstract architecture. Each room is unique so there's always something new to find.
  • Puzzle Solving - Repair ancient forgotten machinery to slowly bring the world back to life.
  • Enviromental Storytelling - Exposition without the traditional dialogue or text. The story of Kairo is told through the world itself. The things you find will slowly help you unravel the true purpose of this mysterious land.
  • Atmospheric Soundtrack - The music helps shape the land and will fill you with an equal measure of wonder and dread.
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • 2.2 GHz Intel Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 600 MB HD Space
  • 256 MB VRAM
Kairo is now available for $8.00 (USD).

Buy Kairo

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Enjoying The Seasons In The Sims 3
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Worthplaying has posted a new review of Electronic Arts' The Sims 3: Seasons expansion pack. Featuring elements for every season, the latest offering from The Sims Studio introduces all-new activities, seasonal festivals and celebrations, and dramatic weather effects.

There is a new occult-type sim as well. The aliens are back! They can't be created in Create-A-Sim, but they can be attracted to your lot, especially if you frequently use the telescope or collect moon rocks. It's possible for your sim to be abducted and, of course, impregnated. Half-alien children always have traits of both parents. For example, an alien-werewolf child may be green and bald, but will still change and get furry under the full moon.

If luck or abduction are not your preferred method of romance, there's a new option for that as well. Your sims now have the option to find a date online. They create a profile on the dating Web site, and it can be as honest or creative as desired. They'll be able to send messages, chat with and eventually meet other sims. If you lied on your profile, don't be surprised if they're disappointed when you finally meet.

Read more at the link below.

Worthplaying: The Sims 3 Seasons Review
The Sims 3: Seasons
Buy The Sims 3: Seasons

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Creating Ambient Audio For The Banner Saga
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In a new Gamasutra developer blog Michael Theiler offered insight into the creation of ambient audio for games. Using examples from LA Noire and the upcoming viking themed RPG The Banner Saga Theiler detailed the steps necessary to create a realistic and natural ambience for areas within the games.

The first task I need to do to ensure the ambience retreats into the background is to select the correct sounds. The more particular you are about the sounds you choose, the better results you will get. Don’t settle for an slightly inappropriate sound if you know its going to be a lot of work to massage the audio to make it sound right for the space. Often I will find nice long stereo files that contain approximately the right sounds, but they always need some work to be made to fit the particular space I am attempting to create.

Usually they will need to be edited, removing anything that pops out and distracts you from the space and time of the location. I say time because often with an ambience the frequency of occurrence of particular sounds is something that needs to be considered. If there is too much happening, the space feels cluttered and busy. Even if you are depicting a busy location such as an outdoor market, or a busy mall, too frequent a bunch of sounds together and you have a mess.

This kind of cacophony can be used as an effect, but in games you don’t have control of the player’s orchestration of the world you are creating. Therefore care must be taken to design the sounds in a pleasing, but apparently random manner. These same sensibilities are used when designing a more molecular, procedural ambience - tuning time between ambient audio events is what makes these spaces feel ‘right’. It is something that I learned after doing this for a long while, less is more often than not, more. Keep most things subtle, and let the occasional sound pop out only if it sounds perfect to do so.

Check out the full article at the page below.

Gamasutra: Creating Ambient Audio
The Banner Saga

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Telling A Story In Borderlands 2
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Shacknews has posted a new interview with Anthony Burch about crafting the storyline for Borderlands 2. The sequel continues the series trademark blending of first person shooter and role playing game elements with action packed gameplay and zany humor.

Borderlands 2 followed in its predecessor's plot points and tone so seamlessly, some fans may not have realized that it brought on an entirely new, dedicated writer. Anthony Burch, who had made his name outside the development community with his self-started web series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?, was tasked with continuing the franchise.

"When I came on-board, there were a bunch of different ideas as to how different plot threads could have been finished up, and we started to pick the ones that made the most sense for the story we wanted to tell," Burch told Shacknews. "A lot of it was working with the pieces we had in the first game to create something new in the second game."

For the full article click over to the link below, but be aware that it includes a variety of storyline spoilers for Borderlands 2.

Shacknews: Borderlands 2 Writing Interview
Borderlands 2
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