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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Combat Mission: Fortress Italy Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment has announced the upcoming August release of Combat Mission: Fortress Italy. The first in a "new family" of Combat Mission titles, CM:FI will focus on the Allied struggle to defeat Italy during World War II. The stand alone game will give players the chance to play as the American, Italian, and German forces in three unique campaigns. CM:FI will also feature a variety of new equipment and vehicles, and will be the first Combat Mission game to utilize the features of CMx2 engine Version 2.0.

"We always wanted to return to the Mediterranean Theater, though figured it would be several years before we got to it. Simply put, the stars aligned last summer and work started in September. Now it is in final beta testing and it's time to tell you what to expect from it," said Steve Grammont from

Fortress Italy is a new "family" of Combat Mission games covering the Allied struggle to knock Italy out of the Second World War. This initial release deals explicitly with the battle for Sicily and sets the groundwork for future additions to simulate the hard fighting in the rugged terrain of "Europe's underbelly" up until the war's end in 1945.

The combat forces immediately available to players include the full range of historically available American, Italian, and German forces which fought in Sicily. In addition to the completely new Italian forces, both the American and German organizations differ significantly from those familiar to Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy players. Some of the highlights are elite formations such as:

  • Italian Bersaglieri
  • American Rangers
  • German Herman Göring Division
Of course, the time frame and units involved require equipment new to the Combat Mission series. A full list is available on the new Fortress Italy website, however here are some particularly fun gadgets to play with:
  • R-35 Light Tank
  • Semovente 90/53
  • Panzer Mk III
  • Grille
  • M3 GMC Halftrack
  • T30 HMC Halftrack
Players get to dive in and try these forces out in three (!!!) campaigns, one from the perspective of each national force (USA, Germany, Italy), a host of new stand alone battles, and of course the automatically generated QuickBattles. It won't take long for Normandy players to feel how different this time period and setting is from what they are used to. And the Italian forces are very interesting indeed! Squads the size of Platoons, almost no radios at all, few antitank weapons, proportionally few support weapons, and relatively light armored vehicles present even the best CM player with a lot of new challenges.

But wait, we didn't come to the best part yet... Fortress Italy features more than just a new setting and new units. It is also the first Combat Mission game to be upgraded with our CMx2 engine Version 2.0 features! If you haven't heard about the new Upgrade path for Combat Mission, click here for more info. For those who have, here's just a few of the new features you'll experience:

  • Moveable Waypoints
  • Target Armor Arc Command
  • Expanded Floating Icon Categories
  • "Fog of War" Floating Icons
  • 2D Editor Map Overlay
  • Auto-Assemble Road/Wall/Hedge Tool
  • Camera Jump to Groups
  • Target Briefly Command
  • New Rendering Shaders
  • Bump and Normal Mapping
  • Improved Framerates
  • Pausable Realtime TCP/IP Mode
  • ...and more!

In all, Combat Mission: Fortress Italy packs a lot of punch and is sure to have a lot of surprises for even the most experienced wargamer. If there are any doubts about this you should check out the Demo when it is made available (near release time).

As mentioned in the introduction, you can already preorder CMFI right now. Preorder customers get benefits:

  • you save $10. You only pay $55 plus Shipping & Handling and will receive a download and the physical goods by mail at no extra cost.
  • if you preorder, you are guaranteed to receive the "Tin Case" Limited Edition of Combat Mission Fortress Italy, including a new printed game engine manual (~100 pages) including game engine v2.0 updated features, and the "Tin Case" all metal DVD box. The "Tin Case" is not a Steelbook(tm) and is all metal with a plastic window. It can hold up to four discs, enough room to store all your CMFI module discs in one convenient place :)
Both the printed manuals and the "Tin Cases" are limited as long as supplies last (but we'll make sure that all preorder customers get one).
Learn more about the game at the links below.

Combat Mission: Fortress Italy
CMFI Screenshots & Video
CMx2 v2.0 Feature list
CMFI Preorder
Buy Combat Mission: Fortress Italy

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Crossing Over: Freespace 2
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Inside Mac Games has posted a new article in Justin Ancheta's continuing series of guides. The articles offer detailed instructions for running Windows versions of game titles which either never made it to Macs, or have Mac versions incompatible with recent OS releases. This week Justin turns his attention to the space epic, Freespace 2.

Here's an excerpt:

Upon their release, Freespace and Freespace 2 were quickly recognized as some of the finest space simulation and combat games of their day. The mission pacing, soundtrack, interface and graphics all were masterfully done, with an engaging plot covering an interstellar war dwarfed by a monstrous enemy, the Shivans, and the aftermath of the titantic war that followed. The game engine was so good that its graphics still look impressive even now, and the gameplay captured the excitement of an arcade-feel, check-six WWII-style dogfighter while incorporating the depth expected of a true combat simulator. Yet, for all of its greatness, Freespace 2 was still the last of a dying breed. It was the late 90’s and both the first person shooter and real time strategy genres were at the forefront of the computer gaming industry. For better or for worse, the year before, Half-Life ignited a revolution in the way people played and perceived first person shooter games, while Starcraft elevated the real time strategy game into a mass market phenomenon. And while the Quake, Half-Life and Starcraft clones flooded the market, interest in space combat simulation games quickly dried up.
Read the full article at the link below.

Crossing Over: Freespace 2

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Enhancing Baldur's Gate
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

GameBanshee has posted a new interview with Trent Oster of Overhaul Games and Beamdog about the upcoming Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. The developer discussed a variety of topics related to the revamped RPG including which original team members are participating in the new effort, what new content will be available, and Oster's future RPG plans.

GB: We understand that BG:EE will include Tales of the Sword Coast, but are you adding any new quests, items, and characters of your own?

Trent: Yes, BG:EE includes the Tales of the Sword Coast as a part of the game. We are adding new items, quests and characters to the game. We've been busy building a very solid adventure creation team over the last year and the new content is looking great. We've even brought back a number of former Baldur's Gate team members to help out.

GB: If Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition sell well, would you prefer to move on to the remaining Infinity Engine games or pursue an entirely new title in the Baldur’s Gate franchise?

Trent: Regardless of how the game sells, we are committed to making a BG2 Enhanced Edition. We are still discussing the other Infinity Engine games and a potential BG3 with our partners at Wizards of the Coast and Atari. At the moment, we're trying to be flexible and seize the right opportunities. Regardless of the outcome, we will have a team that knows how to make a great RPG and has experience on PC, Mac and iPad, which puts us in a pretty great spot. The recent Kickstarter successes paint a pretty picture for experienced teams executing on the games they love to build, so we're pretty jazzed about the opportunities even if we can't make the other stuff happen.

Check out the page below to read more.

GameBanshee: Baldur's Gate EE Q&A
Overhaul Games
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Team Fortress 2 Pyromania Event Under Way
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Valve has announced the beginning of Pyromania, a three day Team Fortress 2 celebration that will include the release of "major new game features." Day one featured information about Doomsday, a map with an all new game mode. The event will also mark the release of Meet the Pyro, the ninth and final installment of the Meet the Team video series.

Doomsday pits BLU against RED, with only one team getting the honor of transporting a suitcase nuke full of recalled Mann Co. Australium to American monkeynaut Poopy Joe’s rocket, so he can blast off and hunt down Soviet space chimp Vladimir Bananas. It's the same spirit of competitive enterprise that stalled the moon landing by three years when Buzz Aldrin suplexed Neil Armstrong into a pile of folding chairs at Astromania '69! Both teams will attempt to get the necessary fuel up a preposterously slow-moving elevator and into Poopy Joe’s Australium-powered rocket to the stars.
Head over to the page below for more information.

Team Fortress 2: Pyromania
Valve Software
Team Fortress 2

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