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Thursday, May 10, 2012

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IMG Reviews The Walking Dead Episode One
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a new review of The Walking Dead: Episode One from Telltale Games. The game adaptation of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel series is a five part episodic adventure horror game that will follow the struggles of survivors attempting to live in a world filled with undead.

Here's an excerpt:

If you're expecting the likes of Left 4 Dead then TWD is not for you. While there are a number of panicky, intense and gruesome action sequences, the focus of the game is character drama and interaction, along with small doses of puzzles and exploring. It plays out like an interactive graphic novel more than anything else, which is either a good or bad thing depending on what you expect. This allows it to feel grounded and weighty and take a more deliberate pacing, though at the cost of any deep gameplay. There's simply not that much to do in the game other than talk to people, solve a few short puzzles and madly scramble away from or fight against the undead. Personally, I didn't mind this and found myself immersed and thoroughly entertained every step of my two hour journey through episode one. But those looking for a more traditional point and click adventure experience may be disappointed in the lack of exploration and puzzle solving, which is minimal.
Check it out at the link below.

IMG Review: The Walking Dead Episode One
Telltale Games
The Walking Dead
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Nancy Drew: Tomb Of The Lost Queen Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Her Interactive recently announced the launch of the latest edition of its Nancy Drew series with Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen. In the all-new adventure the sleuth must uncover the truth about a series of accidents at an archaeological dig. The game features a new interface, enhanced graphics, and two difficulty levels.

"Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen is sure to satisfy our core fans with tons of puzzles, unique challenges and a well crafted mystery in the exotic setting of Egypt," stated Stuart Moulder, CEO, Her Interactive. "For the first time in five years, we have updated the user interface for our line of Nancy Drew mystery/adventure games and the results are stunning. The updated user interface combined with the enhanced graphics has resulted in our most visually appealing game to date.”

"Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen is an artful blend of Egyptology, mysterious secrets, captivating storytelling and a surprise ending," said Megan Gaiser, chief creative strategy officer (CCSO), Her Interactive. "We are confident that this latest installment in our award-winning adventure series will capture the interest of our longtime fans as well as new fans who appreciate a great game when they see it."

Enter the Cursed Tomb of the Lost Queen! Egyptologists and archaeologists are abuzz about recent discoveries by a university dig team, but suspicious accidents left the group isolated and leaderless. Is a curse burying their progress or is someone sabotaging their success? Find out as you assume the role of Nancy Drew and uncover the lost secrets buried within the Tomb of the Lost Queen!

If you take a risk that ends badly, don't worry; you won't have to start over. The game will automatically return players to the point before the fatal mistake. Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen also features two difficulty settings, Amateur Sleuth and Master Sleuth, to allow players of all skill levels to solve and enjoy the mystery.

Key features include:

  • Translate Hieroglyphs: Decipher ancient clues and warnings
  • Uncover Hidden Chambers: Reassemble artifacts and solve ancient puzzles
  • Discover Egyptology: Play games and learn about early Egyptian life as you explore
  • Carefully Choose Your Words: How you ask questions may uncover surprising answers
  • Sleuth with an All-New Interface: Review important goals and notes in seconds
  • Select Difficulty Levels: Play at Amateur or Master Sleuth level
  • Enjoy Enhanced Graphics: Immerse yourself in the most richly detailed and beautiful Nancy Drew mystery ever
  • Intel Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • Intel GMA X3000, ATI X1600, NVIDIA 7300 graphics card or better
Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen is available now for $19.95 (USD).

Her Interactive
Nancy Drew: Tomb Of The Lost Queen
Buy Nancy Drew: Tomb Of The Lost Queen

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Portal 2: Perpetual Testing Initiative Now Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Valve has announced the release of Portal 2: Perpetual Testing Initiative. The free DLC add-on features an easy-to-use in-game map editor that gives users the chance to design, build, and share their own single-player and co-op test chambers with the community.

Available now for PC and Mac, The "Perpetual Testing Initiative" allows players to easily create, share, and play Portal 2 puzzles. The Initiative comes with a simplified Puzzle Maker that allows that creation of mind-bending puzzles without ever leaving the game.

The Puzzle Maker can directly publish maps to the Steam Workshop where users can browse, vote on, and select to play them. Selected puzzles will automatically be downloaded and installed inside Portal 2.
Learn more at the link below.

Valve Software
Portal 2
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Space Quest Creators Reveal Kickstarter Project
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Two Guys From Andromeda has announced the beginning of a new Kickstarter campaign to raise $500,000 for Two Guys SpaceVenture, a new sci-fi adventure game. The game will be developed by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, creators of the classic Space Quest series, and will feature the trademark game elements of the team's previous efforts.

Hey there, Classic Adventure Gaming fans as well as those relatively new to our worlds. Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, aka ‘The Two Guys from Andromeda’, are back together. No, your optic orbs have not been on a bender. You read correctly. After a very brief 20+ year hiatus, we have joined forces once again and are tooling-up to bring you a new Space Adventure, or SpaceVenture™, if you will.

We fully intend to bring back every element that you guys loved from our original games! You’ve been very clear and concise as to what you enjoyed from our previous efforts. Here’s a short list of things you can expect if our project gets funded:

  • A Sci-fi adventure from Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe working happily together as a team once again.
  • Hilarious death sequences
  • Tons of the fresh (and moldy) pop-culture references
  • Fun and unique humor
  • Art design and direction by Mark
  • Dialog that will make you blow nostril Tang, written by Scott along with Mark
  • Narration of all this by Gary Owens and the voice acting of other characters by the above mentioned quality industry voice talent
  • Game music that will hopefully give you chills and wedge in your main orb for the rest of your natural Earth life and make you wish you lived inside your computer!
  • A game that you will feel comfortable playing with your children, but with some entertainment that will safely appeal only to the adult psyche

Yes, we know, they all say that, but WE really mean it! Fresh from the Sarcasm Cluster and the Hyperbole Nebula, this is the first Kickstarter effort by the Two Guys From Andromeda. We're here to tell you THIS is huge to us.

We really are going to do things differently than some of the other campaigns you may have seen, even though we love those people, so don't take that in a mean spirited manner. We know you guys are aching for something truly special, so we've been butting heads in the Andromedan luxury bunker to come up with a way you guys can feel extra, extra special while we empty your bank accounts for our own devious, suspect ends: You are going to get something fun to play throughout our Kickstarter campaign! Yeah, you read that right!

Here is what we’re talking about:

  • Every time we reach another $100,000 milestone, we’ll release another enhanced demo version for you to play.
  • The playable demos will be the direct ideas of Scott and Mark. (Who else?)
  • We will take your feedback to improve the demos for each milestone.
  • The demos will be written in HTML5, a programming language that will make the games compatible with most browsers and smart phones right out of the gate!
Follow the link below to read more about the project which, if funded, will be available for a variety of platforms including Mac.

Kickstarter: Two Guys SpaceVenture
Two Guys From Andromeda

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