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Monday, March 5, 2012

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IMG Reviews Company Of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of Aspyr Media's latest release: Company of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition. The Campaign Edition includes the single player campaigns from the original Company of Heroes as well as the Tales of Valor and Opposing Fronts expansions.

Here's an excerpt:

Realistic physics also plays a part in battles. Most tanks can smash through walls and run over obstacles, creating new paths and flanking options. Bullets often go astray and rockets frequently miss creating a realistic sense of ballistics. Tank shells and grenades will do horrible things to infantry units, sending bodies and limbs flying through the air. Vehicles can get disabled or go out of control, wildly crashing into nearby troops or structures, whether they be friend or foe.

There's a lot to keep track of in any given moment. Heavy machine gun units can suppress enemy infantry with a hail of bullets, causing them to be pinned down and crawl for cover. Incendiary mortars and flamethrowers can burn out entrenched buildings. Engineers can set up all manner of tank traps, mines, barbed wire, sand bags, MG emplacements and base structures. Anti-tank guns can load armor piercing rounds for increased effectiveness. You need to be constantly defending and taking new sectors or fall behind.

Read more at the link below.

IMG Review: Company Of Heroes Campaign Edition
Aspyr Media
Company Of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition
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100th Hero Celebration For Heroes Of Newerth
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

S2 Games has begun a week long event to celebrate the debut of Kinesis, the 100th hero for its multiplayer action RPG Heroes of Newerth. The celebration will include daily and weekend drawing giveaways of in-game currency packages, a grand prize 100,000 gold goblin coin prize for the player who wins at least one match each day of the week, promotional giveaways of the new hero on social media outlets, and a chance for players to compete against the S2 Games team in exhibition matches.

After nearly two years and over 100 updates, its massively popular session-based, multiplayer, Action-RPG Heroes of Newerth (HoN) will usher in its 100th hero this Friday, March 2nd. The hero – a telekinetic warrior dubbed Kinesis, will be commemorated by S2 Games with a week-long $100,000 player appreciation event and celebration.

The event kicked off yesterday with the launch of a daily drawing giveaway for packages of in-game currency (Gold Goblin Coins) valued at over $100,000. One thousand $10 prize packages will be given out each weekday as well as another one thousand $50 prize packages over the course of the coming weekend. Once a player logs in and wins a game of matchmaking, he or she will be entered into that day’s drawing. Winners will then be chosen randomly from that pool of eligible participants. The event will conclude with a grand prize giveaway of 100,000 Gold Goblin Coins for one lucky player who logs game-time and wins at least one match each and every day throughout the week.

S2 Games will also be giving away hundreds of promotional copies of their 100th hero through Heroes of Newerth’s official social media outlets - Facebook and Twitter. Following the hero’s release this Friday, March 2nd, the developer will host a very special S2 vs. The Community event, where North American and European players will have the opportunity to play head to head in exhibition matches with S2 Games staff, including the HoN Hero Design and Balance Team. Every time the community beats the developer at their own game, everyone who played a game that day (12:00am-11:59pm EST) is one step closer to winning an account symbol, silver coins, and a brand new Alternate Avatar.

In addition to Gold Coin giveaways and event prizing, players can also take advantage of double Silver Coin matchmaking and mega-sale prices on all non-Early Access heroes. Heroes of Newerth players new and old are invited to take part in this week’s 100th hero celebration complete with giveaways, prizes, and so much more. Visit the official website for full event details and follow along all week via HoN’s official social media channels by liking on Facebook or following on Twitter @heroesofnewerth.

Learn more at the site below.

Heroes Of Newerth

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SQUIDS Now Available For Macs
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The Game Bakers has released its tactical RPG, SQUIDS, to Mac users. The game features a mixture of action strategy and role playing game mechanics, giving players the task of building a team of heroes and engaging in turn-based battles against corrupted sea creatures.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to bring SQUIDS to players of all platforms, so we developed it with a much deeper scope than most mobile games. Then we put a lot of effort into making sure the game plays great on the Mac,” says Emeric Thoa, The Game Bakers’ Creative Director. “This Mac release is a big milestone for us, and just the first of a series of releases on ‘larger’ platforms alongside the mobile versions of SQUIDS.”

Set in a colorful underwater kingdom, SQUIDS is a creative RPG with a humorous storyline, gorgeous cartoon artwork, and turn-based battles that pit a team of scrappy Squid heroes against hordes of ooze-infected crabs and shrimp. An accessible game easily enjoyed by casual gamers, SQUIDS also has impressive gameplay depth and production values that will appeal to a hardcore audience, thanks to the developers’ previous experience working on AAA computer and console games. Both the Android and Mac versions are localized into five languages: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

As the first version of SQUIDS for desktop computers, the Mac version has intuitive mouse controls and enhanced graphics optimized for screen resolutions up to 1900×1200. SQUIDS for Mac incorporates much of the bonus content released for iOS over the past five months, such as additional missions and stat-boosting helmets—all with no in-app purchase required.

SQUIDS is available now for $9.99 (USD).


Redshirt Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Positech Games has announced it will be publishing The Tiniest Shark's comedic sci-fi simulation, Redshirt. Placed in the role of an "ambitious low-ranking peon" aboard a space station, players must master the politics of "Spacebook" to achieve their goals.

Navigate the professional and interpersonal politics of the ubiquitous "Spacebook" to curry favor among friends and colleagues. As intense intergalactic conflict rages around you, it's up to you to accrue those all-important "likes" on your status updates! Whether you're looking for love, opportunities for promotion, or even a chance to play Zero-G golf with the captain, you can schmooze your way through social circles and claw your way up the career ladder. Perhaps you too can finally achieve the dream of an off-station transfer, or even the Redshirt's opportunity of a lifetime: being sent on an away-mission!
Read more at the page below.

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