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Monday, January 16, 2012

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IMG Reviews Civilization V: Denmark & The Vikings
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a new review of Sid Meier's Civilization V: Denmark & The Vikings DLC Pack from Firaxis and Aspyr Media. The add-on introduces the Viking civilization and a new scenario to the popular world conquering strategy title.

Here's an excerpt:

If you choose to follow the Viking civilization in your game, you will obtain the special ability called “Viking Fury”. This ability gives you extra vision as a naval unit. This may seam similar to the Polynesian civilization but it also comes with another perk which allows your ground units to pay less when moving from sea to land. So, if you want to storm the shores of a rival continent quickly, these perks will help you advance at a much faster rate.

As with many of the other civilizations you also have some special military units for overpowering your enemies. One of those being the Berserker. This replacement for the longswordsman is an excellent medieval unit on the ground and is best kept closer to home just in case a rival civilization wants to take a piece of your land. Also, an added bonus of this unit is that the amphibious upgrade is already applied. This means that fighting over a river won’t penalize you, giving you a makeshift wall of sorts against your enemies that you can break down at any time. It's an awesome ability to have which, in turn, can have devastating effects on your foes.

Click on the link below to read more.

IMG Review: Civ V - Denmark & The Vikings
Firaxis Games
Aspyr Media
Civilization V: Denmark & The Vikings
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Trine 2 Soundtrack Now Available On iTunes
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Frozenbyte has announced that the soundtrack to Trine 2 is now available on iTunes. The Trine 2 Soundtrack Special Edition marks the first iTunes release for developer Frozenbyte and composer Ari Pulkkinen and his audio production house AriTunes. Pulkkinen has composed gaming soundtracks for titles such as Angry Birds, Outland, Trine and Super Stardust HD.

"Finally!", said composer Ari Pulkkinen. "I'm very proud of the music for Trine and Trine 2; the beautiful and heartwarming fantasy world of Trine really inspired me to compose these lively soundtracks, and I'm really glad they can now reach a wider audience as separate albums. For this special moment I also wanted to create orchestrated versions of the Trine 2 Main Theme and the Trailer Theme, and they sound absolutely fantastic!"

Trine 2 Soundtrack Special Edition is now available worldwide for $11.99/11,99 euros on iTunes or directly from the AriTunes website at, where the soundtrack is available also in lossless FLAC format. The album features all the original 21 tracks composed for the game, and 2 special tracks recorded with the Brandenburg State Orchestra. Also made available is the Trine Soundtrack.
Learn more about Trine 2 and the soundtrack at the links below

Trine 2
Buy Trine 2

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City Of Heroes Issue 22 In VIP Beta Testing
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

NCSoft and Paragon Studios have announced that VIP players now have exclusive VIP Beta access to Issue 22: Death Incarnate, the upcoming new expansion for City of Heroes. The update includes a revamped Dark Astoria, new enemies to battle, new Incarnate missions, and the debut of the Solo Incarnate Path.

Issue 22: Death Incarnate is now on VIP Beta! Play, test, and leave feedback for new features and content in this upcoming Issue! Explore a completely revamped Dark Astoria, now a co-op zone for Heroes and Villains! Fight against the Banished Pantheon, the Tsoo, Talons of Vengeance, Circle of Thorns, the new Knives of Vengeance, and more! Experience new Incarnate missions, including the long-awaited Solo Incarnate Path!

Issue 22: Death Incarnate includes two new Trials: Shivans in Bloody Bay collide with the recently-arrived Shivans that destroyed Galaxy City, in the "Drowning in Blood" Trial for low level characters; meanwhile, Diabolique schemes to steal Mot's powers for herself in the "Dilemma Diabolique" Incarnate Trial! Death Incarnate also brings new mid-level storyarcs to Steel Canyon and Cap au Diable.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Check out tweaks made to Power Sets and Archetypes to make them more effective! Death Incarnate brings numerous updates and fixes to Supergroup bases, Enhancements, the Team-Up Teleporter, Mission Architect, and general Missions. Please read the patch notes for full details, and we'll see you in the VIP Beta!

Check out the page below to learn more.

City Of Heroes: Issue 22 VIP Beta
City of Heroes
Buy City of Heroes

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The Narrative Power Of Baldur's Gate II
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments recently posted a new article examining the storytelling aspects of the classic Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn fantasy role playing game. The author explored the strengths and weaknesses of the game's story, emphasizing the power of player choice in steering the tone of the plot.

The narrative in Baldur's Gate II is a very interesting one, in that the motives for the character are dependent on how the player plays the game. For example, if the player tries to help everyone and lead a noble life, the story becomes one of good vs. evil, where the character must track down the evil wizard and defeat him. This story is tried-and-true in the world of gaming, and the player can go down this path if they want. However, the player can also choose to embrace the player character's lineage... and track down Irenicus in order to get more powerful... The story then becomes one of revenge and fury. The tone for this story can range anywhere between these two, but the primary indicator as to how the player wants the story to unfold occurs in a dream sequence. As the character rests, they are occasionally visited by Irenicus in their dreams. In one sequence, Irenicus offers the player character (power). The player can then respond with either an acceptance of evil powers or a refusal to use them.

One of the great things about this story is that the player feels that they are in complete control of the story. In almost all conversations with NPCs, the player has three or more responses, ranging from heroic to calculating to insane. This system works very well, except for the few occasions where a discerning player can tell that any response they chose would lead to getting the same line from the NPC. Also, at some points the dialogue options all seemed tailored to a certain end. Some conversations must end in combat, no matter what the intentions of the player are.

For those who have yet to play Baldur's Gate II the article includes major plot spoilers. Head over to the page below to read more.

Storytelling Lessons From Baldur's Gate II
Baldur's Gate II
Buy Baldur's Gate II

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