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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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IMG Reviews Mafia II: Director's Cut
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a new review of Feral Interactive's Mafia II: Director's Cut. The specially-created package includes the standalone version of Mafia II and all of the game's previously released add-on packs and downloadable content.

Here's an excerpt:

Visually speaking, Mafia 2 is gorgeous. If you can run the game on high it's a treat. Empire City is a beautifully recreated period setting in the 1940's and later in the story, the 1950's. Streets are bursting with detail from people to cars and everything you'd expect to see as you motor or walk around. At different times the weather changes and the effects are great. If it's snowing, women walk around in fur coats arm in arm with finely dressed gentlemen. In the rain people huddle under buildings or walk about with umbrellas, hurrying to and fro.
Check out the full review at the link below.

IMG Review: Mafia II Director's Cut
Feral Interactive
Mafia II: Director's Cut
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Gratuitous Tank Battles Video Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Positech Games has released a new video for the upcoming Gratuitous Tank Battles, offering insight into the influences inspiring the armored combat game. The upcoming new title is described as a hybrid of real time strategy and tower defense, featuring online elements, customizable units, and a built-in map editor for custom creations.

Gratuitous Tank Battles is coming to the PC and Mac, developed by Positech Games, makers of Democracy, Kudos and of course Gratuitous Space Battles. Gratuitous Tank Battles is an RTS/Tower Defense hybrid with online elements and customisable units. The player can take the role of the defender or the attacker in a series of top-down explodey battles. A built-in map editor will allow easy sharing of custom maps and defensive challenges with other GTB players in a similar fashion to GSB's challenge system.

GTB takes place in an alternate reality where the 'central powers' never surrender and the 'great war' continues for two hundred years. Soldiers still fight in the trenches of the Somme, although rifles have (mostly) become laser rifles and giant armored mechs stride across no-mans land. The two great armies continue to fight with patriotic zeal and little memory of who Franz Ferdinand was and what happened to him. One thing is certain: It will all be over by Christmas 2114.


  • Play as attacker or defender on any map.
  • Design your own unique units from a huge range of components.
  • Use Turrets, Tanks, Mechs, Infantry and special command units.
  • Integrated map editor to allow trivial sharing of custom maps.
  • Upload your maps and armies as online challenges for other players
  • It will all be over by Christmas
Head over to the links below to learn more.

Gratuitous Tank Battles: Game Influences Video
Positech Games
Gratuitous Tank Battles
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Eschalon: Book III Development Update
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Basilisk Games has released a development update for Eschalon: Book III. the upcoming third and final episode of the old-school fantasy RPG series. The post explains the company's plans for a formal announcement of the game this year, and the various issues which have delayed its development so far.

What this all means is: YES, Book III is coming!! We really blew our development schedule in 2011, missing almost every deadline we set for ourselves. But 2012 will be a productive year for us, and we are working hard right now to get everything together to make the formal announcement. This requires a press release, logos and artwork, screenshots, and we need to be able to answer questions when requests for info and interviews come our way. We certainly think that a 2012 release for Book III is possible, but we can't make any promises to anyone right now.
Read the full post at the link below.

Eschalon: Book III Update
Basilisk Games
Eschalon: Book III
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Guns Of Icarus Online Described
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Light Speed Gaming has posted a new interview with Joseph Lieberman of Muse Games about the company's upcoming MMO, Guns of Icarus Online. The interview covers a variety of topics including more specifics about gameplay, classes, multiplayer, and the appeal of a steampunk setting.

Can you give us a more detailed look into how players will be operating the airships in Guns of Icarus Online and how that will impact the gaming experience?

We’ve had quite a few long, philosophical, late-night discussions about what is an MMO, what is an MMORPG, an RPG, a MMOFPS, a non-MMO -- an MO? -- and finally, what is Guns of Icarus Online?

One thing that’s clear is that this is not your typical third-person, open-world, mouse-driven MMO. We’re not Eve Online or World of Warcraft. What we’re doing is bringing team-based, match-driven, FPS-style play to what in the campaign mode will become a persistent shared world, with some more traditional RPG trappings like trade and crafting.

What that means is that your experience from the first person as a crew member on board a ship is always the core of the experience. While the captain may be more focused on piloting and taking a general overview of the field, using tools like maps and the spotting scope to gain a broader perspective, the gunner, who spends most of his time mounted on a turret and sighting the enemy, is all about the FPS view. The first-person perspective is also key for the engineer, who has to run around the deck from component to component to keep all parts of the ship in working order, paying much less attention to what’s going on outside of the ship than what’s on fire on the inside!

For the full interview head over to the page listed below.

Light Speed Gaming: Guns Of Icarus Online Interview
Muse Games
Guns Of Icarus Online
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