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Friday, May 23, 2008

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WarBirds 2008 Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

iEntertainment Network has announced that a brand new version of the massively multiplayer online simulation, WarBirds, has been launched. WarBirds 2008 has added two new terrains, ten new aircraft, over 50 new personal aircraft paint schemes for aircraft personalizatoin, and a variety of other improvements for the online combat flying experience.

The award-winning title allows players from around the world to enter a persistent online battlefield and take control of more than 120 different aircraft and vehicles, including fighter and bomber aircraft, tanks, or naval ships in realistic recreations of actual World War II combat.

This new update to WarBirds has added two famous terrains to the over 12 large flying terrains already available to players. The Atoll Terrain was made famous in the Fighter Ops Simulation which operated on AOL in the mid 90’s. The New Ardennes Terrain represents the location of the famous Battle of the Bulge of World War II and will be used for Great Tank Battles as well as air combat.

Ten new and updated aircraft with more than double the polygons and detail of previous aircraft have been added to the simulation. New aircraft include the Famous British Lancaster bomber, which accomplished the famous Dam Busters mission of the 617 Squadron and the proposed A-67 Dragon, Counter Insurgency Aircraft, from US Aircraft Inc., for use around the world in the War on Terrorism. Dragon Aviators can now operate the remote cameras and shoot Hellfire’s, Sidewinders, and drop JDAM bombs in all of IENT’s offline arenas. Also included is the new Three Screen Graphics using the Matrox TripleHead2Go.
WarBirds 2008 weighs in at 940 MB for those who wish to download the game. A DVD version is also available for order. WarBirds is a Universal Binary application that requires a Mac with a G4 or Intel processor and OS X 10.4.6.

Head over to the website below for more information.

WarBirds 2008
iEntertainment Network
iEntertainment Network

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New WALL-E Screenshots & Trailer Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Worthplaying has posted a collection of new screenshots and a trailer from THQ's game adaptation of the upcoming Pixar movie, WALL-E. The game will follow the adventures of the characters from the film, giving players the chance to explore ten worlds from the movie as well as participate in multiplayer challenges. WALL-E will be available for a variety of platforms including the Mac.

Based on the upcoming Disney/Pixar film, players will take control of WALL-E and EVE through a fast-paced adventure, allowing fans to relive some of the movie’s most thrilling moments as they explore 10 worlds filled with non-stop action and adventure, along with head-to-head multiplayer challenges. Players will recognize the storyline, characters and key locations from the WALL-E film as they carry out intense missions, dodge dangerous enemies and navigate their way through a futuristic world. In addition, the game will contain new storylines and environments that movie-goers will not see in theaters.

Filled with surprises, action, humor and heart, WALL-E was written and directed by Andrew Stanton, produced by Jim Morris, co-produced by Lindsey Collins and features original and innovative sound design by Academy Award-winner Ben Burtt (“Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones,” “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”)
Click over to the link below to check out all the new visuals.

Worthplaying: Wall-E Screenshots, Trailer

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Two New Spore Movies Revealed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The official website for Spore, Will Wright's upcoming evolution sim, has added two new behind-the-scenes videos to the list of available preview movies. The videos explore the science behind the game and explore the game's creature phase.

Never been a scientist at heart? Think again!
See how science is transformed into a fun and uniquely entertaining game! In this exclusive interview, Will Wright explains how science has influenced SPORE™. From cell to space stage, Will shares scientific inspirations and shows how some have made their way into the game.

Check out the lead designers discussing the Creature stage of SPORE. Learn about the environment’s basic mechanics and find out what the developers’ favorite features are. You can also see more footage from the game.
To view the movies follow the links listed below.

Spore Videos
Electronic Arts
Buy Spore

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Tycho Discusses Penny Arcade Adventures
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Joystiq has published a new interview with Jerry "Tycho" Holkins about the recently released first episode of Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. The Q&A covers the difficulties involved with creating the adventure game incarnation of the online comic strip, early reviewer response to the game, and the inspiration for this episode's storyline.

Joystiq: You've intimated several times in the past that you're unsure you would have made the game if you'd known how much work it was going to be. Now that the game is launching, do you still feel that way?
Tycho Brahe: Yeah, yeah ... I said that because it was true. For me the journey is in no way over. Encapsulated in my answer to those questions is the totality of the project. For me the totality of the project is going to continue on for at least another year. Even from now ... the story is four chapters long, and I'm more than halfway through the second game.
Once that's complete we'll be jumping into the third episode, and the fourth one immediately thereafter. For me, when I answer this question, it was taking into account the entirety of the experience. Making one game was difficult but it has not destroyed me. What may destroy me is the reality that by the end of these games we'll have been talking about almost three years total.

Do you take any solace at all in the fact that the first game is launching?
No, absolutely not. That's one of the more difficult things about the process. Making the game is difficult enough, now putting it in front of people is additionally difficult. The way that Mike and I see it is that we're now 25% complete. We're thinking about the whole project, and so for us ... no. Our experience on this project is also, obviously, very different from Hothead's. I can guarantee that Hothead is celebrating.
Read the entire interview at the site listed below.

Joystiq: Tycho Weighs In On PAA
Hothead Games
Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade Adventures

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