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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

iPod Scrabble Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Apple has released another new title for the iPod multimedia device. The latest game to join the growing list is Scrabble, an electronic version of the popular board game of word creation. The iPod incarnation of the game offers varying difficulty levels, multiple styles of play, stat tracking, and the ability for up to four players to compete.

SCRABBLE spells major f-u-n on your iPod. This exciting update of the classic game includes flexible difficulty levels, a built-in list, dynamic animations, and magnified and full-board views. Use the click-wheel to play alone, challenge the computer in your iPod, or enjoy pass 'n' play with a friend. The "Best Word" feature suggests the optimal word that can be formed with your tiles. Easily track scores and stats, or pause to save your current game. This version of SCRABBLE is fun for all - from wordplay mavens to casual gamers.

• Authentic board visuals with a zoom-in feature
• Multiple styles of play, such as classic, points, and rounds
• Pass 'n' Play with up to four players with customizable game rules
• Keep track of your games and score statistics (best play, best game, and more)
• Game tips and multiple audio tracks

The game is compatible with 3rd generation iPod nanos, iPod classics, and 5th generation iPods. It is available for $4.99 from the iTunes store.

iPod Scrabble

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The Future Of Introversion
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has posted a new interview with Introversion Software's Mark Morris and Chris Delay about the company's future projects. The discussion covers a variety of topics including the upcoming multiplayer return to Darwinia in Multiwinia, and the mysterious Subversion project.

RPS: Well something is going on, we’ve all seen those lovely cityscape screenshots (in Subversion)!
Chris: We’re experimenting pretty heavily at the moment with procedural generation. We’re generating huge amounts of content using algorithms, and you can make vast amounts of material using this method. It can fill in a world, create the backdrop. The case with most games now is that you’ll work on a specific storyline, and that’s all you can play. You face the Fable effect: try to go off the path and you run into a wall. I don’t think it needs to be like that. You can expand outwards using procedural generation. That’s what we’re looking at. We’re working on creating cities, big ten kilometre city blocks. Our original aim was to go from a satellite view, right down to a pen on the table in an office, and everything in between.

RPS: So Subversion is just an experiment? For how long?
Chris: As long as Mark will give me.
Mark: There’s a lot of stuff to be done about working out the world. We need to understand exactly where we are. We don’t know what’s possible with this yet. How far down can we go? I don’t think Chris will be able to generate pens on desks (and I’ll be amazed if he does) and I think we’ll hit a middle level. There won’t be a time limit for this, instead Chris will keep working and creating detail until he can put missions or a story in, then the rest of the team will be able to follow the template and start putting in content and content generation systems of their own. The game will just evolve. If there was a definite time limit then we wouldn’t be Introversion… Chris, I want it by August.
Chris: This thing of being free to explore is a big deal for us. To have the time that we need is very important. Everyone says that we spent too long on Darwinia, but I don’t think it really hurt us. It would have been far worse if it had been a turd game that we pushed out because we were running out of money. That would have hurt us far more. I’m not saying Subversion will go like, I do have a direction for it, but I can’t really say so because I’ve got a strong sense of how much it is likely to change.
Check out the full Q&A at the link below.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Introversion Q&A
Introversion Software

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Build-a-lot Available For Mac
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Red Marble Games has announced the release of Build-a-lot for the Macintosh. A strategy game based on building, buying, upgrading, and selling houses, Build-a-lot gives players the opportunity to fill the shoes of a big time real estate mogul, wheeling and dealing to build various projects and hopefully become rich in the process.

In the game players can flip houses in an effort to earn quick money, do special favors for the town's mayor in an effort to earn special favors in return, visit and work within scenic towns, maintain properties and earn piles of money via rental income.

"Build-a-lot is a fantastic game with gorgeous graphics, and a very unique game play perspective and objective," said Mark Batten, founder and CEO of Red Marble Games. "Build-a-lot is one of those rare titles that's truly engrossing. It effortlessly pulls players in and engages them for hours on end. We're proud to be the publisher bringing such a compelling and entertaining title to Mac game players around the world."

Features of Build-a-lot for the Mac include:
* Stunning house and neighborhood graphics,
* Fun and entertaining upgrades, including bowling alleys, swimming pools, and more,
* Special buildings, including museums, mansions, and castles,
* Fun challenges that let players earn extra money,
* Neighborhood improvement opportunities,
* Compare scores with other Build-a-lot players with online score listings.
Priced at $19.95 USD, Build-a-lot for the Mac is a Universal Mac OS X application that requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better, and is available for download directly from Red Marble Games' website.


Apple Games Features Pirates Of The Caribbean: Aegir's Fire
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games' latest feature article showcases the recently released Pirates of the Caribbean: Aegir's Fire, a game for Apple's iPod. The game allows players to take the helm of the Black Pearl and set sail in pursuit of the mythical Aegir's Fire in a fast paced action game spanning 30 missions. The article includes a review of the game as well some hints for success.

You start your adventure at the controls of a basic cutlass, but you can soon unlock and upgrade to better ships — including the infamous Black Pearl — as well as more powerful ammunition, such as cannonballs that inflict residual damage through fires or plague. Defeat other ships that cross your path to harvest their riches, but watch out for storms and whirlpools that may appear at any time. And beware of the vicious Kraken, which can be stunned but never killed.

You’ll have help along the way, though. Each port you visit offers a quest as well as a chance to recruit three crew members who feature unique skills. For example, Jack Sparrow gives you a better chance of discovering random loot and Joshamee Gibbs increases your ship’s speed. Hector Barbosa enhances your steering while Schuyler grants better aim.

You can swap out crew members and switch to a different ship at each port, allowing you to figure out the best combination for the current quest, which might require you to escort a vessel to safety, find an object for someone, destroy a certain number of enemy ships, or rescue a character in distress.
Head over to the link provided below to read the rest of the article.

Apple Games: PotC Aegir's Fire
Pirates of the Caribbean: Aegir's Fire

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