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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving From Inside Mac Games
4:37 PM | Tuncer Deniz | 6 comments

The Inside Mac Games crew will be taking the next few days off to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. We'll be back to our regular schedule on Monday, November 26th.

In the meantime, be sure to visit our popular forum to chat with other Mac games.

We'll see you back on Monday. Until then, have a safe weekend!

Inside Mac Games Forum

Dr. Daisy Pet Vet Mac Released
4:35 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Macgamestore.com today announced the release of Dr. Daisy Pet Vet for the Mac on its web site. The game is published iWin.

Dr. Daisy has just graduated from veterinary school and needs to complete 5 rotations to finish her residency. Help her diagnose and heal needy animals in this madcap dash classic. From the local veterinary clinic to a sea park all the way to a big city zoo, Daisy needs to keep her ailing friends happy and healthy. Upgrades are available at each location to showcase your style and speed-up your play. Grab your stethoscope and let's get healin!
Dr. Daisy Pet Vet is available for $19.95 through Macgamestore.com. A free Universal Binary demo version of the game is available for download on the web page.

Macgametore: Dr. Daisy Pet Vet

Tricky Software Offers 50 Percent Armado Discount
4:23 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Tricky Software is offering a 50 percent disount, now through December 31st, for their game, Armado.

We’re currently working hard on our mobile project, which will be released sometime in March of 2008. Until then we wanted to contribute something to this upcoming holiday season, so we thought it would be nice to offer our latest game Armado at a 50% discount starting today and ending December 31 of this year. To take advantage just enter “ARMADOXMAS” into the “Coupon/Promotional Code” area of the order form after adding Armado to your chart.

Happy holidays from Tricky Software.

For more, follow the link below.

Tricky Software

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Inside Mac Games Reviews Reel Deal Casino High Roller
2:41 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of Reel Deal Casino High Roller. Here's a clip from the review:

Gamblers, have you ever wanted to just play your favorite slots and not worry about the cash you're blowing? Wish the Casino would hand you 10,000 buckeroos as soon as you set foot on the floor? And when you've watched all that sweet moolah trickle into the machines, wouldn't it be nice if they would just hand you more cash? Well, fear not, my chance-taking friends! You're in luck. I'm not talking about a real casino, or real cash, but plunge into Phantom Efx's Reel Deal Casino: High Roller, and you won't be disappointed.
To check out the full review, please follow the link below.

Inside Mac Games Review: Reel Deal Casino High Roller
Virtual Programming
Reel Deal Casino High Roller
Buy Reel Deal Casino High Roller

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Basilisk Games Seeks Beta Testers For Eschalon: Book 1
12:45 PM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Basilisk Games is now accepting Beta Tester applications for the Macintosh version of Eschalon: Book 1, the first in a trilogy of RPG titles.

E:B1 is the start of an epic trilogy of old-school computer RPGs created in the spirit of the great role-playing games of the past. The game will take players across massive outdoor environments and deep into dozens of sprawling dungeons as they seek to uncover the mystery of their characters' origins.

Features in Book 1:

- A tile-built, turn-based game world where the result of absolutely every action is rolled, calculated or statistically determined. Strategy is paramount to success; careful skill management, equipments election and magic usage will win your fights, not rapid buttonclicking. We are very pleased to say this is not another "action RPG".

- Hundreds of items and dozens of creatures await your discovery. A combination of randomly generated treasure and carefully hidden goodies means that no two games will play the exact same way.

- Unlimited character development style: Choose from 24 unique skills to make the character you want and 8 base attributes that affect your character's every action throughout the game. The game world does not scale or adjust itself to match anyone's play style, so the ease or difficulty of the game is directly related to how successful you are at developing your character.

- Combat plays out at your pace. Eschalon: Book I features a turn-based system that allows you to roll through combat as fast or slow you want...make it fast and furious, or analyze every option for maximum advantage.

- A non-linear storyline means that the game world is open to explore as you desire. Follow the storyline or don't...it's up to you. Just be careful where you go and who you choose to trust- the world of Eschalon can be a deadly place for an inexperienced adventurer.

- An epic adventure that you must face alone...a single-player RPG carefully designed to feel like the great old school RPGs of the past such as Ultima®, Might & Magic®, and Wizardry®.
Anyone interested in participating in the beta test should head over to Basilisk's site at the link below.

Basilisk Games: Macintosh Beta Test Application
Basilisk Games
Eschalon: Book I
Buy Eschalon: Book I

Postmortem: Freeverse's Marathon 2: Durandal
12:32 PM | Evan Holt | 9 comments

Gamasutra has posted a seven page article on Freeverse's work on bringing Marathon 2: Durandal to the XBox 360. Written by Mark Levin of Freeverse, it covers bringing the cherished Mac classic to a new platform, the hurdles that were faced when porting the game and what changes were made to embrace new technologies.

The project was one that was oddly resonant with the history of both the company and its people. In the golden days of the mid-90’s, there was only one word worth speaking about games on the Macintosh, and it was "Marathon". Practically everyone who worked extensively with Macs or in an environment with a good number of them on a network knew and loved the game -- a category which includes most Freeverse personnel. When we landed it, we were excited not just for the chance to revisit an old favourite, and not just to port it, but for the chance to truly bring it into the modern era.
To read the entire article on Gamasutra, follow the link below.

Gamasutra: Postmortem
Freeverse:Marathon 2: Durandal

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Inside Mac Games Review the Moshi Codex
11:29 AM | Bryan Clodfelter | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted its review of Moshi's Codex + Shieldpad premium shellcase package for your MacBook or MacBook Pro. Here's a clip from the review:

Beyond the 360-degree microfiber liner--a greatly appreciated instance of overkill--the Codex sports something that few other case manufacturers bother to include: padding that works. Unlike the commonly-used foam padding that can be informally called “squishy,” and formally deemed “nearly useless,” the Codex’s resilient, wall-to-wall and edge-to-edge padding is properly calibrated to give way only under impact conditions. While it won’t take a bullet, this lining will go a long way toward preventing cracked screens and corners--the two most common forms of damage that a fall can inflict upon a notebook.
To check out the rest of the review, follow the link below.

IMG Review of the Moshi Codex
Codex + Shieldpad 13, 15, & 17

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The Broken Hourglass: Two Tolmiran Gods
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Planewalker Games latest informational update for The Broken Hourglass, the company's still in progress RPG, offers a glimpse of two gods from the game's pantheon. The new article explains the outlook and role of Arithaan, a cold and distant sort, and Uulix, the god of almost everything that isn't nailed down.

Uulix began to starve for lack of purpose, fading from existence entirely.  Twisted and embittered by the lack of concern the other gods paid him, his resolve hardened.  He would survive.  In his desperation to stay alive, he pulled together all the small parts of the world that no one had ever thought to claim, that no one had thought worth laying claim to--dozens, hundreds of minor patronages, so many that none remain who can guess at the true scope of his domain. But still it was not enough, still he withered away. He would need to lay claim to something of greater power.

So he stepped back and gazed upon creation, all that had been wrought both by his own creators and by his brother gods, for by now the Sun and Moon had left the world, and he laughed. For he saw what no one else had seen, what no one else had looked for-- the holes, the flaws, the places between and unintended consequences of the other gods' creation. These he took and gathered to himself.  Where Thieron had rule over the land of dreams, Uulix wrought nightmares. Where Oron had domain over death and Lahan over life and birth, Uulix saw the middle ground of undeath. And where Lathuz would have domain over the stars of the night sky, Uulix drew power from the dark places between them.
Click over to the link below to read more about Arithaan and Uulix.

The Broken Hourglass: Stagnation and Death, A Look at Tolmira's Pantheon
The Broken Hourglass

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StarCraft II: Q&A Round 22, Map Maker Series
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The 22nd Q&A focusing on answers to fan questions about StarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment's long awaited sequel to the original StarCraft, is now available. This edition of the Q&A is the second to focus on the map making tools planned for inclusion with the game. SC II will introduce new multiplayer action and a continuation of the storyline.

Chat with Devs:
One of the most popular questions we get when it comes to creating UMS (User Map Settings) games or mods is: Will there be a DotA for StarCraft II? For those who are not familiar, DotA (Defense of the Ancients), is a popular UMS game created for Warcraft III. StarCraft compared to Warcraft III, does not focus on heroes as much, and heroes or units do not have the same experience gaining mechanic as Warcraft III, making it difficult to imagine how a game like DotA could be reproduced for StarCraft. Nonetheless, after chatting it up with our devs, we found out the ability to allow heroes and units to gain experience is built into the Map Editor, though it will not likely be in single player or standard multiplayer. In addition, those units can also be toggled to have the ability to carry an inventory, which is also a characteristic needed in UMS maps such as DotA. With those two additions, we can rest assured that our clever community modders can handle the rest in creating some awesome custom games.

1) Will you finally be able to mix and match terrain types instead of being stuck on jungle, twilight, etc?
[Dustin Browder] Yes terrain texture is mixable now. Also tilesets are also mixable.
[Brett Wood] Essentially, you can define your own tileset in the editor, something that wasnt really supported even in Warcraft III.

2) Will the new StarCraft II Map Editor support text coloring, unit coloring, player "12" (i.e. neutral player) units?
[Dustin Browder] Yes, all of these features will be supported.
To read the rest of the answers head over to the link provided below.

StarCraft Forums: SC 2 Q&A Batch 22
StarCraft Forums: Ask Your SC2 Questions Here
Blizzard Entertainment
StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty
Buy StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

GameShark has recently posted a review of the PC version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The game is an online multi-player, team-based shooter that takes players back in time to the Strogg invasion of Earth, the catalyst for the Quake series. The forces of Earth will face off against the evil Strogg in a violent struggle for survival, giving players the chance to aid either side in the battle for dominion of the planet. Calling the game "one of the best multiplayer team-based shooters ever made," GameShark gave ETQW a letter grade of A.

There are three types of gameplay that can be played on or offline: Stopwatch, Objective and the most popular one being Campaign. In this mode, there are three rounds played, each a different city or location. As each round starts, the goals are clearly outlined and will range from stopping the Strogg from destroying or capturing facilities trying to destroy what the Strogg have already created. Although there are many mission objectives though out each fight, just about every battle will eventually end up being a stand and defend or rush and attack in one way or another. Although each battle will start out in a vast and open battleground, many will become enclosed battles as you need to head inside buildings and compounds to achieve certain mission goals.

Since the maps are so large, having to run from one side to the other would take all day. Thankfully there are numerous vehicles on both sides of the war to greatly aid your aching feet for getting you and your team mates from base to battle, not to mention the firepower most of them pack. The Strogg Cyclops is a menacing ‘mech behemoth to fight as is the GDF Titan tank, but vehicles like the four wheeled Husky, although it will get you to the fight faster, is pretty much useless in the actual fight – unless vehicular homicide is your specialty. There is a large variety of vehicles to choose from and they never seem to be in short supply with at least one variety always waiting to be taken into combat. However if you find yourself playing single player with the less than brilliant bots, you may want to make a bee line for a vehicle quick since your team mates don’t care to wait around for you and are off into the closest vehicle in the blink of an eye.
The Mac version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is still in progress at Aspyr Media. The full review is available at the website below.

Game Shark: ETQW Review
Aspyr Media
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Buy Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

The Future Of Blizzard's Franchises
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

VideoGamer.com is now offering a new Q&A with Blizzard Entertainment's VP of product development, Frank Pearce. The interview covers a variety of topics including the status of Wrath of the Lich King, how long fans will have to wait for a new Diablo title, and the possibility of Starcraft: Ghost returning to life.

VideoGamer.com: How long do you think you'll give WoW and its expansions before turning your attention to World of Warcraft 2? How high can the level cap go?
FP: We haven't even started to think about a sequel. The team still has a huge wishlist of exciting features to add on top of what's already been implemented since launch. Not to mention, we're all still playing the game pretty heavily ourselves, and there's a lot more content that we want to see as players.

VideoGamer.com: How's Starcraft II coming along? Will it be the best RTS game ever? Any round about release date you can let us in on?
FP: It's going well - what we've shown so far has been very well-received, and getting feedback from the community is incredibly important to the team. The team's goal is to make the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game, and that's something they are hugely passionate about. The StarCraft universe means a great deal to us, as does the reputation it has for balance and depth, so we're prepared to spend as much time as required to ensure StarCraft II lives up to expectations.

VideoGamer.com: Some Blizzard fans were disappointed that there was no news on a new Diablo game at BlizzCon. How high on the Blizzard 'to do' list is Diablo 3?
FP: We definitely appreciate that the community has a lot of interest in seeing the Diablo series continue, and we certainly share that desire. For now, though, our focus remains on StarCraft II and Wrath of the Lich King.

For the full interview follow the link provided below.

Videogamer.com: What's Next For Blizzard?

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