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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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Runesoft Ships Chicago 1930
7:38 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 5 comments

Runesoft today announced it has begun shipping Chicago 1930 for the Macintosh. In the game, Al Capone rules the Chicago underworld. In their HQ, Jim Malone and Eliot Ness are recruiting a team of elite policemen to crush his gang. Choose your side and set about conquering the city. Play as either the mob or the cops and manage a team of five different characters, each with five different evolving attribute areas.

System requirements are as follows:

  • MacOS 10.3.9 or higher

  • G3/G4/G5 or IntelMac 800 Mhz

  • 256 MB RAM

  • 32 MB GFX card

  • 1 GB harddisk space

  • DVD drive
  • A demo version of Chicago 1930 will be released shortly. For more on Chicago 1930, visit the official web site.

    Chicago 1930
    Buy Chicago 1930

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    IMG Reviews Freeverse's Big Bang Brain Games
    3:46 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

    Today, IMG posted a review of Freeverse Software's Big Bang Brain Games. Penned by our very own Michael "back from the dead" Phillips, this review covers the ins and outs of this suite of brain benders.

    Here's a clip:

    Remembrance (aka Memory) is all about one's short-term memory. Players are presented with a board of cards (4x4 or 6x6), each pair containing a matching picture. The cards are presented face-up for a few seconds and then are flipped face down. The player must then match each pair is quickly as possible.
    For the rest of the story, hit the link below.

    Big Bang Brain Games
    IMG Review: Big Bang Brain Games

    Macgamestore: The Sims Life Stories, Petz Vet In Stock
    1:52 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story today began shipping two new games for the Mac, The Sims Life Stories and Petz Vet.

    The Sims Life Stories introduces an all-new Story Mode with two stories that follow the lives of Riley Harlow and Vincent Moore, two very different characters who have reached similar crossroads in their love lives. A comic romantic plot centered around engaging characters guides players through twelve chapters of this one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. Players can take their Sims through unique and entertaining storylines filled with romance, intrigue and dramatic twists.

    Petz Vet introduces players to life as a veterinarian, diagnosing and treating 35 different medical cases. Being a vet is always an interesting occupation, as you quickly learn while taking care of a dog with a broken leg, a bunny with a stomach ache, a cat with asthma, a sunburned frog, a bird with - who knows? Do you know what happens when a dog accidentally swallows aspirin? You'll learn, when you assume the role of veterinarian in this busy animal hospital.

    The Sims Life Stories is available for $39.95 while Petz Vet is available for $24.95. For more, follow the links below.

    Macgamestore: The Sims Life Stories
    Macgamestore: Petz Vet

    Apple Posts Newest Hot Deals
    11:09 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    Apple Store Special Deals has exclusive prices on AppleCertified Refurbished products including: AppleCertified Refurbished iPod Shuffle (latest clip-on model) for only $49!;AppleCertified Refurbished 4GB iPod nano (previous generation) for only $129!;AppleCertified Refurbished 2GB iPod nano (current generation) for only $119!;AppleCertified Refurbished 4GB iPod nano (current generation) for only $169!;AppleCertified Refurbished 8GB iPod nano (current generation) for only $209!;AppleCertified Refurbished Mac Pro Quad 3.0GHz Intel Xeon processors for only $3299!;AppleCertified Refurbished 23" Apple Cinema Display for only $749!; and much more. Get all the details a the following URL:

    PowerMaxhas deals on a variety of Mac compatible hardware and software products including: CanoScan 4400F flatbed/film scanner from Canon for only $87.88!; Bass Freq earphones for iPod from V-MODA for only $34.88!; iListen speech recognition & dictation software for only $86.88!; VirusBarrier X4 - 5-user license from Intego for only $167.88; HP OfficeJet 6310 All-In-One inkjet printer, fax scanner and copier from Hewlett Packard for only $199.88!; 320GB G-RAID FireWire drive in Titanium case from G-Tech for only $339.88!; AL2216Wbd 22" LCD display (black) from Acer for only $298.88!; and much more. Get all the details at the following URL:

    Ramjethas Hot Deals exclusive deals on a variety of Mac compatible memory upgrades including: 2GB (2x1GB modules) RAM upgrade kit for MacBook Pro for only $164; 1GB RAM module for the iMac G5 for only $112!; 1GB RAM module for the iMac G5 w/iSight for only $96!; 2GB (2x1GB modules) RAM kit for the PowerMac G5 Dual Core for only $237!; 2GB (2x1GB modules) RAM kit for the MacBook for only $248!; 1GB RAM module for the Intel-based iMac for only $192!; and much more. Get all the details at the following URL:

    Small Dog Electronicshas deals on a variety of Mac compatible hardware and software products including Hot Deals exclusive prices on the following four products: ViewDock 22" LCD monitor with built-in iPod dock for only $384.99!; Audioengine 5 speaker system (black) for only $324.99!; iHome AM/FM alarm clock radio with built-in iPod dock for only $89.99!; ProMedia Ultra 2.0 multimedia speakers (black) from Klipsch for only $89.99!; and much more. Get all the details at the following URL:

    LEGO Batman: The Videogame Coming To PCs And Consoles
    7:26 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Traveller's Tales Games have announced work on LEGO Batman: The Videogame. The game is planned for release in 2008 for PC as well as next-generation and current generation console platforms. In a style similar to that of both LEGO Star Wars games, Batman will give players the chance to play as LEGO versions of the Dark Knight and other characters from the legendary DC Comics series.

    "We're sure our fans will be excited to know that we have the same fantastic team at Traveller's Tales responsible for LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Star Wars II working on LEGO Batman," said Tom Stone, Director of TT Games Publishing.

    "There's a special magic to the LEGO incarnation of Batman that makes him accessible to a younger generation of his fans," said Paul Levitz, President, DC Comics. "We look forward to the videogame version extending this fantasy."

    The LEGO Batman: The Videogame story unfolds with Batman's greatest foes escaping from Arkham Asylum and creating mayhem throughout Gotham City. Tracking criminals, including The Joker and The Penguin, players will utilize Batman's gadgets as well as build and operate fantastic vehicles in one or two player cooperative gameplay.
    A recent Gamasutra interview with TT Games' Johnathan Smith revealed that the company is considering more unannounced LEGO themed titles in addition to Batman.

    There is no word yet on the possibility of a Mac version of LEGO Batman. Follow the links below for more information.

    Worthplaying: LEGO Batman Announced
    Gamasutra: LEGO Batman Interview
    TT Games

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    New Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Screenshots
    7:26 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

    Pirates Ahoy! recently posted some new screenshots for Disney Online's upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Online. The multiplayer online game will offer a trove of pirate themed activities including ship to ship battles and sword play.

    Here's a brief list of some of the activities the game will offer:

    Create your own Pirate character - Choose from millions of combinations to fully customize your character (shapes, colors, clothing, names, etc.). Further enhance your pirate persona with eye patches, peg legs, tattoos, scars, and more!
    Set sail on your own Pirate ship - Purchase, customize, and captain your own ship. Recruit your crew and set sail for the adventure of a lifetime.
    Quest for adventure and treasure - Embark on ship and land-based missions using secret maps to locate buried treasure. Explore lush jungles, volcanic caves, and vast tropical islands. Keep your wits about you though, as traps, ambushes, and double-crosses are an everyday occurrence when keeping company with Pirates.
    Use advanced weaponry - Jump into battle with a variety of weapons, each requiring a unique set of skills to master. Improve your reputation as a fighter to be reckoned with and unlock more powerful weapons.
    Become a legend - Master a variety of skills, including sword fighting, card playing, and treasure hunting to become the most notorious pirate in the world.
    Head over to Pirates Ahoy! to check out all the screenshots.

    Pirates Ahoy!: PotC Screenshot Gallery
    Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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