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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sudoku & Royal Solitaire Available For iPod
7:20 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Yesterday Apple's iTunes store began offering two new games for fifth generation iPods. Sudoku and Royal Solitaire bring the total number of games for the handheld media device to eleven.

Sudoku offers iPod owners the chance to play the popular Japanese logic based puzzle game and features five skill levels, standard grid mode, and a newspaper mode which allows players to enter puzzles from a print periodical and finish them later on the iPod.

Royal Solitaire includes ten of the most popular solitaire card game variants including Klondike, Canfield, Scorpion, and Beleaguered Castle. Both games allow players to use their iTunes collections as background music and offer the ability to track a variety of game stats.

The new games cost $4.99 each and are available for download from the iTunes store. Click on the links below to learn more.

iTunes Store: iPod Games

Phantasia II Arcade Game Released
7:29 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Macgamestore.com has announced the release of Phantasia II, the sequel to the popular arcade game Phantasia, for the Macintosh at the world's most popular Mac game store.

Phantasia 2 offers three unique game modes – classic, arkanoid and bust-a-move. The modes are so different that actually these are three different games altogether and three times as much of fun in one game. Each game mode has 30 original level, so Phantasia 2 has unique 90 levels. Each level is specific and you have to change your tactics often.

- many adventures in three different modes
- 90 unique levels (30 in each game mode)
- use 12 different bonuses to save the dwarves
- collect coins and gems and raise your score
- classic, arkanoid and bust-a-move style game
- colorful hand drawn graphics with monstrous effects and jokes
- original music
- gamepad support
- and much more...

System Requirements:
- Mac 1GHz
- Mac OS X 10.3

Phantasia 2 is available for $19.95. A free demo is available for download from Macgamestore.com. It requires MacOS X 10.3 or later and is a Universal Binary.

Macgamestore.com: Phantasia II

Gaming in the Holidays
7:21 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

Applelinks has posted a feature showcasing four free and inexpensive shareware games for the Mac just in time for the holidays. Christmas Criss, Christmas Super Frog, Pinch ol' Santa are freeware with Christmas Sudoku as the only shareware.

• Christmas Sudoku - Iconic Twist On The Standard Sudoku Number Game

• Christmas Crisis - New Free Game from Koingo Software

• Christmas Super Frog - 1.6.8 - Locate Missing Presents To Save Christmas

• Pinch ol' Santa - Perennial Favorite Game For The Christmas Season

Please follow the link below to read the feature.

Christmas Games For Your Mac

Bubblomania Webgame Launched
7:21 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Dark Moon Software recently announced the launch of the Bubblomania webgame, a free total remake of Bubblomania X featuring 3D accelerated graphics and animations. Bubblomania is an arcade shooter which gives players the task of using a pin to pop bubbles as they float up the screen.

Bubblomania is an arcade/action game, that mostly fits in the 2D shooter category. But it's a peaceful shooter, with cute, funky and even slightly psychedelic graphics! This game can be both a relaxing and a thrilling experience, depending on the chosen game mode. It can be enjoyed by both the casual and more hardcore gamer!

Instead of a spaceship, you control a pin, and your mission is to pop the
big bubbles that are floating up. Bubblomania starts out very relaxed, but will quickly turn into a frenzy! You have to make sure you pop every bubble, except the red bubbles, or you'll lose one of your pins!

Head over to the website below to check out the new web version of Bubblomania, and learn a bit about the history of the game.

Bubblomania Webgame
Dark Moon Software

QuakeCon 2007 Info
7:20 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

Another year, another QuakeCon. Hosted by id Software, QuakeCon 2007 will be at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas and is much larger than last year's event with twice the amount of player spots and an expanded exhibitor floor.

This year’s BYOC Area will consume the entire Trinity Hall 1, with over 70,000 square feet of floor space and 2,700 player spots – over 1,000 more seats than 2006. We’ve also increased the exhibit area 5X to 25,000 square feet, enough to accommodate up to 50 exhibitors demonstrating their latest games and computer hardware. Of course, it wouldn’t be QuakeCon without our high-stakes pro gaming tournaments; and attendees can also look forward to the return and expansion of our enormously popular and one-of-a-kind “Quick Draw” tournaments, which pit randomly selected attendees against each other in high-pressure battles for serious cash. And in keeping with QuakeCon tradition, every day will be packed full of contests, conferences, announcements, and entertainment.
Stay tuned to IMG for more information regarding QuakeCon 2007.

id Software
Buy Quake 4

In-game Adware Under Scrutiny in California
7:20 AM | Eddie Park | 1 comment

An interesting short piece at GamePolitics notes a statement by California Assemblywoman Lori Saldana concerning in-game advertisements and spyware. Saldana issued a statement to a local TV station that she may submit a bill to the state legislature that disallows the installation of in-game ads and spyware, or at least better informs users of what they're installing during the installation process.

A few quotes from GP's piece:

Beth Givens of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse told KGTV-10:

There is a technology that looks at all activity the entire family participates in. This is particularly vile and calls for legislation.

Assemblywoman Saldana may introduce a bill to stop the practice, which is becoming increasingly more common in games. She told 10news:

A parental notice telling (consumers) private information might be at risk is important to have.

GP's piece points to Battlefield 2142 as an example of a game that has been causing a stir in the gaming community for its use of spyware, which tracks IP addresses for the purposes of regional ad placement.

GamePolitics - In-game Adware Targeted by California Legislator

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