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Friday, July 21, 2006

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IMG Podcast Episode 30 LIVE! Today
6:00 AM | Blake Buck | 10 comments

This afternoon, IMG will host another episode of it's newest feature, the IMG Podcast LIVE! The IMG Podcast recording will now be broadcasted live via a shoutcast streaming audio server and feature an active chat. This allows listeners to participate in the show in real-time. We'll even be taking a call or two via Skype.

To listen to the show, simply download the following audio file:


Double-click it to launch in iTunes and connect to the audio stream. The show starts at 4:00 PM Eastern (1:00 PM Pacific) [9:00 PM UK], and we'll be playing some of your favorite Apple hits beforehand as well.

To participate in the live chat, launch iChat, click file, select "Go to Chat..", and type "imglive" in the box. If you'd like to call into the show via Skype, just send a message to "imgpodcast", or dial 231-HEAT-D-GO from any regular phone.

For fans of the classic podcast, fear not. After the live show's finished it will be availble for download via the podcast feed the day after.

So be sure to bring your heat to the table, because you've got a hot date tonight...

IMG Podcast Episode 29

Macgamestore: Subway Scramble Now Available
5:29 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

PlayFirst's Subway Scramble is now available at Macgamestore.com for $19.95. A free demo of the game is available on the web site.

Welcome to Subway Scramble, the action puzzle simulation that takes you on a rapid transit romp through the epic subway systems of New York, London, Paris, Moscow and Seoul.

It’s a worldwide wreck of snarled subways, mangled metros and lost passengers. It’s up to you to make sure that each subway system is returned to normal, and that all the passengers return to their proper destinations!

It won’t be easy! Multiple train cars, overlapping railway lines and a wide array of color-coded destinations all make Subway Scramble a unique and mesmerizing challenge.

• Deliver passengers to their proper destinations and advance to the next station. Take too long and your stations begin to overflow with eagerly awaiting passengers.
• Score a three car bonus if you deliver a train full of passengers bound for the same station and clear the entire station.
• Safety first! Don’t crash the trains or you’ll lose your safety token.
• Earn enough tokens, and you can unlock the next international location.
• Keep your eyes open and watch for numerous power-ups that can keep you one step ahead of chaos.

To check out Subway Scramble, follow the link below.

Macgamestore: Subway Scramble

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IMG Reviews Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasures
7:38 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a review of Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasures. Here's a clip from the review:

The background of Brave Dwarves is essentially that Evil comes into the dwarves' domains and takes over, and it's your job to beat them back to recover your rightful place yadda yadda yadda. Basically the point of the game is: collect lots of treasures while killing monsters and looking for keys to get to the next level. Pretty simple. You make your way through the game as either a dwarven mage or a dwarven warrior. That's it, just those two choices. The main difference between the two is their attack types (explained below). There are five different environments, each having 20 levels. In each level, you must collect three keys to open the gate to the next level. The levels start easy but slowly become larger and more challenging. The final level of each area contains a boss in what ends up being, ironically, one of the simplest of the 20 areas. That's right, the boss levels are easier than the rest of the game! Oh, and did I mention that you actually get to see a preview of the bosses in the main menu? For some strange reason they all walk around randomly on the screen.
To check out the full review, follow the link below.

IMG Review: Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasures
Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasures
Buy Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasures

Democracy Released
7:37 AM | Anthony Wang | 5 comments

Red Marble Games has released Democracy, a political simulation game. In Democracy, you learn to govern the nation as an able politcian by controlling everything from import tarriffs to passing laws.

About Democracy:

Ever thought you could run a country better than the President or Prime Minister? Here's your chance! You've just been elected, and now you've got to implement policies that will improve your country's economy and well-being while keeping enough voters satisfied to win the next election. The game's deep simulation models hundreds of variables, and lets you adjust everything from import tariffs to marriage laws. A built-in tutorial gets you started, but the depth of the simulation will keep you engaged for hours of governing!
• Learn about the essential compromises that politics requires
• Complete tutorial makes it easy to get started
• The only game of its kind
• Wide freedom to implement policies: legalize guns and drugs if you want, go socialist if you want, whatever you choose
• Watch your progress with detailed history and statistics
A 10.1MB demo is avaialble for download and the full retail version is $22.95. Please follow the link below to learn more information.


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Darwinia Reviewed
7:37 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In a recent review JustPressPlay examined the PC version of Darwinia from Introversion Software. Given the task of saving artificial lifeforms known as Darwinians, the player must use strategy to battle the forces of a deadly virus. JustPressPlay gave Darwinia a score of 9.43 out of 10.

From the review:

Now, this game seems simple, but later on there is a lot of strategy. Which actions should you perform first? What kind of tactics do you use to destroy those viruses? You have to place the squad and micro-manage each group to ensure success. There’s no locking system when you fire with the squad so add that with the fact that you are outnumbered by the virus ten to one and you get the idea. These viruses also take different shapes. There are the worm looking ones in the beginning and then they change into centipedes and even spider looking creatures. You can also upgrade the weapons and even give the little Darwinians weapons in order to even out the battle later on in the game when there are massive attacks and sieges. Although the army is very important, even more important are the engineers. These programs collect the fallen souls from the virus in order to retrieve data and create new life as well as reprogramming control towers and making it more accessible to move from one point to another. All in all you have a god-like, strategy, retro-arcade style game all packaged into one game.
The full review can be found by clicking on the link provided below.

JustPressPlay: Darwinia Review
Ambrosia Software
Introversion Software

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WoW: Nether Drake Info
7:36 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment has released more information about the flying mounts available to high level characters in The Burning Crusade, the first expansion for the ever popular World of Warcraft. A new section on the official Burning Crusade website describes the uses of the new Nether Drake mounts as well as offers a bit of backstory.

With flying mounts, players will be able to take to the skies, to soar among the crimson clouds of Hellfire Peninsula or watch as Nagrand's sea of grass swaying in the breeze far below as they make their way to new lands. Players will have full control over their flying mounts, allowing them to roam the skies and freely explore all regions of Outland. In fact, certain areas of Outland will only be accessible by air, as some parts of the ruined world are floating out in the void, unreachable except by those who command one of Outland's flying creatures.

A few of these "unlockable" areas are actually located near some of the lower-level regions of Outland; a player's journey will take them through the Dark Portal to the very ends of Outland and finally back to where they started, thus completing the circle – but now they will be able to access regions that were previously only viewable from a distance. Some dungeons also feature wings that can't be reached without a flying mount, and this should provide players with a profound sense of advancement after having gained considerable experience, new abilities, and powerful weapons and armor. In a way, the flying mount represents the most tangible accomplishment of a character's progress up to level 70, but it also serves as a key to the content that awaits players beyond the maximum level.

To read the rest, and check out the preview video if you haven't seen it already, head over to Blizzard's site at the link below.

WoW: Nether Drake Preview
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
Buy World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

Freeverse To Make Games With Unity
7:36 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 8 comments

OTEE today announced a partnership with Freeverse Software in which the later will be using the Unity game engine in two of their upcoming games. One of the games is a sequel to one of Freevere’s current offerings, and the other is a totally new title. Both are slated for release this year, and more details will be released soon.

“We have started using Unity for two of our future games, and expect more to follow. The amount of features and ease of use of Unity is exceptional, increasing our competitive edge.” said Colin Lynch Smith, Vice President of Freeverse. “We can create games for multiple platforms that include the latest bells-and-whistles and rock-solid gameplay. No alternatives to Unity exist on the market today.”

“We are committed to providing excellent support to the needs of game developers. Freeverse is the most exciting and creative Mac-publisher at the moment. We’re thrilled by their fresh game concepts, which come to live at an amazing pace in Unity,” said David Helgason, CEO of OTEE. 

Unity focuses on providing cutting-edge technologies and making them outrageously simple to use. Whether it’s character animation, physics, or dazzling graphical effects, it’s all available with a few clicks. The flexible and powerful tools combined  with an intuitive interface and plentiful documentation set a totally new standard for game development.

To learn more about Unity, follow the link below.

Unity Technologies

Custer Continues "You name it. I create it."
7:36 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Our resident desktop guru, Brad Custer, once again delivers a new game-related desktop. This week's image features the kid-friendly title Cars. Cars Radiator Springs Adventures, the game from THQ, presents players with a series of mini-games that allows you to gear up for the big race.

Here's more from Brad on the subject:

We're knee deep in the month of "You name it. I create it." This is the third week of the fan-dedicated series.

So, this week we return to the fun realm of Cars Radiator Springs Adventures from THQ to burn some more rubber. The request came from my youngest viewer to create a wallpaper for his game of choice featuring his favorite character - Mater. I was able to design this week's wallpaper with the help of THQ and my trusty cable modem.

Visit Custer's Desktops to grab this desktop in a large selection of sizes.

IMG: Custer's Desktops

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IMG Podcast Episode 29 Released
6:00 AM | Blake Buck | Comment on this story

Today IMG released the twenty-nineth edition of the Inside Mac Games Podcast, the official podcast of Mac gaming. Each week we'll be covering all the news in Mac gaming in one tight package. This week features Blake Buck, commander of cookies, William Miller, a Harmonix goon, and Justin Ficarrotta, of Kill Monty Fame.

On the show this week's show:

It's all about the YOU, the listener, on this week's show, as we took a whole bunch of call-ins, featuring all your favorites like Peachey, Stefan, Sirius Fox, and of course, Sippan the Swede.

Weekly News

  • Aspyr Announces Digital Download Game Store
  • Gamerhood Interview
  • Quinn Bloacked by Tetris Company
  • IMG Posts Logitech Wireless Desktop Review
  • EV: Nova 1.0.10 Released
  • Wingnuts 2 Reviewed
  • VDrift Beta Released
  • QuakeCon 2006 Competition Info
  • Warren Spector Quotes
  • Pangea Announces Summer Blast Game Sale
  • Civilization IV Patch Released

Weekly Features

  • Listener Emails
  • Contest
  • Battle
  • Stump Buck
To download visit the IMG Podcast Homepage for instructions and shownotes by clicking the link below.

IMG Podcast Episode 29

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The Sims 2: Open for Business Website Live9:23 AM
World of Warcraft: Flying Mount Movie Available9:23 AM
World of Warcraft: The Card Game9:23 AM
X Rocker II Reviewed9:23 AM
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