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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Released
4:06 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The Macintosh version of the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo is now online and available for download. The demo includes five playbale game modes including two new game modes: Onslaught and the return of Assault mode. It weighs in at about 200 MB and is available for download from Macgamefiles.com and IMG Pro. Thanks to a special arrangement with IMG Sponsor, Other World Computing is host the demo for Mac gamers for speedy download using their FasterMac.net servers.

Here's a bit more on UT 2004 from the official press release:

The sequel to last year’s hugely popular Unreal Tournament 2003, UT04 takes gladiator combat to a new level with the addition of land and air vehicles, an arsenal of new weaponry (including mines, rocket-propelled grenades and stationary gun turrets), daunting new arenas, epic battlefields and the challenge of the Assault and Onslaught game types.
The demo requires:

• Macintosh G4 or G5 with an 800Mhz or faster processor
• Mac OS X v10.2.8 or higher
• 256MB RAM
• 32MB video card

To download the demo head over to Macgamefiles.com or if you an IMG Pro user, use your Hot Downloads link. For those of you with slow connections, the UT 2004 demo will be on the next CD issue of the MacGames CD and on the upcoming MacGames DVD Volume 2, due to be released in a few days.

Update:A second IMG Pro mirror has been added. A third will be online shortly. A few more will be added to Macgamefiles.com in a few hours.

Digital Extremes
Epic Games
MGF: Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo 1.0
IMG Store: MacGames CD Subscription Information
IMG Store: MacGames DVD Volume 2
Buy Unreal Tournament 2004

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Mac Demo Today (Update #3)
11:34 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new article posted at GameSpy today looks at the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo and hints that an IRC chat this morning may bring the official announcement. This follows a prediction from Epic's Mark Rein two weeks ago that said the demo would be ready in "two weeks."

The Mac build of the demo is expected out shortly after the PC version, thanks in large part to the work of Epic's Ryan Gordon. Here's what GameSpy expects is happening:

However, it now appears that Epic and Atari are ready to make good on that promise. Although the specific time and date are yet to be revealed, GameSpy has learned that Epic is set to make an announcement regarding the UT 2004 demo around 9AM PST Wednesday morning, and everything seems to be pointing towards an imminent release, possibly as early as Wednesday afternoon.
We'd recommend users enter the official Epic IRC chat room to see what the announcement might be, or stay tuned to IMG's news page for the latest.

Update: Epic has just confirmed that the PC and Linux demos of Unreal Tournament 2004 will be released today at 12 PM Pacific. We are still waiting word on the Mac version. Stay tuned!

Update #2: A helpful reader from Games4Mac.de sent in a quote from Ryan Gordon, confirming the Mac version should be out today as well. When asked if the Mac demo would be made available today, Gordon responded:

Yes, it will. The Mac version is going through last-minute sanity checking right now, and then going to mirrors. It might be out at the same time as Windows, but it might lag by an hour or so.
Keep an eye on IMG (and sister-site MGF) for more as it comes in.

Update #3:The UT 2004 Demo will be available at 6 PM Central on IMG Pro and Macgamefiles.com.

GameSpy: Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Details
Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Soon...?
Games4Mac Status on UT2004
Digital Extremes
Epic Games
Buy Unreal Tournament 2004

Freeverse Spreads The Love
11:05 AM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

To fend off an attack by an invading rogue Cupid, Freeverse Software has been forced to lower the price on their beloved card game 3D Hearts Deluxe to $9.95 for one week, starting today.

The rogue cupid explains:

"I realize that Freeverse's 3D Hearts Deluxe offers the most realistic card-player perspective on the market today, but my demands have nothing to do with the exceptional quality of the title. The world's supply of hearts must be replenished in time for Valentine's Day because I have emptied my quiver of heart-tipped arrows at Freeverse Vice President Colin Lynch Smith, and he has still not located a suitable mate."
Head over to Freeverse news page to find out more about the invasion and the offer. Hopefully the rogue cupid will calm down before anybody gets seriously hurt.

3D Hearts Deluxe
Cupid Tells Freeverse to Give More Love

IMG Store Specials: Halo $39.99, Another War $15, and more
9:52 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

The IMG Store has a number of awesome Mac game specials. Due to popular demand, we are extending this special until this Friday. They are as follows:

• Halo: Combat Evolved - $39.99 (was $48.99)
• Another War - $15 (was $29.95)
• No One Lives Forever 2 - $29.95 (was 48.95)
• Fallout 2 - $15 (was 29.00)
• Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer - $29.95 (was $39.95)

Hurry, these prices will only last until Friday. Please follow the link below for information on each of these products.

IMG Store: Order Halo: Combat Evolved
IMG Store: Order Another War
IMG Store: Order No One Lives Forever 2
IMG Store: Order Fallout 2
IMG Store: Order Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

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Republic: The Revolution Enters Beta
9:36 AM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive today let IMG know that the Mac version of Repbulic: The Revolution, the revolutionary political intrigue title from Elixir Studios, has entered the beta testing stage. The game should be available by the second quarter of this year.

About the game:

The mighty Soviet Union has fallen, and the fledging republic of Novistrana teeters on the verge of collapse. The country is mired in corruption and chaos – disorder and discontent are everywhere. The time for change has come – change led by you, the charismatic leader of a rebel faction. Your goal: to oust the President of the Republic… by any
means necessary.
The game will require a rather fast Mac in order to play, since the system requirements are pretty hefty:
  • Mac OS 10.2
  • PowerPC G4 1 Ghz
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • Hardware accelerated 3D Graphics Card with 32 Mb VRAM
  • 1.35 Gb free hard disk space
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • To find out more about this amazing title, head over to Feral's official Republic: The Revolution site, linked below.

    Feral Interactive
    Republic: The Revolution
    Buy Republic: The Revolution

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    Shadowbane 1.5 Patch Close To Release
    7:52 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

    Publishing strongforce Ubi Soft have updated their Shadowbane website with news of the upcoming 1.5 patch for their massively multiplayer online role playing title.

    The patch, which is currently running on the game's Test Server, has been up and running since last week, and saw intense testing over the weekend. The developers note that, barring any unexpected problems, the patch might launch by early next week at the latest.

    The patch features over fifty changes to various gameplay aspects, from the addition of new mapsets to minor bug squashes of the client application. The full list of changes, posted on the Shadowbane website, is accessible through the links at the bottom of this page.

    Shadowbane 1.5 Patch News
    Wolfpack Studios

    Total Annihilation Sequel In Development
    7:52 AM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

    At a career day in Redmont, Garage Games' Chris Taylor revealed the first hints of an upcoming sequel to his extremely popular strategy game Total Annihilation to the audience, including representatives from the gaming site IGN.

    From IGN:

    While he primarily talked about how to create games and how to get a job in the industry, during the Q&A session after his speech, a member of the student body asked if we would ever see a sequel to Cavedog's RTS. After a slight pause, Taylor shared a little bit of information about the franchise. While Taylor said he couldn't give too many details to the crowd, he did confirm that Gas Powered Games was working on "an RTS follow-up to Total Annihilation."
    To read the full story, head over to the IGN website with help of the link below.

    Total Annihilation is one of the more popular futuristic real-time strategy games that ever made it to the Mac. While this is no guarantee that the sequel will find it's way to the Mac, both Total Annihilation and Gas Powered Games action RPG Dungeon Siege made it to the Mac thanks to MacSoft.

    Gas Powered Games
    IGN: Total Annihilation Sequel Soon?

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    State of EQ Posted
    7:52 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

    The latest state of Mac Everquest has been posted. This latest update covers recent developments on the Mac Everquest server such as Epic Quest news, Guild news, along with current known issues with the game. Here's a snippet from the article:

    Epics have appeared!

    These last 60+ days have proved fruitfull for at least 4 of our residents. After much hard work, and hours committed questing, the following people have finished their Epic Quests and are due congratulations.

    Zatrik, Nikolai, Bastette & Kriskelvin.

    This is no small feat. It took many players and hours from each to help them achieve these items. Congratualtions you 4 and to those that helped you reach this goal.

    2 players are closing in on 65 fast. Both Cadsuane and Volotham have reached level 63! Nice job you two!. Special note, Volotham has also reached his 3rd AA title, way to go!

    Some server first MOBs have dropped in the last 60 days as well. Temerity has managed to mass enough force and the right tactics to drop some Luclin Mini Bosses ( Rhag’ Zhezum, Rhag Mozdeth and Va’Dyn ) as well as the Dragons Gorenaire, Severillious and Talendor.

    To check out the full article, follow the link provided below.

    State of Everquest
    Sony Online
    Buy EverQuest

    New Possibilities for RTCW: Enemy Territory
    7:52 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    Nearly a year ago, Activision announced they were canceling commercial development of a standalone expansion for the popular shooter Return to Castle Wolfenstein and would instead give it away for free for PC users. Unfortunately, because the game wasn't created as a standard modification to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Mac users were left in the cold.

    Now it seems with Activision's release of some of the game's source, developments in the Wolfenstein community may be conspiring to help get Mac fans back on track. A recent news update at the Urban Terror website--a modification for Quake 3--notes its developers are currently porting the mod to Enemy Territory and may attempt bring the Mac users with it:

    We do understand there is some frustration that has echoed through the Mac community as Enemy Territory was not created with QVM, like Urban Terror, that allows the mod to be played on Macs. We are currently looking into the possibility of continuing our support for the Mac platform, as of right now no official decision has been reached.
    In other news, the creator of another Wolfenstein modification called banimod has announced he is also attempting to get the rights to port Enemy Territory to the Mac as well. Here's the quick update from "bani" on the subject:
    I'm talking with my contacts at Activision about getting a Mac port of ET done. ID/Activision would like to see a Mac ET, so it's just a matter of connecting the right people -- which I'm attempting to do.
    Mac Wolfenstein fans should keep a sharp eye out, as we'll post any new developments here as they occur.

    Urban Terror
    Banimod: ET on Mac
    IMG Forums: Enemy Territory on Mac?
    Aspyr Media
    Westlake Interactive
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Buy Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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