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Monday, July 8, 2002

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Free Racing Simulator Coming to OS X
8:15 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

iDevGames, a Macintosh Game Developer web site, recently spotted another PC/Linux developer looking to make the move to OS X. This time the title is a coveted car racing program simply called Racer from developer Ruud van Gaal of the Netherlands.

Racer is a realistic driving simulator with impressive 3D effects and a great number of downloadable cars and tracks. While it seems many 3rd party modellers use the PC-only 3D Studio Max, there are also plugins for other Mac-compatible titles like Maya. Here's a quick description from the web site:

Racer is a free car simulation project, using real car physics to get a realistic feeling. Cars, tracks, scenes and such can be created with relative simplicity in mind (compared to other driving simulations). The 3D and other file formats are, or should be, documented. Editors and support programs are also available to get a very flexible and expandable simulator. It uses OpenGL for rendering. It attempts to do well at the physics section, trying to create life-like cars to emphasize car control and doesn't cut back on realism in the interest of fun.
The developer recently obtained some Mac hardware along with a copy of OS X's developer tools to begin porting Racer. He is maintaining a page with his experiences for developing under OS X for the first time. Here's a snippet with some initial requirements:
  • Mac OS X 10.0.4. May be beefed up to require at least OS X 10.1.x (I won't hesitate to do so). I don't think OS9 will be happy with the Unixy source. Note that X11 is NOT required; the port uses native windowing.
  • The application uses OpenGL, Carbon, AGL. These are all installed by default.
  • Audio will be handled using FMOD. Still in beta, but I hope it will be fully released soon; still need a MachO libfmod.a (Brett only has a CodeWarrior fmod.lib version still).
For more on his progress, be sure to have a look at the page. Also check out the rest of the site for much more information on Racer.


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IMG Reviews Clive Barker's Undying
11:49 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of Aspyr's Clive Barker's Undying, the chilling horror title inspired by the author considered a master of the genre. Undying is not a game for the kiddies, as the game is quite scary. You fight against the spooks with a mix of mortal and arcane weaponry.

Here's a snippet from the review:

Graphically, EA Games, Aspyr and Westlake Interactive have done their homework. Undying’s blood, gore and charisma does everything but drip off the monitor, the enemies and fellow characters looking great but not superb given the game’s rendering engine. While the enemy models may seem to retain the pointy artifacts of non-top-shelf games, other strengths make make up for this shortcoming. Walk into a strange room in the mansion and look down at the corpse of a former servant, the pool of blood reflecting the surrounding light sources perfectly and with a level of detail that I had never seen before. Small touches add to the ambience, the game’s designers having grasped the idea that players would be a tad freaked out by not knowing exactly what’s around the next corner and tapping into that knowledge.
Be sure to check out the rest of the review. Undying is available from the IMG Store.

IMG Review: Clive Barker's Undying
Aspyr Media
Westlake Interactive
Clive Barker's Undying
Buy Clive Barker's Undying

Announcing Ask Aspyr
9:50 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

One of the more popular features on Inside Mac Games is the "Ask MacPlay" question and answer column that is updated every few months. In it, IMG readers get to send in questions to MacPlay for them to answer.

Today, in cooperation with Aspyr, we're expanding the feature to include Aspyr Media. The concept is easy: send us your questions, and we'll submit the best of the best to Aspyr. We'll then post the answers on IMG at a later date.

So, if you have a question for Aspyr, email your questions to tuncer@insidemacgames.com with the words Ask Aspyr in the Subject field. You can ask questions about their games, games you'd like to see from Aspyr, or even of specific persons at Aspyr.

Aspyr Media

The Gamesome Mac Takes a Holiday
8:15 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

The Gamesome Mac, the weekly Mac gaming radio show, is stretching out the long holiday weekend in the United States and will not broadcast tonight.

Hosts Omaha and Sean Smith will return next Monday at 6 pm Pacific Time (9 pm Eastern) for our usual two hours of Mac gaming news, reviews, interviews, and commentary on the MacTV Network.

Applelinks Previews Fallout 2
8:15 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Following up on MacPlay's recent announcement on the upcoming availability of Fallout 2 for the Mac, Applelinks has posted a preview of this future title based off the gold master that covers much of the basics concerning Fallout 2's backstory and gameplay features.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Fallout 2 is an RPG, similar to the venerable Baldur's Gate series, that takes place in a post-nuclear winter setting and gives players the unenviable task of finding a new source of water for their dying town. Along the way, the player will be confronted by mutants, animals, and plots culminating into world domination.

Though character generation should be familiar to most RPG fans, Fallout 2 adds a new feature known as a trait, which Applelinks expounds on:

Traits, however, do have negative effects. Say, for instance, you choose to be a bruiser. Your punches will be harder, but slower as well. Or, you may choose to be a fast shot. You will be able to get more shots off per round, but you won't be able to target your attacks (by targeting, you can actually select the part of the body at which you want to aim). If you're chem reliant, you are twice as likely to become addicted to chems, but will recover faster from their ill-effects. If you're a night person, you'll...well, you probably have the hang of this by now. You can select up to two traits, but you don't have to select any. Again, just make sure you know how you intend to play the game before you set this up. If you don't cater to your strengths, you, your vault, and the whole world, really, will die.
The rest of the preview covers more of the storyline, combat features, and the design work on the game manual itself. Those interested in learning more about Fallout 2 before its impending release are encouraged to check out Applelinks' preview.

Applelinks - Fallout 2 Preview
Omni Group
Buy Fallout 2

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DOWN Demo Rebounds
8:15 AM | Daniel Krechmer | Comment on this story

For all those who were wondering what happened to the DOWN demo, the full details are now available at the web-site. Apparently the creators did not realize how popular their demo would be and circumstances forced them to take it off their server. The good news is that it's back up again.

For those still wondering what DOWN is, here is a description from the offical press release:

DOWN is an exploration game with action and adventure elements. You will find yourself on the longest journey to the worlds core tied together by the three crimson pulsars.

Here is what you will encounter on your journey:
- 16 chapters.
- 7 individual atmospheric regions.
- 10 monster classes will cross your path. Some may aid you while others may try to slay you.
- Can you survive?

DOWN is published by Fantasoft and is available for OS 9 and OS X, requiring an OpenGL-capable 3D accelerator.

DOWN Demo News

Cryo Closing, Dreamcatcher Okay
8:15 AM | Tristan Kane | Comment on this story

Followers business news may have heard that Cryo S.A., a French game publisher, has suffered tremendous difficulties resulting in the suspension of trading of its shares. The relevance of this to gamers is that Cryo had a significant financial relationship with DreamCatcher Interactive. Dreamcatcher is the company responsible for popular PC and Mac adventure games such as The Crystal Key and Riddle of the Sphinx, as well as the upcoming The Omega Stone.

The good news is that Dreamcatcher has responded to this event by stating on its website that it has not been adversely effected by Cryo’s misfortune.

While Cryo indirectly owns an interest in DreamCatcher, Cryo's unfortunate financial difficulties do not affect in any way, DreamCatcher's operations or positive outlook.
For the full response from DreamCatcher please read the link below.

DreamCatcher Responds to Recent News About Cryo
Dreamcatcher Interactive

AeroCombat for OS X
8:15 AM | Tristan Kane | Comment on this story

Flight sims enthusiasts should be excited to hear another shareware title, AeroCombat, has been announced by developer John Balestrieri. The game is being built from a combination of REALBasic and OpenGL and has been promised for OS X. AeroCombat looks to combine new technologies with vector-based graphics, much like the famous Disney movie Tron. Here's more from Balestrieri about his hopes for the title:

My goal is to create a fun, retro-arcade experience.

I'm building the game while concurrently developing a small 3d engine using REALbasic & OpenGL. REALbasic & OpenGL can handle large amounts of texture mapped polygons, but I'm limiting the graphics realism by design — elegance and simplicty is the goal.

Whilst the game itself is not likely close to release, the site contains a sort of “diary” of experiments and ideas regarding the game in process. For example the most recent posting features the first efforts at teaching the “drone” planes to seek each other, with rather spectacular visual results. Check out the game's web pages for more information.


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