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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Neverwinter Nights PC Gold, Mac News!
4:47 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Infogrames today announced that the PC version of Bioware's Neverwinter Nights has gold and should be shipping to retail stores under the Atari label before the end of the June. So what about the Mac version? A reliable source that wished to remain anonymous told IMG today that an announcement regarding the Mac version will likely be made tomorrow. The source would not provide any other details beyond that. So stay tuned, we'll be bring the announcement sometime tomorrow (pending approval) regarding Neverwinter Nights Mac. And trust us, it'll be good!

In the meantime, check out the PC press release of NWN:

The most complete software adaptation of the classic pen-and-paper Dungeons & Dragons® role-playing game ever, Neverwinter Nights is the latest game from BioWare Corp., creators of the 4 million selling Baldur’s Gate series.

"Finally, PC gamers the world over can breathe – their dream computer game is complete and only days away from their PCs," said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames’ Los Angeles studio. "Neverwinter Nights has lived up to all of its promises – engaging and exciting single player campaign, a groundbreaking multiplayer component, never-before-seen user editing abilities and, for the first time ever, a true translation of the D&D® ‘Dungeon Master’ to electronic entertainment."

Neverwinter Nights redefines the electronic role-playing game genre using the fully-3D BioWare Aurora Engine and the Third Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) core rulebook, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. The game contains an amazing 60-100 hour single player campaign that is also playable in multiplayer mode. More than just a game, Neverwinter Nights breaks new ground as the first complete role-playing system for the computer platform, allowing its players to step into the shoes of the Dungeon Master to tell their own stories and create their own adventures in the spirit of the exciting pen and paper original.

"We’re very proud of the hard work every member of our development team has put into Neverwinter Nights over the last five years," said Greg Zeschuk, Joint CEO of BioWare Corp. and Co-Executive Producer of Neverwinter Nights. "When we started developing Neverwinter Nights, we realized that technology would reach the point where we could actually have a 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons computer game that brought the best social elements of traditional kitchen-table pen-and-paper role-playing to people all over the world through their computer and the Internet. We’re very fortunate to be able to do this."

"Neverwinter Nights was designed to be everything anybody could ever want in a D&D™ role-playing game," said Ray Muzyka, Joint CEO of BioWare Corp and Co-Executive Producer of Neverwinter Nights. "The development team – a group of exceptionally creative, smart people - has done an amazing job: Neverwinter Nights has an incredibly engaging 60-100 hour official campaign, playable in either single-player or in multiplayer mode. Everything in the campaign has been built with the same BioWare Aurora Neverwinter Toolset that is also bundled with the game. We’ve enabled gamers to join their friends online and play through adventure modules created by fans and Neverwinter Nights community members, together with a dungeon master if they so choose! The game looks amazing – the BioWare Aurora Engine is capable of some amazing graphical effects. Overall, we just can’t wait to see what the Neverwinter Nights community comes up with when they’ve got the game and its powerful tools in their hands!"

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow!

Neverwinter Nights
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Dragon's Lair 3D Interviews
10:43 AM | Vern Xiong | Comment on this story

Dragon's Lair 3D, the highly anticipated 3D adaptation of the popular Dragon's Lair series has seen a fleury of interviews lately. Not to let you out in the cold, were posting the links to a few of these sites for your viewing pleasure.

X-Treme Gaming Radio recently had an interview with Don Bluth and company about Dragon's Lair 3D on XGR Radio.

The interview was a recording conducted at E3 and has been vocally mixed for best results. The interview will be archived as mp3 format for easy compatibility. To check out the interview, head on over to X-Treme Gaming Radio.

YiYa, a German entertainment site also has an interview with Don Bluth posted. It goes in more deeper into Bluth as it does the game, so if your interested in more works for him, be sure to check this site.

Finally, The Electric Playground also had a word with Bluth on some of the specifics with Dragon's Lair 3D. Here, you'll see some of the reasonings behind the making of the game.

Dragon's Lair 3D is the long awaited 3D version of the hit games starring Dirk, the popular knight in all Dragon's Lair games and movies dating all the way back to 1983. Dragon's Lair 3D has an anticipated release date of later this Summer for all the major gaming consoles, PC, and Mac.

Blue Byte
Dragon's Lair 3D
X-Treme Radio Dragon's Lair 3D Interview
YiYa Dragon's Lair 3D Interview
Electric Playground Dragon's Lair 3D Interview

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Lineage Chat Tonight, Server Changes
7:46 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Lineage web site has received a number of updates regarding the status of its server, as well as announcement of an IRC chat being held tonight. The chat will take place on the Stratics IRC network and focus on support issues for this Mac OS X-compatible MMORPG:

Come and join us for a Lineage Support Chat, tomorrow night (June 11) at 7pm Central US time! The chat will be taking place on Stratics IRC, in the channel #lineagehoc. Members of the US Lineage Support staff will be on hand, discussing Lineage and answering questions.
There is also news that tomorrow will see a reset of the Lineage test server in order to prepare for testing of the next free Episode 11 update for the game. A new customer support tool will also come online today, providing Lineage players will a whole new set of options regarding customer service for the application. Check out the page for details.

Lineage Support Chat Announcement
Lineage Customer Support Tool Info

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MacGamer Posts Soldier of Fortune II Preview
6:41 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Our friends at have posted an extensive preview of MacPlay's just announced first-person shooter, Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. , the highly anticipated sequel where you reprise the role of John Mullins - Weapons Specialist, Anti-Terrorist Mercenary, and Military Consultant.

Here's a clip from the preview:

The story picks up fifteen years after John Mullins smuggled Dr. Piotr Ivanovich, a leading Biopreparat scientist, out of the Soviet Union and into the welcoming arms of the United States. Dr. Ivanovich has discovered multiple instances of a viral agent with properties that link to old experiments from his Biopreparat days. It seems his old colleagues are up to no good, working for a mysterious global terrorist organization known as Prometheus, engineering a practical method for merging this deadly virus with the human genome. The mission you've been assigned by The Shop is to disband Prometheus and destroy the Gemini Virus before it spreads from a small Colombian village and is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.
Be sure to check out the rest of the preview at Also be sure to check out our very own first look at the game if you haven't done so already.

IMG First Look: Soldier of Fortune II
Raven Software
MacGamer's Soldier of Fortune II Preview
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Falcon 4 Utility and Patch Available
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Centromedia recently sent out a press release letting it be known that a utility application for the Mac version of Falcon 4 has been released. Titled Falcon 4 Utility, this program is used to consolidate programs made by third parties, includes the latest 1.06d patch, and enables ACMI (Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation).

Here's a list of fixes and additions:

  • Falcon 4.0 Patch update to 1.06d version.
  • Extended Joystick support and more InputSprocket settings.
  • Added Joystick calibration application.
  • Added better memory handling for Falcon 4: F4U purges and compacts the System Software memory. You have now more free memory.
  • Added software update engine. First step to have always updated Falcon 4 tools.
  • F4U works with multiple partitions and multiple F4U versions.
  • Numerous cosmetic and User Interface improvements.
  • Better Falcon 4 Tutorial.
  • Added original Falcon 4 Key Guide in the online help.
The utility is listed as working with both OS 8.1 and above as well as 10.1 or higher. Those who wish to download it can find links to both a Classic-only and an OS X version at VersionTracker. In addition, Centromedia has also made an application GIF for the Falcon Utility, which is available at their website.

Centromedia - Falcon 4 Utility Application GIF
VersionTracker - Falcon 4 Utility for OS X
Westlake Interactive

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Wolfenstein - Game of the Year Edition Details
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Gaming website Blue's News recently got ahold of some information regarding Activision's plans for a Game of the Year edition for the popular FPS Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Though a press release has yet to be issued, Activision sent the following word concerning details:

The GotY edition will contain 7 new multiplayer maps not on the original retail CD -- Trenchtoast, Tram Siege, Ice, Chateau, Keep, The Damned, and Rocket. Chateau, Keep, The Damned, and Rocket are brand new maps not released yet, but those will be available in a GotY Map Pack we'll be releasing this week. The GotY edition will also contain a few extra goodies like concept art, wallpapers and more.
Blue's News also has four screenshots available, two of which should look familiar to RtCW veterans, as they are reworkings of single player maps.

It's still a bit early to tell if this new edition will be available for Mac consumers as well, but rest assured IMG will keep tabs on the situation.

Blue's News - Wolfenstein GotY Screenshots
Aspyr Media
Westlake Interactive
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Buy Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Westlake New Game Codenamed V.A.S.T.
6:00 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

From time to time, Mac porting house Westlake Interactive adds a new title to their project status page, usually with a secret code name, since it hasn't been officially announced yet. Yesterday, the company updated its news page with the addition of a new project, codenamed "V.A.S.T." According to Westlake, the title is in early development and marks the first game ported by Westlake to be Mac OS X only. That's right folks, no Mac OS 9 version for project V.A.S.T.

The IMG web forum is once again brimming with activity as people try to guess what "V.A.S.T." could be. Be sure to stop by our forum and check out some of the guesses people have been making.

More information on the current status of this and other Westlake games, be sure to head over to the Westlake web site.

Westlake Interactive
Westlake's Project Status Page
IMG Forum: Project V.A.S.T

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Neverwinter Nights Nears Completion (Updated)
6:00 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

A story on GameSpot confirms that Neverwinter Nights is on track to ship this month. However, it seems online retailer jumped the gun yesterday by declaring that the game had gone gold. Infogrames and Bioware quickly issued a statement dispelling the rumor:blockquote>In regards to the EB Games posting, BioWare hasn't released an official statement about the game's status," said Tom Ohle of BioWare. "Neverwinter Nights' official release date stands as June 2002."The GameSpot story goes on to say that the company will be making an announcement concerning the game soon.

Neverwinter Nights is set in TSR's Forgotten Realms and will allow players to create and run their own adventures for up to 64 players per server. It will also feature an extensive single-player campaign.

A Mac version of Neverwinter Nights has been in development by Bioware since the begging of the project. However, it is unknown at this point who will be publishing it on the Mac.

Update: We emailed Bioware this morning inquiring about the Mac version. They sent us this short but interesting note: "We should have some news very shortly."

Neverwinter Nights
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