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Friday, October 12, 2001

Mac Red Faction Pre-orders Begin
9:11 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GraphSim updated their site recently with the news that you can now place pre-orders for their upcoming port of Volition's first-person shooter Red Faction. The game is expected out by the end of the month, and now Mac fans can make sure they get their copy as soon as it is ready. Red Faction features amazing graphics, realistic AI and the Geo-Mod physics engine which will allow you to blow holes in the game environment itself with powerful weapons.

Carbonization for OS X support is the last element of the port being worked on now, according to company president Jeff Morgan. He said the Carbon version is going well and the game is still on schedule at this point. GraphSim does make a note about placing a pre-order at their store, however:

Red Faction Pre-orders are being accepted now and may be placed in the GraphSim store. Please note that when pre-ordering Red Faction as part of an order which includes other GraphSim products that this order will not be shipped until Red Faction is released and shipped. If you wish to avoid any delay in receiving currently available GraphSim products then they should be ordered separate of your Red Faction pre-order.
Head over now to get your Red Faction pre-order in and be the first on your block to start helping out the Red revolution. For more details on the game, be sure to read through IMG's recent preview.

GraphSim Red Faction Web Site
IMG Preview: Red Faction
Red Faction

IMG looking for flight sim guru/writer
5:10 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

With the number of new and upcoming flight sim games that are now available or coming to the Mac market, IMG is in need of a seasoned flight sim guru who has extensive experience with flight simulators and flight sim combat games who can write previews and reviews on the subject. Potential candidates must have excellent writing skills (no exceptions).

If you're interested in joining the IMG team and applying for the position of resident "Senior Flight Sim Writer", please email tuncer@insidemacgames.com. Be sure to include a small bio of yourself and why you'd like to write for IMG.

Muchas Gracias! Tierra del Fuego!

Otto Matic and iPuppet Now Available for Pre-order
2:27 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Amy Torres of Aspyr Media just dropped us a quick note to mention that the titles Otto Matic and iPuppet presents:
Colin's Classic Cards
are now both available for pre-order at the Aspyr Media web site.

Both titles are in Beta, and are presumably very close to release. We have discussed Otto Matic extensively on our pages, but iPuppet deserves some note as well -- the first partnership between Freeverse Software and Aspyr Media, and interestingly enough the first Windows-compatible title to be sold on the Aspyr site.

Here are details on the first iPuppet title:

Puppet presents: Colin's Classic Cards is the ultimate card game experience! Enjoy Hearts, Spades, Euchre and Pitch in fun, challenging and intense single player or multiplayer action that is easy to use. Fine tune your skills in single player mode or take your game online and challenge other card enthusiasts from around the world. Customize your game to suit you, even put yourself in the game with to clicks with easy to use iPuppet technology. Deal 'em up and enjoy iPuppet presents: Colin's Classic Cards easy to use interface, easily customizable gameplay, and unique online community.


* Easy to use! Get up and running in just a couple of clicks.

* Four of the most popular card games available (Hearts, Spades, Euchre and Pitch) for single player or multiplayer games.

* Multiple customizations are available for background, skill level, music and more.

* Unique online community, providing live internet play, chat, updates and more...

Colin's Classic Cards is listing for $29.95, and Otto Matic is available for pre-order for $34.95. Visit the Aspyr web site for more details.

Aspyr Media

On StarCraft and OS X
2:16 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

MacGamez has produced a short interview with team members from Blizzard Entertainment dealing with the recently-released news that a Carbon version of both StarCraft and the expansion Brood War were on the way. While the interview does not answer the question of when this might happen, it still contains a lot of interesting information about the Carbon port itself, what players can expect in terms of speed and features, and even a hint about future Carbon support for other legacy titles such as the Diablo series. Here's a sample:


Should we expect any in-game performance boosts with these patches as compared to OS 9?


The Carbonized version of StarCraft should have a performance boost, although it won't necessarily be enormous.


Will future Blizzard titles be able to run on Mac OS version 10.0.x or will 10.1 be a requirement?


10.1 will be the minimum for all OS X-compatible games from Blizzard. In general we shoot for equal or better performance under OS X, than on the same machine with OS 9 (assuming enough RAM, OS X is just plain bigger in that respect).

Great news for those of you still booting into OS 9 to play those Blizzard classics. Follow the link below for the rest of the interview.

StarCraft and Brood War For OS X: Details

Game Auction for WTC Relief
2:09 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Freeverse Software and Mac "punchy" Gamer have teamed up to raise donations for the World Trade Center Relief Fund. This is a personal issue for Freeverse, as the company is based in downtown NYC and in fact hah access to their own apartment blocked off temporarily after the September 11th disaster. Here are the details on the auction:

This Week: Grab Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab on Ebay
Note:For technical reasons we had to restart the auction today. If you have bid before 11:00 AM EST, October 12/2001 you will need to bid again.
What Is The MacGamer World Trade Center Relief Auction?
In light of the recent events that shook the world on September 11, 2001, MacGamer has gotten together with a number of Macintosh game publishers to start an initiative we're calling the World Trade Center Relief Auction. Over the next few weeks we'll be auctioning games (many of them signed by prominent game programmers such as Sid Meier or Cliff Bleszinski) through Ebay and giving the proceeds to the New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund. The New York State WTC Relief Fund focuses specifically on supporting the families and dependants of those who lost their lives in the horrific terrorist attack on the World Trade Center of a few weeks ago.
Visit the MacGamer page dedicated to the auction for more information. The first game on the block is Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab, a very polished and addictive title from Freeverse. Visit the eBay auction page and place your bid -- a great way to help a very worthy cause and get a great, Mac-only game title in the process.

Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab Auction on eBay
New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund
MacGamer WTC Relief Game Auction

IMG Feature: MumboJumbo's Mythadventures
10:46 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

No, we haven't developed a lisp; Myth III: The Wolf Age has hit "release candidate" status, and IMG is celebrating with the release of a feature that relates a personal visit to the HQ of Mumbo Jumbo to see this title in development firsthand. Our man Michael Yanovich escaped from the MumboJumbo citadel with tons of previously unknown details about this "prequel," and from what he divulges in this feature it is clear that Mumbo Jumbo has indeed remate this title in their own image -- it is no mere expansion pack or retread, but in many ways is an entirely new game.

Every single feature of the game has been tweaked in some way, from the blood on the landscape to clumping behavior during combat. Besides the most obvious changes (such as the radical revision of the game engine) they have also tweaked many minescule aspects of gameplay which will add up to a whole new experience for solo and multiplayer play.

For the most in-depth and hands-on look at this game yet to be published, follow the link below -- but be warned, if you are a longtime fan of the series, there are a few spoilers hidden in the article.

IMG Feature: MumboJumbo’s Mythadventures

Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Mac Confirmed?
10:23 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

While the existence of the Wolfenstein MP Test for Mac OS X might be considered very strong evidence that Mac users will be able to enjoy the final version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, there are still some doubters who don't believe the full-length solo portion of this game will be ported as well. However the fansite Achtung, Wolfenstein! has revealed a list of "Top Ten Wolfenstein Revelations" which seems to confirm that a Mac version is on the way.

The word of a fansite, while often trustworthy, is not golden -- so take this news with the usual caveats. It is also unclear at this point if the game will be Mac OS X only (which seems a good bet) or will have an OS 9 version as well. It also isn't clear whom the publisher will be, though Activision just published a cross-platform title a few days ago (Quake 3: Gold) which seems to confirm they are still in the business of Mac publishing. At the very least Mac users should be able to buy the PC version of the game and run it with a downloadable application, as is the case with Quake 3 Arena today.

Stop by the fansite for the rest of the top-ten list; they indicate that a solo demo is on the way, as well as the ability to have a teammate who is killing fellow team members "kicked" off of a server automatically.

Ten Revelations About Return to Castle Wolfenstein

A Mixed Message on Heroes IV
9:51 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

MacHeroes fansite author "Rogue" has pointed out a recent update to the web site of Evolution Interactive. This company has ported some very good titles in the past, specifically Heroes of Might and Magic III and the combo pack Heroes Complete. Evolution would be the obvious choice for porting the in-development title Heroes of Might and Magic IV as well, and just a few days ago the site was updated with new information to tantalize Heroes fans. It seems that Evolution Interactive may very well be tapped to do the Mac port of this title, and there is indeed some enthusiasm for it on the part of PC publisher 3D0.

However John presents a mixed message in his post; he also seems to think the game is being rushed to market and does not seem to be thrilled by the radical changes in gameplay Heroes IV will have in comparison to its predecessors. Here's an excerpt from his update:

One other thing. I know that a lot of you a really looking for me to do the port of a certain series that I have worked on in the past. Well, we have been actively talking to you-know-who about the port and all parties want it to happen. I got a couple of source dumps from them already, but they are obviously rushing to get it out the door and are making a lot of bad decisions (code-wise) in the process. I have played the game a fair bit already, and I'm really not impressed.
The pressure to get titles on shelves during the invaluable Holiday season has troubled some games before, but we have confidence that 3D0 will produce a great final product -- and now we also have further confidence that a Mac OS version of this game will happen. In somewhat related news, the developer also mentions he will begin original game development again, which is great news in itself. Make sure to stop by the site and pick up the latest versions of Sentinels of Ceth and Boogaloopers, two shareware action-game classics.

Mac Heros of Might and Magic
Evolution Interactive

Click to enlarge
GraphSim Herding Sheep to North America
9:47 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

While GraphSim is known for hard-core flight sims or RPG's like Baldur's Gate and Summoner, it seems they're picking up the tab on an entirely new type of game, Sheep. While the UK-based Feral announced a while back that they would be bringing the game to the Mac, it seems to be finally ready for shipment, and GraphSim will be handling the North American distribution. GraphSim's president Jeff Morgan explains the situation:

We are just delivering the first copies to distribution now. The publisher is Feral and we are the N. America distributor. We also handle tech support here.
Sheep was originally a console title, and shares many similarities in gameplay with the old-school favorite, Lemmings. GraphSim's page has it listed for under $35, and the system requirements seem reasonable:
System Requirements: PowerPC processor 233 MHz or faster (works with iMac), Mac OS 8.6, 64 MB RAM, 100 MB free hard disk space, QuickTime 4.0

Recommended: Power PC processor 300MHz or faster, Mac OS 9.x, 96 MB RAM, 600 MB free hard disk space, QuickTime 5.0 (included on disc)

So Sheep fans should head over now to GraphSim's store and place your order. Sheep is shipping out now in North America, which means Feral should be updating their site soon with word on European distribution.

GraphSim Web Site
Feral Web Site

EV: Nova Progress Update
9:46 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The latest update to the Escape Velocity: Nova progress log was made recently by ATMOS' Dafydd "pipeline" Williams. This third in Ambrosia's EV series was last reported to be in its third private beta phase, and the game is expected out hopefully towards the end of the year. The progress log notes a number of small changes, which is good news for fans, as most of the bigger pieces are already complete. Here's the latest:

[-] Completed graphics for Bar Game

[-] Revised/bug-fixed all existing DLOGs

[-] Thunderforge 600.400 scene complete

[-] Incorporated all 16 bit natural planet ambient sounds

[-] DLOG backgrounds created for those that had none

[-] Ion Dissapater oütf picture completed

...and other little things I haven't put in here
For the latest on EV:Nova's progress, head over and have a look at their latest screen shots. We'll keep you posted as any new info on EV: Nova is released.

EV: Nova Beta Screen Shots
EV: Nova Progress Logs

Jeopardy 2 In Beta
9:27 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Do you phrase your answer in the form of a question? Is your head stuffed to the brim with unique facts such as the Hawaiian word for pig or the name of the president who commissioned the Panama Canal? Well, soon you will be able to hear the velvety voice of Alex Trebek coming from your Macintosh as well as your television, as Westlake Interactive has noted that their port of Jeopardy 2 is now in the Beta stage of development.

A value-priced title in MacSoft's consumer title catalog, Jeopardy 2 is (as you may have guessed) nothing less than a digital re-creation of the show itself. Ready for solo, group and online play, this is where you can test your skills and put all those after-dinner hours you spent watching the show to good use.

The simple fact that the game is Beta doesn't indicate when the game will be complete, but it is a sign of good progress; as this is the second Jeopardy game they have ported, we expect the Beta period to be shorter than usual. Watch for this one in time for the Holidays.

Westlake Interactive Project Status Page

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