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Thursday, July 19, 2001

MWNY: Giants Coming to Mac OS X Only
9:09 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

MacPlay has announced they are going to be porting Giants: Citizen Kabuto to Mac OS X exclusively. This beautiful and very complex game will be a much faster release because it's only targeting OS X and the systems that are able to run it. You'll also probably be happy to note that the title is in the very capable hands of Omni Group, and the game is already well underway. Plans are to have it ready by the end of the Summer, though this could always change (as release dates often do).

While the OS X announcment may be upsetting for some OS 9 gamers that have yet to make the transition, keep in mind that Giants will need some very beefy hardware to run well anyway. Even on the fastest PCs, the game can still get frame rates dropping between 10-20 FPS. Here's the press release explaining more:

MacPlay today announced plans to publish Giants:
Citizen Kabuto exclusively for Apple's next generation operating system, Mac
OS X. MacPlay retained the services of the Omni Group to develop the title
in time for a release by this summer.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto, the single and multi-player masterpiece, is played
in real-time 3D. Battle ensues on a massive fragment of shattered planet
consisting of 30 separate islands. Gamers will play three very original
creatures, the Sea Reapers, the Meccaryn and the giant, Kabuto. All are
fighting for control of the beautiful 3D world. Originally published by
Interplay Entertainment, and developed by Planet Moon Studios, Giants
features innovative 3D gameplay. The game was declared one of the top five
games of 2000 by Voodoo Extreme, and was also Game Guru's Game of the Year
and Action Game of the Year.

"MacPlay is excited to bring such a critically acclaimed, award-winning game
to the Mac with Apple's next generation operating system," said MacPlay
President Diane Zammit. "Giants: Citizen Kabuto's cutting-edge engineering
will be complemented by Mac OS X’s powerful foundation and the superior
development tools available for the new OS, allowing us to significantly cut
our time to market."

"Mac OS X features state-of-the-art graphics technologies, including OpenGL,
to provide spectacular 3D graphics capabilities for gaming enthusiasts and
developers," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide
Developer Relations. "MacPlay's Giants will definitely be one of the year's
most compelling games for Mac OS X and we're delighted to see MacPlay's
commitment to providing Mac customers with the ultimate gaming experience."

Giants: Citizen Kabuto for Mac OS X will make extensive use of OpenGL for
stunning 3D graphics, and will gain a noticeable performance boost on
systems equipped with premium graphics adapters. Giants is the first game
for Macintosh to support the pixel and vertex shader capabilities of
NVIDIA's new GeForce 3 GPU, for the ultimate Macintosh gaming experience.

"NVIDIA is pleased that this version of Giants will take advantage of the
unprecedented visual realism that is achievable with GeForce3," said Dan
Vivoli, vice president of marketing, NVIDIA Corporation. "GeForce3's OpenGL
capabilities on the Macintosh platform are a perfect match for this title,
allowing the end user to appreciate the ultimate 3D experience."

Giants is sure to be one of those 'killer apps' that helps drive new gamers to Apple's next-generation OS. We're certainly excited to see it coming to OS X, and look for more very soon from IMG on the game.

IMG Preview of Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Planet Moon Studios
Omni Group
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Buy Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Rob Bartel on Neverwinter Nights Tools for Mac
6:23 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

A post by Trent Oster on the Neverwinter Nights message board recently has touched off a firestorm of controversy in both the Mac and Linux gaming worlds. Oster's post suggested that the tool set for this game, which will allow players to create and manipulate entire online dungeons for others to explore, may be Windows only.

Obviously this a great disappointment to Mac gamers who were anticipating becoming an online DM for the game. IMG has been talking with several BioWare team members to clear up this issue, but we can't print all the details just yet -- there are still some contacts to make. In the meantime, BioWare co-founder Rob Bartel has posted a message in the forums that both makes the issue clearer and yet just as hazy at the same time:

Wow, that should teach me for taking a coupla days off, huh? Yikes! Okay, here's the skinny:

As Trent explained, the nature of our development cycle has required us to build the toolset using Borland Builder, an environment that speeds up development time by providing programmers with a lot of pre-built components (scrollbars, text fields, radio buttons, and so forth - the standard Windows schtuff). Basically, it keeps you from having to constantly reinvent the wheel. Without a product such as Builder, the Neverwinter Toolset would probably take about 5 years to build (and that's just for a Windows version).

So the big question in everyone's minds seems to be "Why did you wait this long to tell us that the toolset is Windows-only?" That's a fair question and the honest answer is that we didn't know, we still don't know. As Brent mentioned, we haven't ruled out Mac and Linux versions of the toolset yet although they do seem unlikely at this point. The truth is that we want our toolset to be available on all platforms... Unfortunately, we don't always get what we want, either.

In his post, Trent explained that Borland did have plans for a Linux version of Builder and we had been pinning a lot of our hopes on that (and who knows, it still might happen). Sadly, their development seems to have stalled somewhere along the line whereas we need to keep moving forward. Likewise, we had been in discussions with Macintosh about getting a third-party developer to port the toolset as either a simultaneous or a subsequent release but that discussion seems to have dried up as well. Now all of these things may still happen but we have to look at the situation realistically. Neverwinter is really starting to solidify and take shape right now and, while that's a really good thing, it unfortunately means that some of these outstanding issues need to be put to rest, at least for the time being. We'd rather tell you now and have to retract it later (Yay! Toolsets for everybody!) than keep it under wraps any longer and give you this kind of a shock on the day your pre-order arrives.

So if you really feel that not having a native Linux or Mac toolset kills Neverwinter for you, then I apologize. We would have loved to have you as part of our community, we would have loved to have a toolset there for you, we'll definitely miss you and all of the creativity that you would have brought to bear. Ultimately, however, you've got some tough choices you have to make, just like we do. Welcome to game development...

We caution Mac users not to get disheartened just yet -- the third-party developments concerning this game are quite active, according to our sources. Two IMG staffers recently went to BioWare HQ to see NWN in action, and when their article is published we hope to clarify some of the issues involved.

Neverwinter Nights Forums

Five New 'Trauma' Games Announced
5:39 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Legacy Interactive sent us details of five new titles based on popular reality and emergency room shows, headed to the Mac this fall. They have partnered with The Learning Channel, who's popular show Trauma: Life in the E.R. will be similar in basis to some of the new games. Gamers who enjoy the Emergency Room series will already have a taste for what's in store. Here's more info on the five titles due out later in the year:

* Vet Emergency: Combining Legacy's popular emergency medical game with
the exciting, challenging, and sometimes heart-wrenching experience of
veterinary medicine, you're responsible for the well being of every cat,
dog, bird and exotic animal in an urban vet clinic.

* 911 Paramedic: Life on the streets of LA can be tough. They are even
tougher when you're a paramedic making life or death decisions while
balancing the chaos of medical emergency situations.

* Emergency Room Code Red: When the entire city is in a
state-of-emergency, it's up to you to save the sick and injured as well
as manage the staff of the ER. Combining the fast-paced drama of a
television show with the interactive realism of a computer game, this
emergency experience will get even the most novice gamer's heart

* Combat Medic: Desert Storm: One day you're an attending physician in
a metropolitan hospital, the next you're airlifted to the middle of the
desert in the heat of war. Taking on responsibilities of an Army
Reserve surgeon, you must manage supplies, treat war-inflicted wounds
and deal with the constant pressure of a warfare environment.

* Moon Tycoon: Space is the final frontier and it's up to you to
colonize the rugged lunar landscape. In this ultra realistic, fully 3-D
Sim/strategy game, players build colonies, create industries, trade with
Earth and alien races, and survive the perils of life in space.

Vivendi Universal Publishing, the company which also works with large companies like Blizzard, will be publishing the Mac/PC CDs. We'll bring you more info on the games as they get closer to release.

Legacy Interactive

MWNY: First Image Gallery Posted
5:38 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

While we have endeavored to bring you the latest and greatest news from the Expo this year, sometimes images speak much louder than words. The event isn't just about stats and specs and buzzwords; there is a human face to the expo, and an excitement you can't really find anywhere else.

In our effort to bring the show to you, we present the first of our photo galleries for the Expo. You will see some familiar faces and some new ones, as well as sights from the expo itself. There will be more images to come, so keep checking back.

Macworld Expo 2001 Image Gallery

IMG Reviews Tales of the Sword Coast
3:35 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

The Mac port of Tales of the Sword Coast, an expansion to the original Baldur's Gate published for the Mac by GraphSim, took a peculiarly long time to port. Nevertheless, fans of BG are certain to want to find out more about this expansion and what value it adds to the original title. IMG recently published a review for just that purpose:

Tales of the Sword Coast features a multitude of gameplay enhancements, as well as four entirely new areas to explore and conquer. These new areas are chalked full of experience points (thanks to a raise in the experience point cap, you’ll even be able to USE the new points ;-) ) and very challenging. These additional areas are as follows: Ulgoth’s Beard (a small town to the East of Baldur’s Gate), an Ice Cavern full of pesky mages, an Uncharted Island in the sea to the West of Candlekeep and the infamous Durlag’s Tower. These new areas may either be accessed by loading the “Final Save” after defeating Sarevok upon which your party will be taken to Ulgoth’s Beard or by making the journey to Ulgoth’s Beard manually. After TotSC’s areas are completed, Sarevok will have to be dispatched once more due to the fact that TotSC takes place before his demise. Anyone who wants to transfer their character from Baldur’s Gate into the upcoming Baldur’s Gate II will find Tales of the Sword Coast to be a must have. TotSC’s innumerable quests and battles will turn any level 6 wimp into a level 12 dynamo.
For more details and screen shots, follow the link below.

Review: Tales of the Sword Coast

MacGamez Reviews Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
2:07 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

MacGamez has updated their site with a review of Blizzard's latest release, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. This expansion pack offers more, more and even more in all categories in comparison to the original release, and is sure to please D2 diehards as well as attract new players to the title -- in fact the original Diablo II is climbing the PC software sales charts once again as people actually buy both that and the expansion at the same time.

Here's an excerpt from the review:

As is customary with Blizzard (which has released a follow-up expansion set to every title since Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness), this addition isnt of the "show me the money" variety, cranked out as rapidly as possible to milk a proven cash cow. Instead, Blizzard has truly made this add-on a labor of love, designed not only to give fans the features we've been craving for months, but also to push the game's design as far as it can go. DII: LoD comes loaded with a completely new fifth act, new items, such as runes and charms, a larger stash to keep your "stuff", and an absorbing story that unfolds as you progress through the game.
Read on for more details and many screen shots.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Review at MacGamez

MWNY: Maverick Software to Publish 'Jiggy!'
1:17 PM | Patrick Leyden | Comment on this story

Gamers know Westlake Interactive for their first-class ports of the hottest
games, but what some fans might not know is that Westlake president Mark Adams
writes applications for his own shareware company, Maverick Software.

Maverick Software projects have had to take a back seat to Westlake
Interactive projects in recent years, but this is about to change.
Maverick's latest release is a game called Jiggy! Described by Suellen Adams
as "a cross between Tetris and a crossword puzzle," Jiggy! is a
single-player puzzle game that will feature 35 boards, three levels of
difficulty and is expected to run on any iMac or above.

The game should be available for purchase online and will be CharityWare
rather than being a traditional shareware title. A signifigant portion of
the proceeds of the game will be donated to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis
Foundataion. Jiggy! should be released by the end of the summer.

Maverick Software

MWNY: A Talk with Westlake
1:03 PM | Patrick Leyden | Comment on this story

We never pass up an opportunity to talk with one of the most prolific and successful game porting companies we know, Westlake Interactive. Business Manager Suellen Adams spoke with us and
delivered an update on the company's Mac products. First off, as previously reported the company is
developing an update for The Sims that will allow the game to run natively
under OS X. No release date for the patch has been announced, but Westlake
indicated that it will be sooner rather than later.

Age of Empires 2 is expected to hit beta by the end of July. The title will
be fully carbonized and feature GameRanger support, but will not be playable
against PC users. The new Wheel of Fortune 2 has reached first playable, and
the Unreal Tournament-based Undying is on schedule to reach first playable
status in the very near future.

Westlake Interactive developers have also received code for Civilization III
and are hoping for a Q1 2002 ship date. This could change, however, since
the PC version of this strategy title is still under active development.

In other news, we have some notes on who is working on what at Westlake. Ken and Phil are working on the port of Deus Ex to Playstation 2, Westlake's first port to a console and a future source of revenue for the growing company. Meanwhile, Mark and Suellen Adams have also been working on a shareware title in their spare time -- we can't imagine how rare that commodity must be! -- which we hope to bring you more details about shortly.

Westlake Interactive

MWNY: More on Mac Red Faction
12:42 PM | Patrick Leyden | Comment on this story

As a follow-up to our report last night on this FPS title, here is more information from the show floor: Graphic Simulations is showing Volition/THQ's shooter Red Faction on the
floor at Macworld. This sci-fi first-person shooter takes place on Mars, with the player taking part in a revolt against the evil Ultor Corporation. Red
Faction has gained notoriety for its Geo-Mod Technology, which gives gamers
the ability to alter their environment by allowing walls, floors and other
structures to be destroyed by explosive weaponry and vehicles.

The Mac version of this title reached first-playable status only four days
ago. While there are still a large number of optimizations needed to enhance
the game's speed and texture quality, Red Faction for Mac is shaping up to
be one of the biggest releases of the year. The game is expected to hit
store shelves in November.

Past Articles on Red Faction
Graphic Simulations
Red Faction Web Site

First Image of Giants on OS X
12:21 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

IMG is extremely proud to bring you the first image of Giants: Citizen Kabuto running on Mac OS X. As you will see, this is no ordinary screen shot; it is a comparison of the game running on a 500 MHz Dual G4 system vs a 1.3 GHz Athalon PC. Both snapshots were taken by our own Andy Largent, who visted Omni Development's offices recently; expect an article about his trip soon.

If you look closely at the screen shot comparison, you will see several unique elements. First, as this game is being ported to Cocoa (OS X's native API) the text is being drawn with Quartz, OS X's 2D imaging API. This is the first we have seen of Quartz being layered over OpenGL, which is fascinating in itself in terms of possibilities. As you can see, the Quartz text is rendered with anti-aliasing and Postscript-accurate fidelity, vs the blocky bitmaps of the PC version.

The other significant detail you might notice are the frame rate counters. The Mac is cranking out 25 fps, while the PC is averaging 24.78 fps. Now a fraction of a FPS isn't worth getting excited about, right? Well, according to our information, this is a very unoptimized port so far -- Omni Development has only been working on it for little over a month! In other words, the port of Giants already has parity with the full version running on a 1.3 GHz machine, and they still have far to go before it is complete.

While those of you committed to Mac OS 9 for whatever reason might be disappointed, it is obvious that not only will Giants be the first commercial OS X-only title, it will reap all the benefits of this new OS to the fullest. We can only hope Omni develops a taste for ports such as these and does more in the future! We can't wait to see this title ship for Mac OS X; read our preview to find out why. Giants: Citizen Kabuto will of course be published by MacPlay.

Preview: Giants: Citizen Kabuto
MWNY: Giants Coming to OS X Only
Planet Moon Studios
Omni Group
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Buy Giants: Citizen Kabuto

MWNY: More Creative Labs Notes
11:50 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

IMG got to spend some more time with the staff of Creative Labs who were showcasing their Sound Blaster Live! card at the show. While these cards have been quite popular for Mac gamers, the drivers have several gaps (the biggest being no Mac OS X support) that we are eager to see filled.

One of the most exciting developments on the horizon is a port of OpenAL to Mac OS X. OpenAL is a Open Audio Library, a 3D positioning audio
environment (www.openal.com). The API is cross-platform, and is gaining acceptance among game developers. According to Creative OpenAL makes accelerated calls to the card in OS X. EAX is
supported now, OpenAL is present but has yet to spread. OpenAL audio
data can be recompiled for both OS X and Linux easily, so Creative wins
on both platforms. EAX handles reverberations and environmental sounds, while OpenAL focuses
on location audio. The two will work together, essentially attaching
reverberations to louder objects and creating entire sound environments.

However, the game itself must intentionally be designed with 3D audio in mind and have specific code in the levels to activate the EAX and OpenAL features, so the level of ambience you get will vary from game to game. Creative will be shipping driver updates in the next few weeks, but there is no timetable for full OS X support.

Currently the only game scheduled to get full OpenAL support is the Carbon patch for Unreal Tournament, which is still being developed by Westlake Interactive. We'll bring you more details as they arrive.

IMG MWNY 2001 Coverage

MWNY: From Steve To Dave: A Day at Macworld
9:08 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Yesterday I woke up early, around 6 AM, and after a quick shower headed to the Javits Convention Center. A ten-minute cab ride later we were at the Javits where I promptly got my very geeky press badge and got in the press line early to get "good seats". After all, I wanted to see the new FLAT PANEL IMAC up close. And the new POWER MACINTOSH G5! Oh yeah, this was gonna be good!

At around 8:30 the cattle..er, journalists, were ushered to the media section. Unfortunately, we ended up sitting right in front of the pinhead camera people, who blocked our view of the main stage. So instead of seeing Steve we ended up staring at camera guys' butts. Not a pretty sight, to say the least.

But hey, at least we got to hear Steve. The keynote was a lot more subdued than January's keynote since the new equipment Apple showed off wasn't terribly exciting. Unfortunately, many of us got caught up in the rumor mongoring believing that the flat panel iMacs would be introuduced. There were those who also believed the G5's would be introduced, but none of those rumors came to fruition.

Although I was a bit disappointed with the new iMacs, I was pretty jazzed about the new PowerMacs and especially 10.1, the new and improved version of the OS X operating system due in September.

After the keynote we met with a few companies, ATI and Peter Tamte's Destineer/Bold. And then, right around 3:30, I headed toward the Ed Sullivan theather to see The Late Show with David Letterman. Thanks to Apple Master Michael Phillips and IMG staff member, I was invited to see the show. To be honest, I was more jazzed about seeing Dave than going to Macworld, mainly because there was a chance I was going to meet the late show host after the show and I had been watching Dave regularly since the mid-eighties.

So the show started right at 5:30 P.M and ran through until 6:30. After the show we were whisked to the green room where the guests are kept as they wait to go on the show. Within a few minutes Dave walked in and began talking with Michael (who has been coming to see Dave for many years). After I shook hands with Dave and chat briefly with him about my name (he was curious about where it came from and how it was spelled), David asked Michael if he was in town for some “computer show”. We explained to Dave what the Macworld show was and I even suggested that they have Steve Jobs as a guest one day.

Dave went on to explain that he wasn't much into computers but did have a Windows machine which he used to do some email and get on AOL. Michael and I then told him he should get a Mac and he asked what the difference was. That's when I saw my opportunity to whip out my new Titanium Powerbook and show it to Dave. He was pretty impressed with it and asked if he could handle it. I turned the PowerBook over to Dave who then felt the weight of it and checked it out. He seemed impressed and later commented that I did a good sales job. After that Dave had to leave and we said our goodbyes.

Overall it was a lot of fun, especially to get to show Dave some cool hardware (the geek in me made me do it ;)). I think Steve would be happy. Who knows, maybe Dave's next machine will be a Mac.

IMG MWNY 2001 Coverage At-A-Glance

Click to enlarge
MWNY: MacPlay Touts Wares; BG2 First
8:33 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

MacPlay has revealed their lineup of A-list titles now showing at the Macworld New York expo. Baldur's Gate II is top on their list, with the immersive RPG set to be their first release of the summer. Also on display is Giants: Citizen Kabuto, which was just announced as being made by Omni Group for OS X exclusively. One of the other titles you shouldn't forget about is Sacrifice. This powerful game is also hoped for a late summer release, though it is unknown exactly if it will support OS X as well. Even considering the number of smaller titles MacPlay is porting, these huge three should prove to be a summer blockbuster for Mac gaming. Here's more from their press release:

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn was named Game of the year by MSNBC and
Game Industry News, as well as RPG of the Year by GameSpot. The game is the
latest chapter in the mythic saga that continues the much-loved Baldur's
Gate storyline. The Forgotten Realms® adventure ensues along the southern
portion of the Sword Coast in the merchant kingdom of Amn. This region
includes such diverse environments as the Elven forests of Tethyr, the
Cloudpeak Mountains, the Drow cities of the Underdark, and the Capital City
of Amn, Athkatla. Developed by BioWare, the same team responsible for
Baldur's Gate, and converted to the Macintosh by MumboJumbo, Baldur's Gate
II features an incredibly detailed design and story with a highly engrossing
plot showcasing immersive environments and dynamic characters that will
thrill and engage players throughout the span of the game.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto, was declared one of the top five games of 2000 by
Voodoo Extreme, and was also Game Guru's Game of the Year and Action Game of
the Year. The single and multi-player masterpiece is played in real-time 3D.
Battle ensues on a massive fragment of shattered planet consisting of 30
separate islands. Gamers will play three very original creatures, the Sea
Reapers, the Meccaryn and the giant, Kabuto. All are fighting for control of
the beautiful 3D world. Originally published by Interplay Entertainment,
and developed by Planet Moon Studios, Giants features innovative 3D

Sacrifice was awarded Strategy Game of the Year by Computer Gaming World,
and RTS Game of the year by Computer Games Magazine.. The game provides a
new approach to the 3D RTS genre, allowing players to act as both commander
and combatant over huge, real-time generated landscapes in single or
multiplayer modes. Sacrifice offers the most versatile and imaginative
creatures ever seen in interactive combat scenarios with over 50 spells and
creatures that can be cast throughout the course of the game, which was
developed by Shiny Entertainment, and converted to the Macintosh by

We are following all three of these games very closely, and will be bringing you more info on them soon. Stay tuned for more reports from the show floor on these and other great MacPlay games.

Shiny Entertainment
Pre-Order Sacrifice

Click to enlarge
MWNY: MacPlay to Port Heretic II, Hexen II, and Zork
8:24 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In another very interesting Macworld announced, MacPlay has said they are working with Activision to bring some classics to the platform. These games include titles like Heretic II, Hexen II, and Zork: Grand Inquisitor. This is an unexpected, but very good announcement for Mac gamers, as all three are highly acclaimed (if not exactly new). The titles should also run nicely on a wide variety of systems, including olders Macs that might not play the latest and greatest games so well anymore.

The choice Heretic II is interesting because Logicware nearly finished this Quake 2-based game back in 1998. Unfortunately, the port sat unpublished, and was assumed dead by many up till now. Heretic II received many accolades on the PC side, though, and we are very happy to see it finally get published on the Mac. It should also be noted the titles support OS X as well, and we assume could be ready soon given the nearly completed state of the game. Both Heretic II and Zork are former Logicware titles that never found a home; however as Bill "Burger" Heinemann developed both of these titles and several former Logicware members are on staff at Mumbo Jumbo, this seems a logical decision to recycle old resources.

Hexen II is also interesting to see on the roster because the title was recently open sourced by Raven Software, the developers of this and Heretic II. Brad Oliver actually ported the application to the Mac to work with the PC boxed version. Finding a copy of the PC version wasn't always easy, though, so it's great to see MacPlay will be publishing a separate Mac box. Here's the full press release with more:

MacPlay announced today at MacWorld Expo plans to
publish three classic Activision titles for the Apple Macintosh computer.
The company will publish Heretic II, Hexen II, and Zork Grand Inquisitor
later this summer.

The winner of a PCGamer Editor’s Choice award, Heretic II sets you upon an
epic quest across an entire continent to find a means to cleanse a world
infected with a deadly magical plague that has victimized the people of the
realm. As Corvus – the character from Heretic who has been banished to the
Outer Worlds by D'sparil – you perform a variety of acrobatic, swimming and
climbing maneuvers in order to penetrate the mystery of the plague.
Exploring city, swamp, canyon and dungeon levels, you use a variety of
offensive and defensive spells such as the Sphere of Annihilation, Repulsion
and Fireball in conjunction with a magical bow and staff to defeat a
multitude of insane plague-ridden denizens of Parthoris. The award-winning
game will ship for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

An epic adventure set in the famed Zork universe created by the legendary
game studio Infocom, Zork Grand Inquisitor centers around restoring magic to
the ailing Great Underground Empire so its inhabitants may be freed from the
Dark Ages of Zork. In an effort to maintain control of the citizens of the
lands and because of his own weakness, the Grand Inquisitor of the Empire
outlawed the practice of magic in the kingdom. As the "Adventurer," players
must join forces with the magic resistance and the disembodied spirit of a
Dungeon Master to battle the Grand Inquisitor's regime. Along the journey,
players time-travel back to classic Zork eras to restore three enchanted
treasures to Zork -- returning magic to the lands. The classic adventure
game will ship for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

Hexen II transports players into four worlds - a medieval town and castle, a
Roman villa, Egyptian Pyramids and Meso-American ruins. One of the Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse lies in wait at the conclusion of each world.
Gamers must choose to battle as one of four classes in single-player mode,
or fight against all four classes in multi-player death matches. Gamers
inflict brutal pain and death on their enemies with swords, daggers, wands,
staves and spells, and each class offers a choice of four weapons of
destruction. The game will ship for Mac OS 9.

“We’re pleased to be working closely with world class games publisher
Activision to bring these frequently requested games to the Macintosh,” said
Diane Zammit, President of MacPlay. “We’re excited to be bringing them to
the Macintosh community.”

As much as we're looking forward to seeing these great titles, it's also very good news that MacPlay and Activision are working together; perhaps this partnership can carry on to future titles.

IMG Review of Hexen 2
Raven Software
Raven Software
HeXen II
Buy HeXen II

Mac Games News for Wednesday, July 18, 2001

MWNY: Freeverse Reveals Wingnuts6:41 PM
MWNY: MacAlly iShock II Released6:34 PM
MWNY: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Updates6:28 PM
MWNY: MacPlay Shows Sacrifice5:04 PM
MWNY: GraphSim Shows Red Faction4:51 PM
MWNY: New Hardware -- a Gamer's Perspective4:00 PM
MWNY: Essential Reality Report1:33 PM
MWNY: Report on Destineer1:21 PM
MWNY: Radeon 2 Shown Behind Closed Doors1:03 PM
Radeon 2 Details Revealed12:46 PM
Strange Flavour Launches AirBurst12:06 PM
GameRanger Goes Native for OS X11:56 AM
Greenstone, Tamte Interviews at Macinplay.de11:51 AM
Shadowbane Update - Houses and Dwellings11:15 AM
Apple Profiles Destineer, Bold10:57 AM
The Sims Online for Mac?10:54 AM
Aspyr and Freeverse Announce iPuppet9:49 AM
MWNY: Aspyr and Pangea Team Up9:44 AM
MWNY: Keynote Report9:41 AM
MWNY: The Sims Moving to OS X9:39 AM
MWNY: ATI Announces Radeon VE Mac Edition8:53 AM
Neverwinter Nights Scripting Course7:53 AM
IMG Powers Up News Search6:00 AM
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