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Saturday, May 19, 2001

IMG At E3, Day Three
2:08 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Although the Electronic Entertainment Show ends today, our very own IMG reporters have had time to send in some more reports straight from the show floor (with more coming over the weekend). Today's reports include tidbits from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, DS9: The Fallen, and more. Be sure to stay tuned to IMG throughout the weekend for even more updates.

We've also put together a snazy picture gallery with shots from the E3 show floor. Be sure to check them out.

IMG's E3 2001 Coverage
E3: More Pictures from the Show Floor
Duke Nukem Forever
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E3: Westlake Interactive Update
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Inside Mac Games had the opportunity to talk with Ken Cobb and Phil Sulak from Westlake Interactive. The two provided an update as to what is happening with the Austin, Texas development company.

The Sims: House Party remains on the developmental fast-track with an expected release at by publisher Aspyr Media at the upcoming Macworld Expo New York.Mark Adams is putting the finishing touches on Tomb Raider: Chronicles, the penultimate chapter of the series. As was previously announced, Chronicles will include a Mac-native level editor. Brad Oliver is continuing his work bringing American McGee’s Alice to the Mac as a fully Carbonized application. According to Phil Sulak, the performance of Alice running under OS X has greatly improved in recent weeks and is on par with the Mac OS 8/9 version. Sulak is bullish on the future of Mac OS X and believes that "it could very well turn into a very good [development] platform."

With the release of Escape from Monkey Island and the enhanced version of Deus Ex, Westlake Interactive has now shipped two titles that utilize the EAX-enhanced sound of the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! for Macintosh. Sulak believes the number of Mac games that support this technology is likely to increase. "I suspect we’ll probably be doing more of that [EAX support] in the future."

Finally, when asked about the upcoming ‘Peroxide Project’ that was recently added to the Westlake Interactive project status page, Cobb and Sulak were not very forthcoming with information. What they would reveal is that the game is being developed by Jesse Spears and that the title would be announced sometime before Macworld New York.

Westlake Interactive Web Site

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E3: DS9 The Fallen Update
1:39 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

First person shooter aficionados and Star Trek fans alike have been waiting for the release of Simon and Schuster Interactive’s Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Fallen for months. Originally slated for release soon after the release of the Windows version of the game, The Fallen for Macintosh was delayed as a result of the Miles audio subsystem not being available for the MacOS.

Now that the Miles audio software is now available for the Mac, the release of this Deep Space Nine adventure is imminent. Peter Binazeski from Simon and Schuester Interactive announced that The Fallen is "about a month" away from arriving on store shelves. When asked about the possibility of seeing a Macintosh version of SSI’s other Deep Space Nine title, the space strategy game Dominion Wars, Binazeski indicated that it would depend on the success of the Windows version of the game.

As The Fallen finally hits store shelves in late June, you can count on Inside Mac Games to deliver an in-depth review of this eagerly anticipated action-adventure title.

Miles Sound System Web Site
IMG Preview: Deep Space Nine: The Fallen
Simon & Schuster
The Collective
DS9: The Fallen
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E3: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Report
1:32 PM | Patrick Leyden | Comment on this story

The eagerly anticipated first person shooter Return to Castle Wolfenstein was being shown in an early playable state on the show floor at E3. This title is a followp to the groundbreaking title from iD Software that helped ignite the first person shooter genre. The title is being developed by Grey Matter and is being published for Windows by Activision.

This updated version of the game is based on the Quake III graphics engine. This technology is also at the core of other Mac games such as Heavy Metal 2 F.A.A.K. and the soon-to-be-released Alice. When asked about the possibility of a Macintosh version of this game, representatives from developer Grey Matter indicated that it was not out of the realm of possibilities.

Grey Matter developers did, at one point, have Mac hardware in their offices and experimented with the portability of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. No work has been done in months on a Mac version of the game. There is no solid release date for the game except a vague 'when it's done' timeframe.

E3: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Site Launched
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Official Site

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