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Tuesday, October 17, 2000

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Europa Universalis Coming to Mac
11:43 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

A helpful email from our friends at AmigaImpact pointed us to a press release from Paradox Entertainment, announcing their critically-acclaimed title Europa Universalis would be coming to the Mac. Tribsoft will publish the title, but the Mac and Amiga versions will be ported by Hyperion Software, the company which is working on Shogo: Mobile Armor Division and Soldier of Fortune for Mac.

Europa Universalis is a historical empire title, setting you up as a leader in Europe over 500 years ago who must succeed in the game of statecraft. Somewhat similar to Risk, Europa Universalis will be more complex and have true historical events. Here's the press release:

The market for Linux software has grown explosively the last year. The lack of new games for Mac has also been evident and Europa Universalis, which has a sophisticated market, fits the platform. Paradox Entertainment internally developed the Windows-version but has decided to licence the right to TribSoft who has specialized in converting popular games especially for Linux.

- Our focus still lies in programming for the windows platform and the upcoming game consoles and our internal resources are concentrated on our online games. Since we know that Europa Universalis has a market in other platforms it feels natural to quickly start cooperation with a leading developer in the field, says Fredrik Malmberg, Business Developer at Paradox Entertainment. The windows version has been licensed to several publishers around the world.

TribSoft Inc. is a Canadian company that has converted several popular games to Linux, the latest project being Jagged Alliance 2.

In Europa Universalis the player takes the role as one of eight superpowers during 300 years, from the age of Columbus to Napoleon. 60 minor countries are AI controlled and will react to world events and the player’s actions. Religion, Trade, Conquest, Discoveries and Diplomacy must be managed skillfully to win the game! It is one of the most ambitious historic games ever made and has been critically acclaimed by international gaming press.

This looks like a great game, and we're excited to see it coming to the Mac. For more information, check out the official web site. At this time Tribsoft is uncertain about a release date for the game, but we'll keep you informed of any emerging details.

Hyperion Software
Europa Universalis Web Site
Paradox Press Release

Alien Legion Preview
4:18 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

You may remember some time ago we brought you news of NeXS Interactive's Alien Legion, a first-person shooter based on the Unreal Tournament engine that is nearing completion for the PC. At that time the author seemed to think a Mac OS version of the game was not only feasible but likely.

3D Action Planet has posted a short preview of the game. No typical shooter, Alien Legion features a role-based approach and mixes in team play via computer-controlled allies. Add to this an advanced version of the UT engine modified to support particle effects and 'dynamic meshes' and AL begins to seem like a true next-generation title. Here is an excerpt from the preview:

A major difference between Alien Legion and other games with
such a central basis on fast-paced action are the methods
and levels of interaction with others.

You are able to play as any of four different characters,
but you are also the leader of a squad with whom you can communicate
even complex commands by simple menus or hot keys, rather
like Rainbow Six. You have to be careful to assign items like
food, health and ammo to all your squad though.

The enhanced and realistic AI means you could leave yourself
with problems when it comes to crucial fire fights! You can
also talk to other non-player characters (NPCs), and there
is a central computer that helps communication with further
characters and provides a basis for learning more of the history
and back story involved in the game.

Alien Legion is due for PC late this year. There are currently no plans for a Mac release, but this will depend heavily on which publisher chooses to pick up this game and release it. Check out the preview and the NeXS Interactive site for more details.

Alien Legion Preview at 3D Action Planet
NeXS Interactive
Alien Legion Bound For Mac?

Mega Minesweeper 1.5b1 Released
12:54 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Carrot Software has released an update to Mega Minesweeper, bringing it up to version 1.5b1. Mega Minesweeper is a modern version of minesweeper for the Mac OS and has support for extreme field sizes, plug-in based Themes and Sounds, the ability to save and open games, and much more. The updated version contains bug fixes, optimizations, and compatability with System 8/9 and now runs natively on OS X Public Beta and Classic via CarbonLib.

New features inf Mega Minesweeper include:

  • Started using CarbonEvent Manager APIs
  • Rewrote large portion of cursor tracking and track via a timer. Much faster.
  • Behaves much better w/ other processses. Hogs much less CPU time.
  • 50 game limit until you register.
  • Optimizations to code base.
  • Online help (see the Help Menu).
  • Site license now available.
  • Now runs under OS 8.6/9 with the CarbonLib 1.1 (note: this will be available from Apple - Carrot Software does not distribute this extension).
  • To download Mega Minesweeper 1.5b1, head over to Macgamefiles.com.

    Carrot Software
    Download Mega Minesweeper 1.5b1 (584k)

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    Mac Baldur Moves to Dedicated Domain
    12:05 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

    IMG affiliate Mac Baldur has relaunched with a new design, more content, an upgraded forum, and now they've added the final piece of the puzzle-- a dedicated domain. Use www.macbaldur.net for your daily source of Baldur news for the Mac.

    In related news, make sure you check out IMG's Baldur's Gate Beginner's Guide by Jeff Wescott. This in-depth tutorial isn't just a tool for overcoming the newbie jitters, it is also a way for those unsure of whether to purchase this game to get a 'feel' for what it might be like. Keep watching IMG and Mac Baldur for all the latest details on this RPG -- and the forthcoming expansions and sequels.

    Baldur’s Gate Beginners’ Guide
    Mac Baldur
    Baldur's Gate II
    Buy Baldur's Gate II

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    Red Faction Preview, Employment Opportunities
    11:56 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    Volition's upcoming FPS title Red Faction has been previewed by Daily Radar. The preview was done after a hands-on look at the game during a recent press event, and covers many features of the game including its graphics, the Geo-Mod engine and gameplay features. Here's a clip about the extreme level of detail in the game:

    Depending on the wall surface and the type of ammunition used, shots fired at walls will ricochet realistically. Several vehicles (land, sea and air) and non-collectable weapons are available for use (theft), including fixed gun turrets, an enormous drill on treads and a submersible vehicle. Observant gamers who go to steal the sub will notice the frosty breath emitted by Ultor thugs, standing patrol around a chilly subterranean lake.
    Be sure to read through the rest of the piece, as it does a nice job of describing this game, still in early development.

    If you're excited about Red Faction, why not help to complete it? Volition has posted details on a number of job openings. Artists, programmers, writers, and level designers are needed, so polish that resume and send it out -- they are going to need some Mac-savvy staff on hand to really polish this Mac/PC/PS2 release. Red Faction is due early next year.

    Volition Job Board
    Daily Radar Red Faction Preview
    Red Faction

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    New Tropico Character
    11:13 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    PopTop's web site for their upcoming sim game Tropico has had its weekly update. The character highlight page now features the all-important figure of the Pro Athlete. And what other athlete would you hope to find on a tropical dictatorship than the soccer (football) player? Here's a clip describing this pawn in a sim of third-world dictatorship:

    The Romans had gladiators, fighting to the death in the coliseum. The Spanish have their bullfights. But Tropico, Tropico has the finest, most popular sport in the world! Football!
    (That's Soccer for all the Americans out there...)
    Stadiums are large and expensive, but they can be very profitable as well. And Futbol is great entertainment for your citizens.
    Check out the page for more info and the usual great animation of the athlete. Tropico is set to be released for Mac and PC in the first half of next year. PopTop's page also notes a new fansite, called the Cafe Tropico, is now up and running. Beware, as they use quite a bit of Java on the site (pun intended).

    Tropico Athlete Character Highlight
    Cafe Tropico Fan Site
    PopTop Software
    Buy Tropico

    Mac glDuke 0.10 Released
    10:32 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    After only two days of work, programmer Adam Iser has ported glDuke from the PC to the Macintosh. According to Iser, glDuke was relatively easy to port because "almost all of the PC specific stuff was nicely separated."

    glDuke is similar to the Aleph One open-source project, with a group of fans and programmers modifying the source code of a game to add 'modern' features to it. As you might have guessed from the name, glDuke is the open-source version of politically-incorrect shooter Duke Nukem 3D, one of the last of the pseudo-3D shooters. glDuke adds support for hardware OpenGL acceleration and many more tweaks to gameplay.

    glDuke requires the full version of Duke Nukem 3D. Anyone with questions should read the FAQ and the readme file included with the download.

    Download glDuke 0.10 (77 K)
    glDuke FAQ
    glDuke Web Site

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    Elite Force OS X Info
    10:27 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    Westlake Interactive's Mark Adams recently made a quick post to Usenet regarding an OS X version of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Since the game is based on the Quake 3 engine, if id or OmniGroup (the people working on the Q3 OS X port) could get Westlake the code, they could use it to make an OS X application for Elite Force. Apparently this hasn't happened yet, but is a very likely possibility that this will be a free download after the game is released:

    So far we have not been able to get any OS X Q3 code from id/Omni.
    We're close enough to final that I kind of doubt STV:EF can support OS X
    out of the box, but if we do get the code to integrate into the game we
    would certainly release a free update to download.
    This is still great news, as it means Elite Force must be nearing completion. The title is currently underway by programmer Duane Johnson and will be published for the Mac by Aspyr Media.

    Westlake Interactive
    Aspyr Media
    Aspyr Media
    Raven Software
    Westlake Interactive
    Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

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    WW II Online Details
    10:11 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

    Recently Dogfighter.com conducted two extremely informative interviews with producer Chris Sherland and Michael Weber of Cornered Rat Software , makers of the upcoming combat sim World War II Online. The two interviews and preview reveal a great wealth of information on the extremely ambitious features of this game. The game will attempt to simulate an entire theater of war, with some players directing strategy while others fly combat missions, drive tanks, sail ship and submarines and even act as grunts in the trenches of WW II-era Europe. If this seems ambitious listen to what Chris Sherland has to say about the extreme freedom of the game world itself:

    DF: One of the topics you've touched upon is the player's freedom of action. How much will a player be able to walk around on ships, in planes and on bases?

    CS: A lot. Once you are on foot, you'll be able to go just about anywhere you want. Initially we'll limit your movement inside vehicles and on mounted weapons or stations to just 'ready' positions. But eventually we'll support players walking through the decks and halls, etc.. "

    If it lives up to its full potential, World War II Online will be one of the defining online experiences. Cornered Rat plans to make a Mac version of the game, though they have given few details at this point. The Game recently entered Closed Beta and should be released early next year. Unfortunately developers have a tendency to delay extremely ambitious games like this one, and Cornered Rat is a very small team -- but we expect big things out of this one. Read through the interviews and preview for more details, and check out the official web site for screen shots and movies.

    Dogfighter.com Interviews
    World War II Online Web Site
    Strategy First
    Cornered Rat Software
    World War II Online

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